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portfolio mariana alves



2007 - 2008

fashion event DRESS IS MORE

2007 - 2008

housing 3x3x5

2008 - 2009

housing Marinha-Guincho

2008 - 2009

home library for the designer Miguel Rios

2008 - 2009

auditorium . Rua do SĂŠculo

2009 - 2011

hotel . Sta Iria . Tomar

fashion event 2007 - 2008

dr ess i s m or e

Project and construction of fashion spaces, in colaboration with 5th year students of Fashion Design course for the DRESS IS MORE event, which was their final course project. The project consisted in designing and building some spaces to expose/ show their pieces of clothing.

housing 2007 - 2008


Habitable space with 3x3m of plan dimensions and 5m height, with two floors. Minimal housing designed for temporary occupation.

housing 1st National Competition of Interior Architecture Individual project selected for the final stage 2008 - 2009

M ar i nha - G ui ncho

Single family housing located in the Marinha-Guincho enterprise. The projects of architecture and structures were given by the enterprise and the proposal consisted in the redefinition of the interior space of the house and furniture design.

home librar y for the designer 2008 - 2009

M i guel Ri os

Interior design project for a home library. The library was divided in two spaces, one for reading while working and the other for reading while relaxing. It’s a white surface space where the color appears to be in the presence or the absence of books.

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 




auditorium 2008 - 2009

Rua do SĂŠcul o

Space for The Dance. Auditorium for performing dancing shows directly related with the Dance Academy of Lisbon, situated in Rua do SĂŠculo. This auditorium will provide a new ocupation of a space with great potencial and privileged location that is currently unused.

hotel 2009 - 2011 Master’s Degree Project

St a I r i a


Adaptability of Spaces to New Uses . Project for the adaptation of the Convent of Santa Iria and former Female College of Tomar to an Hotel Unit. The case study is an architectural complex, situated in the historic center of Tomar, consisting of two buildings, the Convent of Santa Iria and the old Female College. From the analyses of the history and evolution of the complex, both architectural and urban, it is proposed to adapt it to an hotel unit, by interpreting the structure of the pre-existence and adjusting it to the new functional program. This project will contribute to urban regeneration, responding, through its adaptation to current uses, to the needs of contemporary society, preserving the overall authenticity of the complex and of city space where it is inserted.

portfolio mariana alves

Name: Mariana Ribeiro Alves email: Education: Master’s Degree in Architecture with specialization in Interior Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon 2009 - 2011 Interior Architecture Degree, Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon 2004 - 2009 Languages: Portuguese . English . French Computer skills: Autocad | Archicad | Photoshop | InDesign (basics)| CorelDraw (basics) | 3DS Max | Microsoft Office | Windows | MAC OS X

mariana alves P O R T F O L I O vII  

Portfolio with academic works, version II

mariana alves P O R T F O L I O vII  

Portfolio with academic works, version II