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FALL 2015

Class of 2019: ”We’re Experiencing Our Future” Catholic school education. “I’m the first in my family to go to private school and I wanted to continue that in high school,” she says. Her resolve won over her reluctant parents. They were most familiar with the large public high school her three older siblings attend, but she walked herself to DPCR several times to visit, complete her application and enroll. It’s about a six-mile round-trip from her home in the community of Millvale where her family, which has grown to eight, shares an apartment.

“I fought to come here. I knew I would get a better education at a private high school and I told my mom, ‘I am going to DePaul Cristo Rey.’”

Those are powerful words from a 14-year-old, but Janvier Musavyimana ’19 did more than talk about DPCR, she practically enrolled herself, and is today a member of the Class of 2019, DPCR’s largest freshman class to date. Janvier was six years old when she, her parents and three siblings moved to Cincinnati from the African nation of Tanzania. An immediate challenge was learning English. “Everyone around me spoke another language, Kirundi. It was hard at school being different,” she explains. She attended a public elementary school, then transferred to St. Boniface School for fifth through eighth grades. It was there she came to understand the value of a

Janvier is close to her family and picked up on DPCR’s family-like atmosphere on her very first visit. That and the Corporate Work Study Program helped fuel her determination to become a Bruin. “We get to experience something other students our age don’t get; we’re experiencing our future.” Ninth grade is going well. Her favorite class is English, she likes her CWSP job at the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, she’s playing on the JV volleyball team, and she dreams of becoming a pediatrician. There are 100 other future doctors, engineers, teachers and community leaders in DPCR’s Class of 2019. The diversity and socioeconomic family challenges of these students demonstrate that DPCR continues to meet its mission to serve young women and men with great potential, and transform into high school and college graduates.


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Letter from the President Golf Classic Success “What God Wanted to Happen” Student Workers Need You Now Learning Commons Transformation

Class of 2019: “We’re Experiencing Our Future” It’s important to point out that our students’ work brings A Letter real value to their organizations; our employers aren’t handouts but hand-ups. We’ve already seen the From the giving impact of their work experience on our first graduates’ decisions and professional contributions. This past President college summer several grads contributed as paid members of the Dear Friends of DePaul Cristo Rey, At the start of our fifth school year as we welcomed our largest freshman class to date, I’d like to share some reflections with you about the program that makes 30 Cristo Rey schools unique on the national urban educational landscape: the Corporate Work Study Program. This summer in Cincinnati saw an uptick in violence in our communities, much of it seemingly drawn along racial and economic lines. Many of the perpetrators and victims are people who have experienced poverty in their lives and lack the kind of educational foundation that benefitted so many of us. Poverty, lack of education, disenfranchisement – these are the very issues DPCR strives to overturn through our transformative programming! I strongly believe that our Corporate Work Study Program addresses an identifiable problem in our urban neighborhoods. We convince students that they are worthwhile, that they are worthy of a dignified job, that they can already become the region’s youngest professionals, and most importantly, that they are – at the age of 14 – on a trajectory toward success and inclusion. They are not just Cincinnati’s future; they are already making a significant contribution in our community. Everyone in the business community is talking about creating pipelines to a diverse, professional, well-trained workforce. If they are serious, they need to partner with us and give these terrific young women and men opportunities to work.


local workforce before starting college. Here’s some of the real feedback I received: “Jordan almost single handedly spearheaded the complete reorganization of this organization’s offices. The knowledge and skills that she brought with her to this position astounded her supervisors and allowed them to give her responsibilities that were never given to interns before.” “Will is articulate, professional and genuinely engaged in everything he does. He took the initiative to accomplish and learn things here that we didn’t even ask him to do.” “Christina’s site director refers to her as her “go to person.” She has proven to be reliable and responsible and has skills that many college graduates do not.” Your support of DPCR’s students – especially through our Corporate Work Study Program – is an investment in the future, of course, but it is money well spent today. If you have business connections in this city, help us bridge a relationship with them on behalf of our students. We have students who can fill new positions right this very minute! For all of your support, in the many and varied ways you give it, the students and staff and parents of DPCR are incredibly grateful! And now we ask you to continue to grow with us. Gratefully,

Sister Jeanne Bessette, OSF, Ed.D. President/CEO

Students Ryan Riffle ‘16, Amadou Diop ‘16 and Nakiaja Baccus ‘17 sold split-the-pot tickets on the course with teacher Paul Ebert.

DPCR President Jeanne Bessette (far right) is pictured with Board members (left to right) : Pat Robertson, Barb Bennie and David Arends.

Enjoying the outing were DPCR friends (left to right) : Mike and Carol Marker, and Tom and Jean Macejko.

The winning foursome from Bartlett & Co. LLC included (left to right): Alex Weidner, Kyle Pohlman and Justin Davis. Not pictured is Mike Cassady.

Golfers Benefit Student Tuition Fund One hundred golfers did more than swing their clubs in hopes of holes-in-one and under-par scores at DPCR’s 4th annual Golf Classic. At Glenview Golf Course on September 11 they helped raise more than $62,000 in tuition assistance for DPCR students. This year’s outing was chaired by David Arends, president and CEO of CR architecture + design, the presenting sponsor. More photos can be found at

Generous Friends Provide Freshman Scholarships Thanks to the generosity of friends of DePaul Cristo Rey, these five freshmen received scholarships toward their ninth grade tuition. Left to right: Demyaca Sheppard ‘19, Jailen Stafford ‘19, Victoria Brown ‘19, and Jarren Morrow ‘19 are recipients of the Arthur and Paula Huesman Memorial Scholarships; Heidi Cook ‘19 (far right) received the Gorilla Glue Scholarship funded by the employees of Gorilla Glue.


DePaul Cristo Rey is “What God Wanted to Happen” - the Legacy of Sister Catherine Kirby In the portrait of St. Elizabeth Seton that hangs in DPCR’s lobby are painted the faces of those who carried out her legacy through the founding of DePaul Cristo Rey; among them – Sister Catherine Kirby, SC. Sister Catherine’s term on the DPCR Board of Directors ended June 30, but her impact on the school and the wider community will continue for years to come. S. Catherine, a member of the Sisters of Charity for 61 years, has been a teacher, principal, college professor and assistant superintendent for high schools within the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. While serving in that role, her interest in exploring new models of education led to a bus trip to Chicago to visit the original Cristo Rey school. On board the bus with her were more than 20 Cincinnati area high school principals, all of whom returned with an enthusiasm for the Cristo Rey model and a desire to see such a school in Cincinnati. Sister Catherine brought that enthusiasm with her into the Sisters of Charity Chapter, an every-four-year meeting in which the congregation evaluates its mission and ministries and set its direction for the future. At that 2007 gathering the Sisters gave their overwhelming endorsement to launch a feasibility study to see if Cincinnati would support a Cristo Rey school. Sister Catherine was given the job of leading it. “The Sisters of Charity are committed to meeting the needs of our times. We saw poverty as a real need in Cincinnati, and the need for an education model to address it,” she explains. The feasibility study took more than a year. “It was a ton of work for our committees but everything moved so smoothly in the right direction; I believe it’s really what God wanted to happen,” she says. Sister Catherine personally visited CEOs and business leaders to gain their support for the Corporate Work Study Program. “I believe


it was the credibility of the Sisters of Charity that opened doors. One prominent business leader told his colleagues, ‘If the Sisters of Charity are going to do it, you know it will get done, and done well,’” S. Catherine says. Now that she’s seen DPCR grow from a study to a real school, Sister Catherine believes more than ever in the power of the CWSP. “I’ve seen the change that has occurred in DPCR’s students – it’s unbelievable. I really believe the Corporate Work Study Program is the key to their maturity,” she says. The students, their transformation and DPCR’s programs all make her hopeful for the future. “We hear so much about race and economic issues in our city, I know these students have so much potential to impact those things. I believe they will be able to change society because people believe in them. They really will bring change to the city of Cincinnati.”

Student Workers Need You Now by John Moster, shareholder-in-charge of the Cincinnati office of Clark Schaefer Hackett

DePaul Cristo Rey students need you now. They need

If your company or that of someone you know can hire students, I ask you to act now. Your organization will experience the tremendous tangible and intangible benefits of this program, while making a difference in a young person’s life. I welcome you to contact me personally to learn more. I can be reached at 513-241-3111 or

your encouragement, your goodwill and most of all, they need you or someone you know to hire them through the Corporate Work Study Program. My company, Clark Schaefer Hackett has – and I’d like to tell you why. Clark Schaefer Hackett is a regional accounting firm with a companywide commitment to community involvement and investment. Personally, I serve on the DePaul Cristo Rey Board of Directors, chair the school’s Jobs Committee, and Clark Schaefer Hackett enjoys a successful partnership with DPCR’s Corporate Work Study Program. My involvement with DPCR began when I participated in the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s Leadership Cincinnati program. Through that experience I came to understand many of the issues facing our city including poverty and lack of educational opportunities. I also learned that good education is the most powerful way to break long-time cycles of poverty in families and communities. I met DPCR President Sister Jeanne Bessette who explained how DPCR’s unique program addresses that very issue.

As I learned more about DPCR, I agreed to become a CWSP Partner. I thought Clark Schaefer Hackett would be giving more than it would be getting, but I was quickly proven wrong. Our student workers perform solid, valuable work earning the dollars we put into the program. I’ve also come to see another, unexpected bonus - our employees gain deep personal satisfaction being involved with and mentoring our student workers. They know and appreciate that they are making a difference in young lives. It’s been rewarding for me to be part of the school’s success and growth. Yet while the enrollment is up, jobs are not keeping pace. Our business community is lagging in its support. If DPCR can’t provide meaningful work experience to students, then we aren’t giving them the education we’ve promised and denying them an important gateway to future success.

John Moster at Clark Schaefer Hackett with student worker Rameko Rumph ‘17

New Members Join Board of Directors The DePaul Cristo Rey community is pleased to welcome two new members to the Board of Directors. Angela Harnett is chief financial officer and director of human resources for Jedson Engineering. Jedson is also a Partner in the Corporate Work Study Program. Also new to the Board but not to DPCR is S. Georgia Kitt, SC., director of communications for the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. S. Georgia has been a Sister of Charity for 49 years, with a career as a Catholic high school teacher, counselor and administrator. She also served on the first advisory committee during the formative years of DPCR before it opened. Both have been appointed for three-year terms.


From This… to This

DPCR is a school of transformation, and while our teachers and staff help transform students, it’s been necessary to transform the campus to serve them. Over the summer two renovation projects transformed spaces for new use. Final work is underway creating the new St. Francis of Assisi Chapel from a former classroom. As shown here, the former chapel, the original Concordia Lutheran Church, has been renovated into a Learning Commons which includes a library and spaces for quiet study, research and small group gatherings. Both the Chapel and Learning Commons will be completed, dedicated and named later this fall.

Corporate Work Study Program Grows Students are now working at more than 100 companies through DPCR’s Corporate Work Study Program. The following companies and organizations joined the CWSP this school year: 84.51 Champlin Architecture Children, Inc. Cincinnati Business Committee

Cincinnati Youth Collaborative Cintas Friars Club J&N Electric Mesa Industries

Newport Aquarium Ohio Attorney General Port of Cincinnati Development Authority Price Hill Will REDI Cincinnati

St. Leo Roman Catholic Parish Uptown Consortium USI Midwest Wolnitzek, Rowekamp & DeMarcus, PSC

There are also new Corporate Sponsors this school year, supporting CWSP by funding students working in nonprofit organizations. Welcome to:



Bobbie and Ron Lyons

Ann and Doug Miller

We also thank those friends who renewed their corporate sponsorship this year: Anonymous Foundation BGR Inc. Corporex

Susan and David Deye Enterprise Holdings, LLC FastPark & Relax Hixson

The Inspection Bureau, Inc. Interact for Health Reis Trucking Vicky and Rick Reynolds

Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati United Audit Systems, Inc.

Thanks to all who support our students through the work program. We still need Corporate Partners and Sponsors for this year. Contact Lisa Claytor for information on hiring students ( and Abby Held ( for information on corporate sponsorship. Both can be reached at 513.861.0600.


2014-2015 ANNUAL REPORT Thank you for our Year of Firsts 2014-15 was an incredible year of firsts at DePaul Cristo Rey –

the first with all four classes of students – freshmen through seniors; the first year of 100 percent college acceptance for our seniors; and the first graduation. It was fitting that the theater at Mount St. Joseph University was filled with a diverse group on graduation day including families, Corporate Partners, friends of DPCR, and leaders in education, government and the community. All have played an integral role in the first graduates’ success, and continue to play a crucial role in the future success of the school. We thank you for joining us on the journey through our history-making year of firsts, and for your continued support as we journey into our future.

2014-15 Board of Directors PRESIDENT/CEO S. Jeanne Bessette, OSF, Ed.D. DePaul Cristo Rey High School CHAIR, BOARD OF DIRECTORS Paul G. Sittenfeld Financial Consultant VICE CHAIR, BOARD OF DIRECTORS S. Barbara Hagedorn, SC Good Samaritan Free Health Center TREASURER Manuel Chavez Chavez Properties David Arends CR architecture + design Barbara K. Bennie Community Volunteer S. Nancy Bramlage, SC Mount St. Joseph University S. Brenda Busch, SC Working in Neighborhoods Willie F. Carden Jr. Cincinnati Board of Park Commissioners David W. Deye Deye Enterprises, LLC Don Feldmann Rippe & Kingston Capital Advisors Rev. Timothy Howe, SJ St. Xavier High School S. Catherine Kirby, SC, Ph.D. Archdiocese of Cincinnati Catholic High Schools, Retired John Moster Clark Schaefer Hackett John E. Neyer Neyer Management James B. “Rick” Reynolds Bartlett & Company Patricia Robertson Catholic Education Volunteer Joseph H. Rohs ORS Nasco Julie Ross Community Volunteer


Honor Roll of Donors DEPAUL SOCIETY $100,000 + Anonymous Foundation James J. and Joan A. Gardner Family Foundation Ann and Harry Santen SC Ministry Foundation The Estate of Helen Smith ELIzABETH ANN SETON SOCIETY $50,000- $99,999 Friend of DePaul Cristo Rey Marge and Charles J. Schott Foundation Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati Harry and Jeanette Weinburg Foundation CRISTO REY SOCIETY $20,000-$49,999 Chavez Properties Cynthia and Manuel Chavez Ruth J. and Robert A. Conway Foundation Hixson Architecture/Engineering/ Interiors Kris and Dan Neyer Vicky and Rick Reynolds

QUEEN CITY SOCIETY $10,000- $19,999


Barbara Apking Corporex Charles H. Dater Foundation, Inc. The Thomas J. Emery Memorial Foundation Julie and Rob Heidt Inspection Bureau, Inc. Susie and John Lame Maureen and Paul Lechleiter Mariann and John Moster Gayle and Don Oeters The Sutphin Family Foundation United Audit Systems Ursulines of Cincinnati

Patti and Dick Alderson Ampac Kate and Bill Baumann Barb and Dan Bennie Jenny and Jim Berg Bessette Brothers Golf Outing Alice and Jerry Biscopink Regina and George Block Jeanne and Ken Bloemer Donna and Joe Broderick Russell Joel Brown Kara and Rob Bult Margaret and Jack Bunker Stephanie and John Busam Mackenzie and Manuel Chavez Melanie Chavez and Jeremy Campbell Stefanie Chavez Estevan Chavez Kate Perez and Miguel Chavez Katelynn Chavez Marylyn and Ray Clark Kay and David Clark Congregation of the Brothers of the Poor of Saint Francis Nancy and Kevin Connor Karen Crone Ann and Jeff Crowley Marcia and Richard DeCoursey Andrew Deye Lisa Deye Mike and Judy Ehrensberger Enterprise Holdings, LLC Family Investment Services, Inc. Karen and Greg Farfsing Phyllis and Gene Forte Friend of DePaul Cristo Rey

BENEFACTORS OF DPCR SOCIETY $5,000-$9,999 Al. Neyer, Inc. William P. Anderson Foundation Belcan Corporation BGR Inc. Mary Jane Blinka Geraldine Chavez Susan and David Deye Kate and Gerry Greene Bobbie and Ron Lyons Ann and Doug Miller Reis Trucking, Inc. Pat and Steve Robertson Saint Francis Xavier Church Jane and Bob Simpson Betsy and Paul Sittenfeld Peggy and Ted Torbeck U.S. Bank Michael Wilger Jane and Dick Yost

Mark Frey Pat and Larry Gastreich General Electric Credit Union John Goering The Gorilla Glue Company Mary and Ted Haglage Diane and Bob Hauser Lynn and John Heekin John Heekin Jesuit Community at Saint Xavier Peter T. Joseph Foundation S. Georgia Kitt, SC Marianne and Don Klekamp Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kohlhepp Linda Lauch Kathy and Tom Liguzinski Mary and John Locaputo Ina and Edward Loftspring The Manuel D. and Rhonda Mayerson Foundation Sarah and Scott McClain Eileen and Braden Mechley Kathy and David Miller Diane and David Moccia Terri and Paul Muething Chris and Tom Neyer, Sr. Phyllis and Don Neyer Sara and John Neyer Agnes Nordloh Charitable Trust Francie and John Pepper Peggy and Tom Pernik Kellie and Dan Peters Susan and Joseph Pichler Catherine and Stephen Rabe Mary and Scott Ries Barb and Joe Rohs Julie and Brian Ross Jane and Tom Ruwe

“Our first graduates of 2015 had the transformational opportunity to achieve both intellectual and professional success. They came to us from urban settings where talent is going to waste, finishing high school is not often accomplished, and the thought of going to college is a remote dream. DPCR unleashed the potential of each of these students through academic rigor, real work experiences, a caring culture and faith. DPCR has proved a genuine plus for our students, their employers, their families and for Cincinnati. I share immense pride in their accomplishments!� Barbara Bennie Board of Directors


Cathy and Edward Sarky Kim and Duane Satzger Jeanne and Max Schellman Michele and Michael Schuster Nancy and Phil Shepardson Karen and Steve Shipp Mary and Ken Sichz Sisters of St. Francis of Mary Immaculate, Joliet, IL Ed Sokolowski Ellen and Clark Sole St. Rose Church Mary Beth and Tom Sundermann Diane and Andy Sweeny Joan and Steve Tino TP Mechanical TriHealth Andrea and Matt Velazquez Anne Marie and Richard Wagner Alison and Tim Warning Judy and Ben Wells William Witchger Charitable Fund Sparkle and Tom Worley Paula and Thomas Zalla MOTHER MARGARET GEORGE SOCIETY $500-$999 Ann and Todd Bailey Susan and Doug Bierer The Crable Foundation Anne and Charles Cusick Timothy Cusick Emilie and David Dressler S. Janice Ernst, SC Nancy and John Evans Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati Linda and Rick Flynn Forward Edge, LLC Camille and John Gartner Patricia and Fred Hartman Linda Holthaus and Richard Zinicola Margie and Jim Jansing Pam and Kevin Ketring Beth and Peter Levin Anne and Steve Megerle Norah and Joe Mock Meg and Steve Muething Mary Beth Nielsen Queen City Transportation Ann Regan Chris and Steve Schaefer Jean and Matthew Scherck Kennetha and Dan Schmits

Scripps Howard Foundation Jackie and Bill Siders Sisters of Charity- Band of 1954 Kathleen Staley Nancy and Gary Strassel Jane Welling Kelly and Jeff Whelan Maria and Matt Yost Julie and David Yost Peggy and John Zink

“The best moment of my senior year came when I received the Credo Perago Floreo Award at commencement. I was flabbergasted because I didn’t expect it. I have worked hard but it was amazing to be recognized for growing academically, personally and professionally over four years.”

LEADERSHIP SOCIETY $250-$499 Liz and Ray Babcock Beth and Gary Barnett Bellarmine Chapel S. Jeanne Bessette, OSF Jane and Wayne Bessette Mary Jo and Tom Blankemeyer Marianne and Michael Brunner Mary Ann Buchino Tonda and Willie Carden Fran Christensen Roseanne and Gene Colleran S. Kathryn Ann Connelly, SC Melinda and Todd Davidson Kathleen and Michael Doherty Maury Drummey Timothy Garry Lisa and Steve Good Elaine and Richard Greiwe Becky and Mike Gumbleton Molly Gusweiler Lisa and Mike Habel Kathy and Dick Haglage Abby and Matt Held Chris and Steve Hils Ken Horney+ Dianne and Ron Juenger Liz Kelly Diana and Thomas Klinedinst Donna and Daniel Leahy Amy and Steve Lund Joann and Mark Maxwell Kim and Mark McLaughlin Carol and Fred Meirose Melea Miller Kathy and Tim Moller Lisa Muething and Travis Smith Paula and Brian Muething Surita and James Newman Planes Companies Vi and Jim Powers Richard Pywen Mark Radojits Carole and Ed Rigaud

Jabril Bryant ’15 Ohio University Student

Peggy and Harry Robinson Marcia and Jerry Schmidt Martha Schueler Theresa and Ron Sewell Sue and Glenn Showers Sandra Miller and Troy Snider Mary Jo and Tim Speed

Donna and Tom Szarwark Kathleen and Chris Wilke Kerry Murphy and Colin Willer Sue Ann and David Wilson Chris and Gary Wright S. Mary Jo Young, OSF


BRUIN SOCIETY $1-$249 Peter Anderson Lori Asmus Margaret and Neil Bailey Nathan Bailey Maureen Baldock Marian and Charles Beck Von Peccoz Liz Keating and Jonathan Bennie Christine Beran Rosie and Jim Bernard June and Wayne Bessette H. Thomas Blum Moira and Jim Bonn Perry Boone S. Nancy Bramlage, SC S. Margarita Marie Brewer, SC Dr. John Buchino Robert Buechner S. Barbara Busch, SC S. Brenda Busch, SC Deena Carey John Cengel Ann Chisko Renee and Flavio Cipriani Jane Clarke and John Huling Mary Jo and Steve Clear Lawsie and Michael Coler S. Martha Ann Conley, SC S. Joan Cook, SC Deborah Corotis Ann and David Custer Lynn and Terry Daum Patty and Jack Dean Mary Ann Dehmer Thomas Dehmer Leslie Demoret Sue and Mike Dempsey S. Patricia Dempsey, SC Anne Marie Deye and Chris Wessel Monica and Bob Dieckman Joan Dierkers Jerry Diers Meg and Frank DiNardo Anne and Bob Dorsey S. Sally Duffy, SC Jessica and Paul Ebert Margaret and Tim Ehrman Jamie Eifert James and Kathleen Emerson Patti Ernst Mary Evanoff Lindsay and Andy Farfsing Tarri and Bobby Fisher Mary and Bob Fitzpatrick Matt Flege Kathy and Rick Friedmann


Margee and Ken Garbsch Camille and John Gardner Neal Gardner Dr. and Mrs. Rodney Geier S. Rosemarie Gerrety, SC Moira Gettens Louise and Bill Gioielli Great Lakes Publishing Company Rosemary and Richard Greiwe Julie and Mike Griffith Martha and Rich Grumbley Linda and Larry Grypp Jack Muench Eileen Mullen Beth and Bill Mulvihill Julie Murray Nan Nagl S. Patricia Newhouse, SC Cynthia Keck Novak and Paul Novak S. Barbara Hagedorn, SC Renee Hargrove Teresa and Eric Harmon Drew Harmon Elizabeth and Barry Harms Angie and Brett Harnett Kim and Jim Hartman Donald Heimbrock Betty Held Joanna Hobler Patrice and Tom Hodges Elizabeth and Gregory Hoekzema Leslie and Richard Hoekzema Lynn and Ronald Hoekzema Katie Hoekzema S. Katherine Hoelscher, SC Pennye Howard Jeanne Franz-Huseman S. Dolores Johnson, SC S. John Miriam Jones, SC S. Marie Patrice Joyce, SC

“Participating in the DePaul Cristo Rey work study program last year was an extremely rewarding experience for our team here at Kroger Personal Finance. It was a pleasure having such intelligent and enthusiastic young people work with us and provide meaningful contributions to our business.” Kathleen Kelly, President of Kroger Personal Finance Mark Kallick and David Moore Jerome R. Judd Ken Kaser Kerrie and Nick Katsetos Janet and Larry Keiner Sr. Martha Kienzler, OSF S. Catherine Kirby, SC S. Ann Koebel, SC Kelly Kolar Jennifer Krasowski Megan and Jeff Krempec Eileen and Tom Kuechly Marge Kuhlman Kathryn Ladrick Barb and Alan Letts Melissa Lueke and Scott Linstruth Teri and Paul Madden Ann Blasé and Rick Maier

S. Patricia Malarkey, SC Kay and John Maier Marilyn and Bill Martin Sue and Sam Martin Maureen Maxfield Anthony May Marilyn and James Mayo Marilyn and Bill McKnight Mary Mehmert+ Mary Jo and Barry Mersmann Mary Jo and Leonard Meyer Nina Minka Lynn Hogan and Alan Mistler S. Annina Morgan, SC Lynne Morris Marianna and Todd Morrison Kimya Moyo S. Irene Mraz, SC

S. Patrick Ann O'Connor, SC Marianne O'Leary S. Annette Paveglio, SC Sherrie and Bryan Peck Charlotte Pernik Doug Pernik Cindy and Dick Piening Beth Pitner Bert and Barry Polley Sherry and Dan Reilly S. Margaret Rein, SC Sallie Westheimer and Gregory Rhodes Kathy and Mike Robinson Deborah and William Roebel Kathy Rotterman John Rotterman Carolyn and John Rudolph Julia Sandmann Pat Sayre Dianne and Steve Schaefer Janie and Tom Schaefer Holly Schapker S. Thelma Schlomer, SC Katy and Bob Schneider Mary Schuster Annette Schuster Ruth and David Seigle Jackie and Frank Seurkamp Kathryn and Bhavender Sharma Peggy and Glenn Smith Karen Kramer and John Smith Maggie Cosker Carol and Richard Stevie Sr. Rita Sturwold, SNDdeN Charlotte and John Tafaro Thomas Terp S. Regina Tevis, SC Cheryl and John Toepfer Donna and Tom Trainor Teresa and John Trebbien Lori and David Uphaus Pat Curran and Bob Van Stone S. Marianne VanVurst, SC Marisa and Thomas Varney Mary Ann and Harry Voet S. Jane Vogt, SC Marian Beck and Charles Von Peccoz Tricia and Gerry Vonderbrink Karen and Barry Webb Mary and Richard Welsch Judy and Jim Wermes Sheelah and John Westerbeck Sharon Williams Judith Wimberg Marilyn and David Young + Denotes deceased

“The graduation ceremony was a colossal event. The pomp and circumstance was beyond belief. You could reach out and touch, albeit with tissue in hand, the overwhelming emotions of pride and happiness.� Braden & Eileen Mechley DPCR Supporters

MATCHING GIFT COMPANIES Edison Gifts Kroger Community Rewards Illinois Tool Works Foundation Macy's Foundation Principal Financial Group Foundation SC Johnson Fund Inc. Suntory Beami IN KIND DONORS Mary Galbreath, LLC Mory and Joe Gerstemeier Ellie and Kevin Irwin A J Linz & Sons McAlister's Deli Meijer Meyer Vogelpohl Hon. Heather Russell Michele and Michael Schuster United Dairy Farmers United Maier Signs Sue Ann Wehrman Sparkle and Tom Worley MEMORIALS Sr. Clara Blankemeyer, RSM Mary Jo and Tom Blankemeyer Robert Campbell Liz Kelly David Dempsey S. Patricia Dempsey, SC Toby Dirr Liz Kelly

Steve Dolan Liz Kelly Edmund Doyle Sparkle and Tom Worley

Cynthia Keck Novak and Paul Novak Katy and Bob Schneider Kathryn and Bhavender Sharma Karen Kramer and John Smith

Donald Haltmeier Sparkle and Tom Worley

Paul Tipps Federal Home Loan Bank

Arthur J. and Paula R. Huesman Jeanne and Ken Bloemer Mary and Scott Ries

Kenneth Varney Marisa and Thomas Varney

Raymond Huseman Jeanne Franz-Huseman

John Wilp Sparkle and Tom Worley

Mary Kay Jurgens Janet and Larry Keiner Helene Miller Patty and Jack Dean Ray Neyer S. Jeanne Bessette, OSF John Nolan Sparkle and Tom Worley Ralph Portell, Sr. S. Jeanne Besstte, OSF Jeanne and Max Schellman Jackie and Frank Seurkamp Mary Jo and Tim Speed Sparkle and Tom Worley Dr. Jennifer Rudolph Christine Beran Deborah Corotis Elizabeth and Barry Harms Joanna Hobler Kelly Kolar Marilyn and James Mayo Marianna and Todd Morrison


HONORARIUMS 2014 SC Jubilarians S. Katherine Hoelscher, SC S. Patricia Malarkey, SC

Elizabeth and Dennis Keller Ann and Todd Bailey Donald Keller SC Ministry Foundation

S. Jeanne Bessette, OSF Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati

Kathy Kelly SC Ministry Foundation

Mary Ellen Betz Ann Regan

Eric Knapp Lawsie and Michael Coler

S. Joan Cook, SC SC Ministry Foundation

Denise Kuprionis SC Ministry Foundation

The Ebert Family Alice and Jerry Biscopink

Michael McGraw SC Ministry Foundation

S. Janice Ernst Margaret and Tim Ehrman Patti Ernst Nina Minka Ruth and David Seigle Sparkle and Tom Worley

Tim Moller SC Ministry Foundation

Kathryn Evanoff John May Jane Gardner John Gardner Angie Harnett Robert Buechner Kelly Heekin Carol and Fred Meirose Karen Hoeb SC Ministry Foundation

Tom Neyer, Sr. Mark Kallick and David Moore John O'Connor SC Ministry Foundation Vicky and Rick Reynolds Peter Levin Amelia Riedel Maureen Maxwell

“Dick and I were overwhelmed by the success of Rey of Light and the extraordinary generosity of the sponsors, donors and those who attended the auction. The students who met and spoke to the auction patrons left an indelible impression as they related their experiences at DPCR and their hopes for the future. We believe they were our biggest asset and their enthusiasm was contagious.” Jane Yost Rey of Light Chair

Michele Schuster Annette Schuster

Peggy Torbeck Molly Gusweiler

Paul Sittenfeld Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati

Ray Trebbien Teresa and John Trebbien

‘Tom Sundermann Sallie Westheimer and Greg Rhodes

Judy Mae Vann Jackie and Bill Siders Sparkle Worley Kay and John Maier

“My first year at DPCR, 2014-15, was also my thirteenth year of teaching. I left a comfortable job at a public school because I was looking for a place that fulfilled me as a person, and strove to cater to all the needs of the student. I have not been disappointed with the culture of DPCR nor the structure within that is built to support all aspects of our students, not just academics, but their social and spiritual growth as well.” Katie Hoekzema Science Teacher


2015 REY OF LIGHT SPONSORS Vicky and Rick Reynolds/ Bartlett & Co. Cincinnati Bell CR architecture + design Friend of DePaul Cristo Rey Susie and John Lame/ Lenox Wealth Management Jedson Engineering, Inc. KDM P.O.P. Solutions Kroger Martin & Associates Merrill Lynch - Holcomb/ Geglein Group MSA Architects Peerless Printing Pat and Steve Robertson SC Ministry Foundation Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati United Maier Signs

2014 GOLF SPONSORS Airport Fast Park/Fast Park and Relax Vicky and Rick Reynolds/ Bartlett & Co. CE Power Solutions CR architecture + design Deye Enterprises, LLC E.W. Scripps Family Investment Services, Inc. Graphic Village Jedson Engineering, Inc. Joseph Auto Group KMK Law Loth, Inc. Neyer Management Dawn and Rich Newsted Nusheen The Roehr Agency SC Ministry Foundation Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati Mary Beth and Tom Sundermann Turner Construction United Maier Signs

2015 FUND-A-NEED SCHOLARSHIP DONORS Patti and Dick Alderson Beth and Gary Barnett Kate and Bill Baumann Barb and Dan Bennie Jenny and Jim Berg S. Jeanne Bessette, OSF Moira and Jim Bonn S. Nancy Bramlage, SC Donna and Joe Broderick Kara and Rob Bult Stephanie and John Busam Cynthia and Manuel Chavez Estevan Chavez Kate Perez and Miguel Chavez Mackenzie and Manuel Chavez Melanie Chavez and Jeremy Campbell Stefanie Chavez Fran Christensen Marylyn and Ray Clark S. Kathryn Ann Connelly, SC Nancy and Kevin Connor S. Joan Cook, SC Melinda and Todd Davidson Leslie Demoret Andrew Deye Anne Marie Deye and Chris Wessel Lisa Deye Susan and David Deye Monica and Bob Dieckman Meg and Frank DiNardo S. Janice Ernst, SC Nancy and John Evans Linda and Rick Flynn Phyllis and Gene Forte Margee and Ken Garbsch Camille and John Gartner Pat and Larry Gastreich Moira Gettens Lisa and Steve Good Martha and Rich Grumbley Becky and Mike Gumbleton Mary and Ted Haglage Stephanie and John Busam Teresa and Eric Harmon Angie and Brett Harnett Kim and Jim Hartman Diane and Bob Hauser Lynn and John Heekin Julie and Rob Heidt Abby and Matt Held Patrice and Tom Hodges Linda Holthaus and Richard Zinicola Pennye Howard

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“My junior year was an important turning point for me. I made the honor roll for the first time, a dramatic change for me academically. I know I’m smart but I didn’t take my education seriously. My mom, best friend and one of my teachers, Dr. Iris, helped me turn things around. I don’t want to let them down and more importantly let myself down. I’m applying to colleges because I want to be a music therapist or social worker.” Shardae Taylor ‘16

Judy and Ben Wells Kathleen and Chris Wilke Sparkle and Tom Worley Chris and Gary Wright Jane and Dick Yost Julie and Dave Yost Maria and Matt Yost S. Mary Jo Young, OSF

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Pioneer Partners Hiring students since year one Archdiocese of Cincinnati Bayley Burke & Schindler, PLL Catholic Health Initiatives Catholic Inner-City Schools Education Fund (CISE) Corporex Freestore Foodbank Frisch’s Restaurants, Inc. Gallagher SKS Good Samaritan TriHealth Hospital Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney Keating Muething & Klekamp Macy's Mercy Health Messer Construction Co. Mount St. Joseph University Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati Society of St. Vincent de Paul St. Elizabeth Physicians Thomas More College Turner Construction Company Western & Southern Financial Group Xavier University

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Report of Revenue and Expenses Fiscal Year 2014-2015

2014-15 Corporate Sponsors Supporting students working in nonprofit jobs Al. Neyer Inc. Foundation AMPAC Tom and Eric Anderle Anonymous Foundation Belcan BGR Inc. Corporex Susan and David Deye Enterprise Holdings, LLC FastPark & Relax General Electric Credit Union Hixson Architecture/Engineering/Interiors The Inspection Bureau, Inc. Interact for Health Reis Trucking Vicky and Rick Reynolds Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati United Audit Systems, Inc.

“Our senior retreat was emotional, inspiring and truly a bonding experience among our senior class. One night of the retreat, in addition to the teachers already chaperoning, almost all the rest of our teachers drove to Dayton to surprise and eat dinner with us, and Sister Jeanne and her mom cooked us dinner!” Maria Luning ’15 University of Findlay Student


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Alumni Event Sends First Graduates O to College The first DePaul Cristo Rey alumni event brought well over half of the Class of 2015 back to DPCR in August. Good weather, good food and good company combined to make the College Send-off Picnic a great success. At the end, the new graduates and their families joined hands with DPCR teachers and staff to pray for the safety and success of the college-bound students.

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Fall newsletter ar 2015  

Fall newsletter ar 2015