Page 1 is a binary trading platform in the United Kingdom that uses Low/High, No Touch/Touch and Out/In Boundary trading instruments. 24Option also offers 60 second options for traders in addition to standard expires on the previously mentioned binary option trades. This broker has international offices in France, the United States, Canada, Italy and other countries. The platform of 24option is considered safe, secure environment for both newbies and professional traders with a user friendly interface. One feature we like about 24 Option is that they offer an early sell for traders which allows you to sell an option if you are winning early before it has a chance to expire worthless.

24Option is a user friendly trading site that allows you to access the trading assets immediately when you log on right on the front page. The software of is Tech Financials trading platform. One Touch is based on target price; the return depends on if the market price does or does not reach the target price before the option expires. The Boundary options uses two target prices to form a boundary range and the outcome depends on how the market price relates to the boundary range at expiration. The High/Low instrument uses the current market price and the user decides if the market will be higher or lower when the option expires. Out of the money returns are up to 15% and in the money returns go up to 85%, the highest return on the market. It’s easy to start trading on 24 options. Simply click on the asset you want to trade, select your trading instrument, enter the amount you’d like to invest and click the “buy” button. It’s very easy and straightforward.


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24option review  
24option review