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People Accepted! Lives Changed! Year #122 Issue #1

212 South Division, Spokane, WA. Zip: 99202 Phone: 509 -747-2818 E-mail: /

Membership To Be Updated! Its time to update our membership roster. There have been a lot of changes in recent years and unfortunately our records have not been kept up to date. Our bylaws state that the expectations of members are to serve and financially contribute to the church. We have many people registered as members who neither attend, serve, nor give. The bylaws go on to state that such a person falls into the category as a Negligent Member. The definition for this is “A member who willfully neglects his duties or fails to attend the services of the church regularly or to contribute to its support according to his means shall be admonished by the council. If this admonition is not heeded, he shall be dealt with as an erring member.”

This article is being written as public notice and admonishment to all of our negligent and erring members that at the next annual meeting we will hold a vote updating our membership registry to active participants. All others will be dropped or changed to Associate Member status. Please contact the church if any of the following pertain to you; • Fellowshipping at another

church – Please let us

know which church you choose and whether you need us to send them a letter transferring your membership. • Stopped going to church –

We would like to invite you back to experience our changes, or at least keep you on our mailing list. • Not going to First Cove-

nant but I want to remain

a Member – We would love to have you back as an active member, but if you don’t see yourself serving or giving here it would be best if we changed your status from Member to Associate Member. This means you would still be on our mailing lists and other forms but we would change your status as a voting member.

January 2010

The GrapeVine Pastor #22 Doesn’t Wear A Tie If you include the six interim pastors this church has had in its history then technically we are on pastor #28. Although he does not wear a tie, neither did the first six pastors and he has facial hair which makes him more like the first five pastors. However he does not speak a word of Swedish so most likely he would not have been able to hold a conversation with those fine Pastor Rob Bryceson

• NO RESPONSE – If we do

not hear from you we will consider it as a desire to be completely dropped from our membership roles. Please contact the church by mail to let us know your preference. You may call the office 509-747-2818 Or notify us by email; Blessings The Management Team

YEAR 121 - Issue 1

fellows and therefore wouldn’t be friends with them. They would have to simply admire each other’s mustache's of which Pastor Bryceson’s is the least bushy. Not until 1905 did our church have a clean shaven pastor so we are staying consistent with our early roots. That being said, in many other ways

we are changing. The style of worship is far more contemporary than in years past and there has been a concerted effort to reach the down-trodden members of our community which surround this church every day. Pastor Bryceson is bringing an emphasis on social justice outreach and the ability to minister to people who are often forgotten and considered the least in our society. He also brings to the table skills in leadership, music, the arts and strong Bible teaching. Over the next year our church will continue to grow and change as it reaches out to the neighborhood around us. Some of these changes we can foresee and strategically plan to develop. Other changes will be surprises which will require a dependence on God and directing from the Holy Spirit for us to manage well. Please keep our church, Pastor Rob, and the members of our Management Team in your prayers this year. We anticipate great things to come this year!

212 South Division St.. Spokane, WA, 99202 Phone 509-747-2818

Special points of interest: > Our growing ministry Feeding the homeless > Tuesday Afternoon Deep Study > Wedding Bells are in the air > North Pacific Conference Meeting this April 23-24

Inside this issue: Monday Night 2 Outreach Warming 2 Center Turns to Bible Study Life Change Journey


NPC Annual Meeting




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YEAR 121 - Issue 1

Monday Night Outreach Using a flyer like what you see below, Pastor Rob walked the neighborhood around our church in September inviting anyone he found to this event. Since that first Monday night, we now see 60-80 people on a regular basis come into our church every week for this meal. Many opportunities for relationship building, prayer and counsel exist every week. We are now partnering with Gonzaga Campus kitchen on Thursdays to offer another meal at our facility. God is blessing us both and showing us even more ways to help those in need. 212 South Division St.. 212 212 South Division, Spokane, WA. Zip: 99202 Phone: 509 -747-2818 E-mail:

You’re Invited To Join Us For . . .

and a FREE Meal! During some commercial breaks we will give away blankets, coats and other prizes. We might also share life stories that have experienced incredible change. We’d love to have you come!!

Just Three things we ask of you . . . 1. Please don’t come high or drunk 2. Try to be polite to others

Starting at 5:00 pm

“Thanks for what you’re doing for all of us brothers here” One homeless man said as he slipped a $20 bill into our pastor’s hand to help pay for the Thanksgiving Dinner we served to the poor.

Warming Center Turns Into Bible Study

Jesus replied, "You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God”. Mt.

Because of the Monday Night Outreach, financial support came in from Oregon, California, Illinois, and Arizona through Pastor Rob’s network of friends. This allowed the church to finance a custodial and a security position to open our doors additional days during the week as a Warming Center when the Catholic House of Charity closes down in the afternoons. This has led to

a Tuesday Bible study at 3:00 pm with several of these men. Pastor Rob calls it the Pinball Bible Study because any question about God, the Bible, Christianity or life is fair game and wherever the questions lead that’s where the discussion bounces around. “It’s some of the deepest theology and best discussion I’ve had over spiritual matters in a long time.” Pastor Rob says.

Life Change Journey Robert, Casey and their three little ones showed up at church one Sunday when we went out into the neighborhood asking people if they needed prayer. They had just been brought up from Oregon and left here to start a job in North Idaho. Unfortunately the job didn’t materialize and this family of five was left homeless and alone. They were found waiting in line for food and had spent their last night in a nearby rundown hotel. With no money, no transportation, no family, no jobs, no support of any kind, they were very distraught. They were invited to Church that

“Wedding Bells Are In The Air”

morning and members took them under their wing getting them settled at Union Gospel Mission. They didn't want to go back to Oregon because they were fleeing difficult family situations. Both had been deep in the drug culture and needed a fresh start. Past criminal records and the fact that they had never been married kept them from getting jobs or finding housing. Casey was picked up on an old arrest warrant and sent back to Oregon for several weeks leaving Robert with the little ones. She fulfilled her obligations and made it back to her family. They started coming to church on a regular basis.

Both of them took courses to beat addictions. For some periods of time they stayed with new friends. Eventually Robert got a job at Wal-Mart. Both he and Casey are now clean and sober and enrolled in school. Housing remained a problem since they aren’t married even though all three kids are biologically theirs. They just recently found an apartment in airway heights. They still need a vehicle but they’re moving forward. They are hungry for Jesus and are now planning on getting married this February at the church. If you would like to help, please contact the church office.

North Pacific Conference Scheduled April 23-24 The Evangelical Covenant believes in connection. Every year there are national meetings during the Midwinter Conference in January and an Annual Meeting in the Summer. We are also part of a regional conference of churches called, The North Pacific. The Annual Meeting of the North Pacific this year will be held at Seattle First Covenant, April 23-24. The theme this year

is; “Stronger Together’ Trans-

forming Communities Through Generosity”. While the world becomes more cautious we seek ways to be gracious. Plan on joining us as we celebrate the kinds of generosity that fuels our mission and inspires our passion. These events usually have excellent speakers and dynamic worship. If you can make it—it’s well worth the time and effort!

See the web page at

for more details as well as newsletters and information on our sister churches.

January 2010 Grapevine  

The first Grapevine of the new year 2010.