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C Series Fingerprint lock Features — — — — — — —

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Open by Fingerprint or Password or Mechanical key; Hidden lock hole for mechanical key; Constant open function & Dead lock Function Low Voltage alarm & Latch bolt alarm & Tamper alarm Fingerprint and password information stored when batteries are replaced or finished; Emergency power external power (9V) to supply power and open door as usual; Pseudo Password Function; Back lock easily by liftting the front or back level Applied Door thickness: 35MM(1.4inches) to 65MM(2.6inches) Location: Home, Office, Store, Villa, Lab, Bank, important warehouse

Specifications : Sensor Type Figerprint capacity

: Optical sensor : 100 fingerprints(1 is for admin, 99 is for users) Code capacity : 10pc password(1 is for administrator, 9 is for users) Working voltage : 4 x1.5V AA Alkaline battery Emergence Power Supply : DC9V FP image resolution : 500 dpi Scanning time : <1s; Contrast: 1:N FRR≤1%/ FAR≤0.0001% Static power consumption : Less than 20uA Dynamic power consumption : Less than 180 mA Electrostatic resistance : >15000V

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C series fingerprint lock  
C series fingerprint lock