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BY:Vanessa Martinez, Ana Gabriella Alonso, Isabella Benitez.


• Uranus is the seventh planet that orbits the Sun. Uranus is covered by clouds tht makes it see blue and green. • Uranus have between 15 and 27 moons. This planet has 2 rings outside an 11 inside, but we only see 2 rings.

• Uranus was discovered in 1781 by an astronomer called William Hershall. • Is covered by green and blue clouds • Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun • It has between 15 and 27 moons • Uranus orbits the sun in about 84 earth-years, temperature do not differ to much from season to season. • Uranus has 2 rings outside that are the ones that we can see and there are 11 inside.

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The mass is 8.68�1025 in Uranus Uranus is a cold and gas gigant Uranus is the fourth earth wide. The sun´s gravity holds Uranus in place as it circles.


Characteristics of planet Uranus

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