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Tarlabaşı recycling (parking, open market equipment, workshop+housing) Site Analysis Situation map

Concept and strategy

local conditions

Gaps plan


Tarlabaşı recycling Parking, Open-market’s storage (A), Popular theater (B)


Façade Concept: Pulleys systems with baskets will animate the façade, while using for feeding the market stocks and storage back.

Street Facade (Af’, Af) 1/200e

Shadow Theater, popular cinema, habitant’s hall

Storage (Market ve recycling)


small passage (viewpoint game)

Public Garden

Workshop (recycling), housing and passage.

Interior Cut(Ac’, Ac) 1/100e

General ground Plan

Backyard Facade (B’, B) 1/200e Interior Cut(Bc’, Bc) 1/100e

Backyard Facade (A’, A) 1/200e


Backyard façade (A’, A) 1/200e Plans 1/200e

3rd Floor

Theater building

Ground Floor

4th Floor

1rst Floor

Storage building

2nd Floor

Viewpoint game

Tarlabaşı recycling

Building «recycling workshop» (C)

Street Facade (Cf’, Cf) 1/200e

Interior Cut(Cc’, Cc) 1/100e

Backyard Facade (C’, C) 1/200e Plans 1/200e

3rd Floor

Materials: 2nd Floor

recycled plastics for beam tubs and isolation between transparent structure, will animate the façade by color plays. Ground Floor

1rst Floor


Recycle workshop Tarlabaşı  

social project in a defavorised area of istanbul, famous for the trashes collected by the inhabitants, and a multi-etnic neighboroud.

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