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This is a MANDATORY activity to be hold at the resource center on: Date: Saturday Time: 11 am – 1 pm  SKILLS: This exam will test your abilities on the four main skills: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking.  SECURITY ISSUES: You have to bring your ID (cedula de ciudadania – Carnet Universidad) 


We have finished the interaction component and currently the teacher is checking out the participations you did along the semester.

In case you have any doubts or questions about the grades, interactions or general questions about the exam and its results you can meet me on:

Date: MONDAY ,JUNE 10TH  Time: 3- 4 PM  Place: Resource Center, DESK 1 

Thanks for all the great comments and suggestions about the course, I really appreciated it. Sincerely, Your teacher. ď‚ž

My last quote.. Success never comes easy, its earned through sheer luck and hardwork, so wish you all we and all the encouragement you can get, never give up!!

This is it! 2013-I  

This is the last newsweek

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