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KXTD AM 1530 Gaytan Broadcasting LLC

KXTD AM1530 ď‚— Que Buena is the Heritage Hispanic Radio Station

serving Tulsa’s ever - growing Hispanic community for 13 years. The significance of the Hispanic consumer is becoming more apparent to local, state and national advertisers as the economic impact of this community continues to grow. Progressive advertisers are seizing the opportunity to add market share by simply including Hispanic media into their efforts.

KXTD AM1530 ď‚— The most significant element in successfully

reaching the Hispanic consumer is addressing them in their own language in their own media. Further, the message needs to be from a trusted source. Que Buena is that source in Tulsa, with a rich history of 13 years of service while others have come and gone.  Que Buena’s tradition in the Hispanic community has served as a stabilizing source of information and entertainment.

KXTD AM1530  Dial Position: AM1530

 Tower: 5,000 watts  Nickname: “Que Buena”  Target Demo:18-49

 Coverage:75 miles around Wagoner, Ok  Format: Regional Mexican  Anniversary : February 14, 1997

 Operating Hours: Daytime Radio Station

Target Demographics ď‚— Hispanic Radio is a distinctly different form of

radio verses non-Hispanic radio. First and foremost TSL triples non-Hispanic radio in most cases. Further, the Hispanic market is not over saturated; therefore traditional demographic restrictions are not as confining.  Que Buena targets Hispanics adults from 18 – 54, however KXTD encompasses all age ranges do to the lack of viable media outlets.

The Format  Que Buena features Regional Mexican music,

this is by far the more vibrant Hispanic format in the market. Our play list feature active artist and current music from Hispanic culture.  Que Buena is live radio; Interaction with the Hispanic listener is a key element of the format.  In May of 2009, KXTD was completely reformated by Billboard Magazines Programmer of the year Chayan Ortuno. These changes have excelled the growth of the radio station.

The Line up  6am -11am Raul Brindis

 11am -12am Musica La Que Buena  12-1pm Liverpulga with Homero Pulido  1pm – 3pm Midday with Nelly “oh my God”

 3pm -7pm Afternoon Drive with Uriel El Kamaleon

KXTD Coverage ď‚— While Que Buena is a daytime signal operation

hours encompass prime listening hours. This Includes morning drive, midday, pm drive and early evening. Que Buena is also available worldwide on the internet. Our website sees an average of 8400 unique visitors a month.

KXTD Coverage

KXTD Remotes  Que Buena remote broadcast

are unique and distinctive because they work. In today’s broadcast world a remote is often a throw away feature not with KXTD.  Que Buena’s are, carefully staged and targeted to insure results. Well worth the investment.  See the difference!!


Interactive Text Messaging

Rates  Base rates are

$27.00 per sixty second, $22.00 per thirty second unit 6am to Sunset.  Internet streaming rates available on request.  Free Translation, copy writing and production.

Mexican Regional Listenership Listeners 12+

Men Women

Audience Composition Percentage of Format Audience by Demographic 40 35 30 25 20

Series 1

15 10 5

0 P12-17 P18-24 P25-34 P35-44 P35-54 P55-64


Time Spent Listening by Demographic Hour:Minutes 14:45









Contact  Maria De Leon GM (918)254-7556

 Allen McLaughlin OD/GSM (918)402-0121  Chayan PD (214)347-1120  Elena De Leon Traffic (918)254-7556

 Shernnys Rivera AE (918)933-1597  Margie Leanos AE (918)695-1307  Eric Bell AE (918)743-3985

 Suzanne Chisholm Regional AE (469)247-5526

KXTD Media Kit 2  

Media Kit for KXTD radio, Gaytan Broadcasting LLC

KXTD Media Kit 2  

Media Kit for KXTD radio, Gaytan Broadcasting LLC