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Project Name, Part No., Drawing No.

Section A

Part data (upto 3 thicknesses)

Process requirement Tool data Coolant detail

Your process target if known

Resin Properties

Part Thickness,L p


Nominal Length (mm) Nominal width (mm) Nominal Height (mm) Part weight Maximum mid plane temperature Maximum part thickness average temperature Tool material Cooling channel width (W) Mold wall thickness (l m ) Water, oil, steametc. Water pressure (for high pressure water RTC application) Thickness averaged eject temp. Temp. Midplane Inject (Exclude pack time) M/c open time Eject and part removal M/c close time Injection Pressure Resin, grade Density plastic Specific heat of plastic Thermal conductivity of plastic material Melt temp. Working temp. mould surface Temp. mid plane of part for safe ejection Cte, ISO 11359-1/-2


Section C

Section E

mm mm mm Deg. C Deg. C gm mm mm

Mpa deg C deg C sec sec sec sec Mpa

kg/m3 J/kg-°C W/m-K Deg. C Deg. C Deg. C ppm/ºC

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