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Before you reach the end of this sentence, try to name one living master milliner, aside from Phillip Treacy. Give up? Rike Feurstein. In a world of women’s wear gods, haberdasher deities and cobbler kings, milliners have it rough. Feurstein’s mix-and-mash-up of simple design with an alternative edge has placed her in a league of her own. The Berlin-based designer has a clean and simple design perspective. Her use of color and knack for reinventing old school favorites (fedoras, Gatsbys and cloche hats) without the need for bells and whistles has pushed her against the conventional grain. Fur, feathers, and leather can be found in a single collection. Placing a grosgrain ribbon imprint on felt hats is a signature most associated with her designs. The result adds structure and a heavier line to the item without changing its initial shape. “My accessories are designed to enhance and add to the wearer’s personal presence and style without overpowering them,” she has said. Feurstein also creates handmade flowers using expert techniques from eras past. In addition to hats, the designer creates scarves and gloves for men and women.

Rike Feurstein can be found at Barney’s New York, Saks Fifth Avenue, Harvey Nichols in London and other fine department stores worldwide.


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