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Why Three Dimensional Printing May Change the World The way people interact with the world is transformed every now and then while by a technological leap. In the business and entertainment worlds, as an example, air travel, the net and cell phones have created revolutions. The world was not the same after their invention. Three dimensional printing is a recent innovation that allows a fundamentally new way of approaching the design and manufacturing process. It is almost revolutionizing creativity itself. It is now possible to create a three dimensional object you visualize on your computer with ABS filament. Coming off of a spool, the filament liquefies as it takes its shape, but then after going through the 3-D printer, swiftly becomes solid again. To generate cutting-edge possibilities, special software and hardware are required, but the price is worth it. Having adequate choices is not a problem for the user of the 3-D printer. The filament is available in an array of sizes, from 1.75 mm to 3 mm. From basic red, white and blue palettes to exotic custard yellow, lavender and magenta, there is a huge variety of colors available. Purchasers can even get glow in the dark filament for a little extra fun. If you'd like to create a two tone look, it is possible to pause printing and switch the spool in the middle of the project. The diameter of the spool will influence the cost. Obviously, 3-D printing isn't as affordable as printing two dimensional documents, but for what the user gets, most users seem to think the cost is incredibly reasonable. At this point, it may be expensive for the individual user, but the costs will only drop as the technology becomes more common. Giant 3-D printers have been used in manufacturing for years, and large companies have learned to use them to shave their costs. Prototypes of finished products can be developed far more quickly. More conventional manufacturing techniques with metals and plastics are time consuming and use quite a lot of raw materials. Besides that, there is often a great deal of waste involved. There is no extra material needed when it is all generated directly from the printer spools. Having a three dimensional printer enables many new creative possibilities. Any design idea may be taken to fruition when printed using ABS filament. Designers can produce a prototype of a product in their own shop without the need to wait weeks or months for it to come from another manufacturing site. By a substantial order of magnitude, the time between inspiration and production decreases. This permits innovators with a lesser budget to take larger risks. Another advantage is that those who are not necessarily innovators or designers can every now and then come up with great product ideas. Three dimensional printing lets them test it out. There are a few other things buyers should know. One, the software for 3-D printing works with any major computer operating system. In the printing process, a lot of heat is generated which is yet another thing users should realize. This is needed for the ABS filament to change forms from a coil on a spool to the latest brilliant brainstorm product for Johnny Designer. You can expect temperatures in excess of 200 degrees Celsius, which equates to 392 degrees Fahrenheit, from the nozzle. Take caution when using this equipment. Personal 3-D printers are still relatively expensive, but the experience of being able to generate one’s own 3-D object, beginning to end, is something any creative person would certainly relish. Don't use anything but the very best ABS filament from MatterHackers whenever you are printing MatterHackers Inc

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Why Three Dimensional Printing May Change the World your 3D designs. For additional details on MatterHackers, check out their web site at

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Why Three Dimensional Printing May Change the World  

Don't use anything but the very best ABS filament from MatterHackers whenever you are printing your 3D designs. For additional details on Ma...