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blog assignment 3 due: 23.00, Friday, 30 July

brief: beauty+utility 1. In The Grammar of Ornament (1856) Owen Jones argued that, “Construction should be decorated. Decoration should never be purposely constructed.”

+ What did Jones mean? Do you agree or disagree? Can you identify an example of ‘construction decorated’ or ‘decoration constructed’? 2. Considering this week’s reading, “Design, Society, Standards,” by David Raizman from The History of Modern Design and Wed.’s lecture in relation to the questions above, post a response in your DSDN171 blog along with an image of either ‘construction decorated’ or ‘decoration constructed’ (can be contemporary or historical). Be sure to reference this image in your response. 3. Remember to post your response on or before the 23.00 Friday deadline.

Blog Assignment 3  

Owen Jones and the Grammar of Ornament: considered

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