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LOCAL IS LEKKER! Local Resident Pam Shaw sells wonderful Asquith & Somerset goodies from her home. Asquith & Somerset is a UK-based firm with a royal stamp of approval and these luxury bathroom products can be bought at several upmarket stores in Cape Town (at upmarket prices!). Included in the range that Pam supplies are soaps, scrubs, foaming hand-wash, boxed gift soaps, body creams, bath and shower gels, and nail and hand creams. Prices start at R15 and go up to R70, which is well below the prices in the shops. If you are interested, please c o n t a c t Pa m v i a e m a i l ( or phone her on 082 370 8949. CHAI-YO have moved back to their corner spot now that the renovation work has been completed after the dreadful fire before Christmas. They can be contacted on 021 689 6157. If you are looking for quality olive oil that is reasonably priced then pop down to the Alma Café. They supply River Bend Olive Oil, which is produced in Worcester by local residents Trevor and Kathleen Brodrick. The Alma Café also supplies delicious olives from River Bend THE COMMON GROUND CAFÉ above the Common Ground Church probably has one of the most spectacular spots in the southern suburbs. The café is on the first floor and looks out west over the Common with uninterrupted views of Table Mountain. There is plenty of secure parking and the fare offered is delicious. Light

lunches are served during the week and they are open for coffee etc. over weekends. For those who love the venue it is available after hours for private functions. For further details phone 021 686 0154.. THE ALMA CAFÉ music evenings continue to be a great success. For R60 you get a delicious main course (dessert and coffee are extra) and can enjoy the live music. Booking is essential: phone 021 685 7377. If you would like to be added to the mailing list please send your details to . Gill will then let you know the date of the next Sunday evening show and who will be performing!

USEFUL NUMBER LIST We recently distributed a new list that we hope you find useful. Please note that we don't charge those who appear on the list. If we get feedback from locals about poor service we remove that number from the list. Likewise if we receive recommendations about local service providers we add them. We only charge for advertisements in the Christmas edition of Area News.



Office Tel: 021 685 4941 • Margaret Cell: 082 808 1256 • Brett Cell: 082 403 7226

WINTER - 2009



iven the prevailing market conditions, we think that our area has performed remarkably well. In many ways it was business as usual in that we are continually short of stock but always have buyers keen to secure a property in our wonderfully convenient area. There is a dramatic difference in the availability of finance and in our opinion it is this that affected sales and prices more than anything else. We predicted that buyers would not secure “knock down bargains” in the area and in our experience this proved to be true. Our sellers have been prepared to drop a certain amount, but so far and no further (quite rightly so in our opinion!). As long as homes are priced realistically, reflecting the fact that there had been no market growth for the past two years (which Capetonians seem to expect as a birthright!), we found that our stock, limited as it was, sold quickly at very good prices. All our sellers saved as a result of our ver y competitive commission rates. On this basis we were very pleased with our sales over the past year. We were delighted to sell two large Victorian

houses in Rosebank proper. These wonderful homes rarely change hands and we were very flattered that Michael Johnson, a resident since 1974 and the founding member of the excellent Rosebank Neighbourhood Watch, asked us to sell his home. We also sold the beautiful Victorian home owned by Chris and Val du Plessis. Chris took over the chairmanship of the Rosebank Neighbourhood Watch from Michael and was a wonderful servant to the community for many years. It was a privilege to be Chris's chosen agent. Interestingly enough, we sold these homes to buyers who had been waiting for a Victorian in Rosebank for years. Our rental department continues to grow gradually and we are never able to meet the demand for rental homes in our area. So if you hear of any homes that become available in this area, please let us know. We are starting to venture into Rondebosch! We do not anticipate any change in the market over the next year. We think prices will hold but that finance will continue to be a problem, despite interest rates dropping (good news for current bond holders).

CHARITIES WORKING FROM OUR AREA We really live in a wonderful caring community because “our” four charities report that locals continue to drop their contributions off week after week at a time when the going is pretty tough for many. Obviously it is a particularly difficult time for all charities, so any donations are very gratefully received. Friends From Valkenberg Sandra Matthew wrote the following: Hi and thanks again for supporting us. Just some thoughts. In winter we always need warm men's clothing and shoes. Many patients are admitted from difficult circumstances and do not have family to bring them sufficient warm clothes. We have some gaps in our programme for new volunteers – someone to help with a sewing class on a Monday morning, someone to help in an arts and crafts class on a Thursday morning, and another person to help with cooking on a Friday. We would also love some help setting up an Access (or other) database for our growing list of incredible supporters and contacts. A lady came in for a food parcel for her kids this morning as her Mom is caring for her children while she is in hospital and both are unemployed. She mentioned that it was her son's birthday this weekend and that she had nothing to give to him. I sent her down to the Friendly Shop and she chose a puzzle for him. She was so pleased not to have to go home empty-handed that she gave me a huge hug! To the person who

donated the puzzle to our shop, and to Shoprite Mowbray who donated the damaged tinned food, a big THANK YOU! Contact Sandra on 021 447 2092. Mdzananda Animal Clinic ** Besides running around picking up sick and injured animals in Khayelitsha, organizing sterilization for over 100 animals a month, and running the Mdzananda Animal Clinic and mobile clinics, Jane has now started a vegetable “garden” on the pavements surrounding the clinic and is fundraising for that! The vegetable “gardens” are in recycled tyres and Jane is trying to encourage and help the neighbours to start their own tyres! She would be grateful for any seeds and seedlings.

South African Education & Environment Project ** Jane Keen would love some new ideas on fundraising if anyone has any! Unfortunately SAEP will have to reduce some of their wonderful programmes if the money to run them can't be found. They do excellent work supporting children at various stages of their education. For more information you can log on to their website at The contact details for SAEP are: 021 689 2020 (office); email

Please remember that if you have unwanted dog or cat baskets, dog/cat food, pet toys, blankets, leads, collars etc., please drop them off with Jane at 12 Muswell Hill Road. Please email or phone her first so that a time can be arranged. If you would like to help or contribute please contact Jane on: Tel: 021 689 4091 or 083 548 8277 Website: Email

8 Muswell Hill Road, Little Mowbray (Full asking price R1600 000)

36 Firth Road, Park Estate (Sold for R1520 000)


Grandmothers Against Poverty And Aids **GAPA continue their outstanding work helping the very young and the old, both of whom are victims of AIDS deaths in the family. Please don't forget that they have a shop that sells virtually anything. All household goods and clothing are particularly welcome and can be dropped off at 45 Alma Road.



•Available in ± August, a large traditional Rondebosch family home with double garage. A step away from Rondebosch Boys. R16 000 per month, furnished or unfurnished). Excellent condition. •Available January 2010, a d/s family home in immaculate condition. R16 000 per month – a step away from Bishops.

Area News April 2009  

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