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WE ARE ALL EROTIC COSMONAUTS A performance by Margareth Kaserer (I) in collaboration with Rodolophe Coster (BE)

Bodies in invisible space suits, frozen physicality, petrified in signs, caught in perpetual motion. Driven, tired. How many ways to get lost. We are puppets, sketches, sculptures, we form letters, sentences, a new language, closed to us, unreadable.

30.10.2010 / 8 pm / 25 min Laubenpassage / Via J.G.Platzerstrasse St. Michael – Eppan / St. Michele Appiano (BZ) Italien / Italia Common Sense / Exposition under a Roof curated by Marion Oberhofer & Kathrin Oberrauch http:/ / *Jaques Lacan in the words of Aaron Schuster

ABSTRACT Night. A gangway somewhere, two empty seats, a set of 4 very strong spotlights. A windowpane between in- and outside. The light goes on and the sound of human breathing starts. A performer starts to walk, invisible, but audible by the sound of shattering ice, wearing a skin-coloured suit, a black wig and black gloves, appearing in front of the lights, then standing still. From the other direction another performer shows up in the same outfit, walking through the sound of ice, and starting to move the body of the other, one step after another. The beginning embrace is morphing into a explicit sexual position. After executing the pose the performers dissolve, sit in silence next to each other, and go back to their positions. A game of repetition and manipulation starts, keeping the bodies in perpetual movements, following their paths on their explicit desires of an encounter.

REQUIREMENTS / TECHNOLOGY - 4 spotlights (2000 Watt) with a stand or hanger for mounting - 2 headsets, 2 big amplifiers, a mixing pult


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