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hello, this is my portfolio_



2013 ; 2016


- c urriculum vitĂŚ - c over letter - i nfluences

- s emester 1 ; project 1 - s emester 1 ; project 2 - s emester 2 ; project 1 - s emester 3 ; project 1 - s emester 4 ; project 1 - s emester 5 ; project 1 - s emester 6 ; project 1 - p ersonal projects

m i s s m a t h i e u m a r g au x novembre 19th 1992 61 rue grignan

13006 marseille-france m a t h . m a r g a u x @ l i v e .f r

+ 33 6 34 12 03 91 driving licence

education : - 2016/2017 : master 1

école nationale supérieure d’architecture marseille - france

- 2015/2016 : bachelor 3

u n i versität der künste berlin - allemagne

- 2013/2015 : bachelor 1 et 2

école nationale supérieure d’architecture grenoble - france

- 2012 : bachelor 1

psychologie - université 2 lyon - france

experiences : - 2016 : production assistant «shim sham» office paris - france

- 2015 : internship - 6 weeks

« n a dia kaya t architects» a g e n c y berlin - allemagne

- 2014 : internship - 4 weeks

«looking for architecture» ag e n c y lyon - france

competencies : adobe suite (Ps, Ai, Id...) sketchup autocad revit

français - monther tongue

english - written, spoken, read german - basics hobbies : graphic design, screeprinting, engraving, photography...

Objet : Internship application October 20th 2016

Dear Madam, Sir, I am currently in my fourth year studying architecture at the

Marseille school of Architecture. Spending a year abroad helped me realise just how important a role expatriation plays in

the consolidation of a university curriculum, and in view of

extending my learning opportunities in this city, I am writing to you today in the hope that you will consider taking me on as an intern for a duration of two months.

My understanding of architecture quintessentially revolves

around meeting new contacts and collaborators, learning to see

through linguistic and cultural boundaries and sharing practical

knowledge. For this reason I find it hard to conceive reaching the end of my studies without experiencing this type of professional insertion.

To this end, I have chosen to apply to work within your team,

which I believe is most adequate to suit my motivations and my personal view of what architecture truly is.

I wish to learn how to build on a city-wide scale, but also on

plots and single buildings, all the while conserving the existing infrastructure with an ecological and economical mindset;

I wish to understand and fully comprehend the city of Berlin in all its complexity, may we be talking semi-collective or individual housing, or, as previously mentioned, the general organisation of the city.

I wish not to destroy the old to bring in the new, but rather to transform it in a respectful, true-to-nature way.

I would consider it an invaluable opportunity to work on the scenography of a build and its integration in a given space. If you were to entrust me with a position in your agency, I would put into practise my excellent graphic skills and of course my thirst to learn more about the career that moves me on a daily basis.

I sincerely believe that your agency would be ideal for

me to find my place within the wide spectrum of potential careers Architecture has to offer.

In the hope of hearing back from you, I thank you in advance for considering my application, and please accept, expression of my highest consideration.

Madam, Sir, the


- paintings :

- cinema :

Tim Eitel

Jean-Marc Barr :

Ines Longevial Philip Barlow David Hockney

Markus Schinwald THTF

- illustrations : Hisashi Okawa Ben Tolman

Le grand bleu

Alain Resnai :

Hirochima mon amour Quentin Tarantino :

Pulp Fiction, Death Proof... Sebastian Schipper : Victoria

Aidan Koch

- architectures :

- musics :

Frank Gehry

David Bowie Erol Alkan IAM

Rem Koolhaas Sanaa

Tadao Ando 1st phase

the first project is an analysing of existing building. To understand the human scale as a designing tool and to learn the architectural drawing

Tadao Ando 2nd phase

after the first phase of analysis,

the work was the building’s simplification.

Research about the construction principles and

also find another alternative to inital project.

the square

to apprehended the form as delimitation tool,

to create an exhibition space around to empty square. architectural conception between blank and full.

inhabited passage

architectural schematisation, grammatology and narration. from the reading territory, to proppose a project called eco-responsible around the topic : semi collective housing

experimental school

to defind the notion of phisical and social phenomenon across the creation of experimental school.

a social project closed to the human which creates an interaction between child, his development and

the space around himself but also fully compatible with the environnemental context.

living in berlin

to rebuild with a city scale, plot or a single building and to learn to preserve all of existing elements

thanks to an ecological and economic way to think. to understand Berlin.

destroy nothing but just transform.

berlin roofscapes

to learn to know berlin from above.

let imagine another life, another daily

which exist at hundreds meters from the floor.

personnal projects

all of this projects were realized in the frame of my french, my last internship, my german university or just like a free

expression. it’s a mix between all my artisc influences, the things around me and some d a i l y s t i m u l a t i o n .


60x40x3000 mm

alveolar polycarbonate 15x330x1000 mm


40x6100 mm

Portfolio 2013 - 2106 English version