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Explosion Proof Conventional Sounder Strobe C-9403Ex/ C-9404Ex


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High intensity and long life LED cluster High sound level and Low power consumption Initiated by fire alarm control panel Easy installation and connection

The C-9403 (Ex) is an Intrinsically Safe conventional combined sounder and strobe while the C-9404 (Ex) is identical in appearance and features to the C-9404 (Ex) but without strobe element and are suitable used for petroleum and chemical industrial. This Using six highlights LED’s for high intensity visual alarm to warn the people especially the persons with hearing difficulties. The audio efficiency and sound distribution generate over 94 dB at 1 meters distance giving an excellent audibility from the device location. This conventional electronic wall mounted device initiated by fire alarm point using I9333Ex Interface (see manual for more information) with safety barrier to make an explosion proof system.

Specification Part Number Protection rating Sound level output Main Sound Frequency Strobe / Frequency Explosion Proof Marking Tone Modification Period Operating voltage Operating current Operating Temperature Application Materials and colour Dimension Wiring


C-9404Ex IP 33 85 dB to 115 dB 2.8Khz 6 highlight LED; 1.4 Hz± 20% No feature Exib□CT6 0.7s ± 20% Power Supply 24Vdc(16~28Vdc) Supply current: standby 5mA / alarm current: standby 3mA / alarm 35mA 50mA -10°C to 50°C @ 95% relative humidity Indoor and outdoor use ABS / red; plexiglass / red Ø 110mm x 97.5 mm 2 wire (polarized)

Explosion Proof Conventional Sounder Strobe C-9403Ex/ C-9404Ex Sounder Installation The sounder base should be installed complied with all local codes or NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm Code, NFPA 70 National Electrical Code, BS5839, EN54.It is installed onto a standard one gang electrical box with a mounting hole that have 6.5cm spacing.

Selection of compatible ControPanels Compatible with all GST Intelligent Fire Alarm Panels via I-9333Ex Explosion Proof Interface (purchased separately)

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Wiring and Connection Sample wiring diagram below show sounder connected with I-9333 Interface. The sounder D1 (+) 9; D2 (-), is for 24VDC power supply polarized, connected to 3 and 4 of Interface. Each interface can only connect with one sounder Ex or sounder strobe Ex. Note that Interface should be installed in the safety area and the cable must be fire rated type and the size depends on the distance and application. Minimum size gauge 1.0mm²(18 AWG)

Safety Area


Explosion Proof Conventional Sounder Strobe Explosion Proof Conventional Sounder Strobe Interface Module

Hazardous Area

I-9333 Ex-Interface

I-9333Ex Circuit Board D1 D2


L+ 1(+) L- 2(-)


N F928 Zener Safety Barrier



24VDC Fire Alarm Control Panel

Intrinsincally Safe Loop

C 9403 4