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ORS Internal Grants Gayle MacDonald, PhD Asst. VP, Research

Writing for grants- our purpose  1) to reinforce for faculty how to apply for funding-a

distinctly different form of writing than that required for publication  2) to have a competitive system, to enable feedback

from your peers, to mimic the funding ‘world’ outside of the university and  3) to enable you to get seed funding for a research

project that may yield a larger grant proposal.

Writing for grants (2)  Questions that need answering:  what is my project? What is my method(s)? What are my

theories/framework of analysis? Do I have a related literature review attached? What are my expenses? What is my timeframe? How will I disseminate the information?  Specifics are key. Clear, understandable language is essential.

Understandable language is interdisciplinary language/needs to be read by your peers in other disciplines. It needs to be more on feasibility, less on your brilliance as a scholar (!).

Types of grants  Internal Funding page  MRG/GRG  CTG conference travel grants  4A (SSHRC) 3 (CIHR)score grants  Research Assistantships (finite, specific need)  Conference Organizer Award  Wallace and Margaret McCain Course Release Award

The GRG/MRG  The General and Major Research Grants’

competition is held twice yearly, generally around November 1 and March 1.  The MRG is worth $4500.00 and this year, for

the first time, we are offering 2 of these in November, 2013, as demand is steadily increasing.  The GRG is worth $2500.00. If you apply to the

MRG are not granted it, you may be eligible for the lesser amount, unless you indicate to us that you would not want to be considered for same.

GRG/MRG cont’d  These grants may be used for

travel (other than a conference), per diems, student salaries, accommodations, museum fees, among other expenses.  Typical proposals include archival

visits in other provinces/countries or field work projects.  If you are hiring a student, refer

to the guide for student hiring.

Conference Travel Grants

 CTGs are available at any time of the year (rolling

deadline) and require a complete and accurate filling out of the form, including confirmation from your conference organizer as to the commitment to award you a grant. CTGs are non-competitive and operate “as long as the money does”.  Common mistakes: Please fill in ALL costs of

your travel, so that we can accurately estimate the percentage we are covering. Please indicate clearly (using Google maps) the distance, as this is what constitutes the amount required.

4A and 3.0 awards ď ś For the SSHRC and CIHR awards that come close, yet

do not get funding, there is compensation from the ORS. In other words, you can still be in the race‌

Close to a win/CIHR  If you get 3.0 in a CIHR, you can apply to NBHRF

M and W McCain ď ś Course release for a book closest to completion.

Competitive award/adjudicated by SRC. Criterion on website.

Q and A Internal GrantsORS staff involved Office Co-ordinator/Asst VP

Contact us at or phone -647.

Internal Grants Workshop for Faculty 2013  

Presented by Gayle MacDonald