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WELCOME TO BARCELONA (April 8th – April 14th 2011) Friday, April 8th We went to the Hall of residence to meet the foreign students and teachers. Then we went shopping to El Corte Ingles and La Illa with the Norwegian girls. They wanted to eat something and we had some tapas and after that everybody went home.

Saturday, April 9th The English teacher met us and then we went to look for the rest of the students. First, we visited the Park Güell by Antonio Gaudi. There we took a lot of pictures. One of the most beautiful things is the dragon. After that we went to have lunch to their Hall of Residence. The menu was salad and meatballs .After lunch we took more pictures. In the afternoon we went to one of the mountains that are around the city of Barcelona , Montjüic. The Catalan music band Els Pets were playing there In Montjüic firstly, we attended a water show in the fountains. Secondly, we visited the MNAC (National Art Museum of Catalonia) and we welcomed the Polish people. They were the last to arrive. Thirdly, we went to the new shopping centre called Las Arenas.

Sunday, April 10th In the morning all of us met in front of the school at 9 am to go to the residence to meet the rest of the group. Then we took the underground to go to La Sagrada Familia. There we had a guided visit to see the inside of the Holly Temple. Afterwards, we went to see other important buildings by Antoni Gaudi such as La Pedrera and The Batlló house. Both buildings are located in the beautiful avenue in the centre of Barcelona called Passeig de Gracia.

Monday, April 11th It was time to start working. The day started at our school . All the students from each country had our oral PowerPoint presentations about an environmental problem and the survey results. These presentations lasted all the morning. At 11, we had a break for lunch. The Spanish students went home for lunch. The foreign students went to have lunch to a restaurant in L’Hospitalet. In the afternoon we all met again to have a guided visit of the old quarter of L’ Hospitalet .It was in English so we could practice what we learn in class and the foreign students and teachers were able to get some information about our town. It was really interesting!

Tuesday, April 12th On Tuesday, we went to the Desalination plant of Llobregat. There we were told how they get drinking water out of sea water. Then we went to the beach near the area. We had some free time to relax on the beach. Some people played volleyball. The day was very sunny and we had a good time. On Tuesday afternoon, we returned to our school to do an activity related with recycling. The workshop was about how to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings from coffee capsules. We used other materials such as glue, ropes, silicone and metal bases for the rings and earrings. While we were doing the activity, a reporter from L’Hospitalet TV came to the school and he interviewed some of the students who had travelled to Norway a few months earlier. Finally, the final result of necklaces and everything was really beautiful and original. We had fun while doing everything.

Wednesday, April 13th On Wednesday morning, we had another “recycling workshop” led this time by the Art teacher, Ángels Bertran. She showed us some toys that the students in the subject of “Art in English” had made using recycled materials. Then we had to try and make our own toys. We were divided in groups. In each group there were some foreign students so we had to tell them how to make the toys in English. It was difficult for us but it was also great fun. In our opinion it was a very enriching experience. Then came one of the sad moments of the week. The students from Poland were leaving on Wednesday afternoon. The rest did it on Thursday so it was time to say goodbye. It was the worst moment of the Comenius week. Many of us cried. In just a few days sharing experiences we had become really good friends and it was hard for all of us. Written by Sonia, Xenia, Mireia, Miriam, Gloria, Jessica, Fátima, Alejandro, Nida & Dennis.

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