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All Posts are Equal

Our research shows

Your posts won’t sink to the bottom of the pile. All photos/info get equal display, no matter how old.

Geographic Elements

has the potential to create more voice for the underrepresented.

One glance lets you see who lived nearby and beckons you to add your memories.

So who runs Mi Barrio?

Here’s why. Below: historypin screenshot w/ uploaded photo and story text on R. Comment button below for outsiders, but they’re limited to posting stories/photos on their own site.

Flip It! Flip back & forth between stories and maps. Use “Street View” to compare the past & present.

It could be a link on a museum website or ongoing community project. It’s a great social media model for inclusion or just documenting cultural history.

Mi Barrio  
Mi Barrio  

Smithsonian Education Innovators Forum May 8, 2012