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Emergency Start/ Abort Switch C-9317 Technical Specifications •

Operating voltage: 19Vdc (14Vdc to 22Vdc) polarized Operating Current: Standby: 0.0mA; Alarm: 25mA Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C Relative humidity: 95% Output Capacity: Rating 60VDC, 0.1A,Normally Open Contact resistance: ≤100mΩ Reset Mode: Manually reset by a sucker Indicators: Start: Red, constantly lit when pressed Stop: Red, constantly lit when pressed Application: Indoor use Material and colour: ABS, Red Wiring: 3 pairs polarized Dimensions: 144mm×90mm×58.5mm

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Emergency start/abort switch for gas extinguishing control With Output passive normally open contact Glass protected LED indicator Compatible with GST series of gas extinguishing control panel

Description C-9317 Emergency Gas Override Control is used to control the start and stop of gas extinguishing system. When fire occurs in its protected area, press emergency start button, messages can be sent to gas extinguishing control panel, which will give gas extinguishing command and start the solenoid after delay. During the delay time, if people in field can confirm there is no fire, he could press the emergency stop button. The contact closes when the start button is pressed, and it's open when the stop button is pressed. Both the start and stop button are self-lock buttons. Selection of compatible Control Panels Compatible with all GST Conventional and Addressable Gas Extinguishing Control System.

Wiring and Connection Connect the wires to the required terminal according to the label. The cable must be fire rated type and the size depends on the distance and application. Minimum size gauge 1.0mm²(18 AWG). See installation and operation for more information.

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Emergency Start/ Abort Switch

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