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5 Top-notch Attractions near Margaret River Guest House Being one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Western Australia, Margaret River is fascinating, appealing, inviting and wonderful. It boasts never-ending fun things for the vacationers and also keeps them busy with its top-notch attractions. Before you head to this amazing vacation hotspot, you must think about accommodation. Margaret River Guest House is undoubtedly the premier place to stay securely at the most affordable prices. Let’s check some of the amazing points of interests that make Margaret River a famous holiday destination.

1.Beaches: Is there anyone who does not like to be on the pristine sandy beaches? Margaret River Wine Region is home to some of the award winning beaches in the world with more than 150 km of gorgeous coastlines. The beaches are amazing and have a host of thrilling water sports. Beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts can spend their days by getting indulged in swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, fishing, deep sea fishing, surfing and wind and kite surfing. Bunker Bay provides an excellent platform for sheltered swimming. Surfers P0int fascinates passionate surfers all over the world each year and is now on the world circuit for pro surfing championships.

2.Wineries: According to travel experts, a visit to Margaret River is incomplete without tasting the sweet and delicious wines of the region. Wineries such as Voyager Estate, Leeuwin Estate and Vasse Felix are known to produce the best wines in the area. Vasse Felix is said to have the first vineyard and winery in Western Australia. It was established by Dr. Tom Cullity in the year 1967. It is regarded as the pioneer of the area. There are stunning vineyards, tranquil lakes, amazing surf breaks and towering forests.

3.Whales: What about making day trips to watch the giant whales? If you are visiting this part of Australia between April and August, you will certainly come across the most enchanting whale watching. These migrating whales can be spotted near Dunsborough and Bussleton in Geographe Bay. Moreover, you might get glimpses of humpback whales in Flinders Bay. These sights are incredibly beautiful. For budding photographers, there could be no better opportunities.

4.Caves: Explore many hidden treasures in the horrifying caves. Horrifying? Yeah, that only sounds like this, but they are astoundingly beautiful. A series of caves occur in the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park. Caves such as Jewel, Ngilgi, Lake and Mammoth have guided tours. All these caves deserve a visit during your next tour to Margaret River. Capture their beauty and splendour in your high resolution camera. 5.Local Galleries: Local galleries, of course, are amongst the top things to see. People from all round the world get attracted and fascinated with region’s sophisticated and stylish furniture, jewellery, paintings and arts and textiles.

From scrumptious cuisines to local wines, from marvellous scenic views to exotic beaches, Margaret River has preserved something for everyone. It is not expensive to make a trip to this part of Western Australia staying at an affordable guest house in Margaret River.

5 top notch attractions near margaret river guest house (2)  
5 top notch attractions near margaret river guest house (2)  

Being one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Western Australia, Margaret River is fascinating, appealing, inviting and wonderf...