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Dog Breeds That Won't Shed

To have a dog means to have a friend for life. However, many people can't enjoy the numerous benefits of adopting a pet due to their allergies. Nevertheless, even if you are hypersensitive to allergens from cats and dogs, you still can get one. All you need is to pick a breed that won't shed. To help you pick a pet, one you can love and adore for the rest of your life, I have compiled a list of hypo-allergenic pedigrees. The guys you will see listed bellow are small, cute, temperamental puppies with cheerful characters. Some of them have long fur, others – short, but what they all have in common is that they don't shed their fur. Even if you don't have health problems, you might still want to pick one these breeds. It is easier to clean up your home when you don't have to struggle with fur balls rolling around on the floor. Your carpets won't need special attention from qualified carpet cleaners from Melbourne, VIC. If you take proper care for your little friend and train him properly, you won't have to deal with problems such as pet stains, pet smell and fur on the upholstery and the carpeting.

Yorkshire Terrier Yorkshire Terriers are small creatures with vivid personalities. Despite their long, luxurious fur, they actually shed very little which makes them perfect for people who don't like to clean or have pet-related allergies. However, you will have to invest the efforts you will save from the additional cleaning in grooming your new best friend. If you want your puppy to look fabulous, you have to regularly wash, dry and brush its coat.

With the lovely pettite Yorkshire Terrier you will have a faithful friend and a vicious guard. Naturally alert and inquisitive, these doggies will bark at every sign of danger or at strangers.

Shih Tzu Yet another tiny breed with outstanding personality. Shih Tzu also have rather long, thick fur but are still considered nonshedders. These curly guys need a lot of attention in terms of grooming and brushing. Still, you will hardly ever see any furs on your carpets and furniture. The good news is that you can always give them a “fur”-cut, if you don't have time to fight the tangles. No matter how long their coat, Shih Tzus are very active and full of life. As their owner, you have to keep close watch over their training. Without a pack-leader they can develop the so called “small dog syndrome” which will make them behave as if they were superior even to you.

Maltese Maltese is a miniature pedigree with long silky fur. The time and costs of the grooming of this particular breed can be very high. Still, the pettite Maltese puppies hardly ever shed which makes them perfect pets for owners who live in apartments. These curly creatures are extremely intelligent and brave. They can easily get excited and never tremble in the face of danger. However, they can prove to be quite stubborn and temperamental, too. Still, if you like a dog with a character, you will most certainly fall in love with the Maltese. As you have probably guessed, I have had some help assembling this article. I would like to thank the professional carpet cleaners from Melbourne ( for their expertise. I hope you will pick a wonderful puppy to be your newest family member!

Dog breeds that won't shed  

If you are looking for a cheerful small puppy, you can choose from a vast variety of breeds that won't shed.

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