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navigating the future of wealth management

You become a Partner in our firm,

an equity owner.

OURMISSION We are a new kind of modern and efficient wealth management firm in the Southeast. Free of the deeply-embedded conflicts and structural biases that plague our industry today, we are a firm that perfectly aligns the interests of our clients, partners and employees. Our mission is to completely reinvent and reinvigorate every aspect of the “Old Wall Street� model.

OURSERVICES Our firm is made up of a range of consummate professionals dedicated to providing our Advisors and their clients the best of services available in the market today.

Investment Management Financial Planning Trust & Estate Planning Corporate Retirement Plan Design & Management

Corporate & Individual Insurance Services Tax Services Lending Trust Services

OURCREDO We believe that wealth

We believe that our Advisors and

We believe that our Platform not

management technology should

their clients deserve the world’s

only better serves the complex

be designed by the people who

best research, not just the biased

needs of complex needs of our

use it every day of their lives, not

proprietary research served up by

Advisors and their clients, but will

by Wall Street executives who

big Wall Street firms.

make it easier for you to grow your

are out of touch with day-to-day processes.

practice. We believe that those Advisors who are bold enough to make

We believe that you should

the move to truly become owners

control your business, from the

deserve unwavering financial and

investments you choose, to the

operational support to do so.

brand you develop.

THEDIFFERENCE Our firm is owned by our Advisors. Our Partnership structure is unique, on purpose. Years ago, many of the best Wall Street firms were partnerships — a structure in which the partners also shared ownership in the firm. But things have changed. So many bad decisions were made by Old Wall Street (greed, excessive debt and leverage) leading to the Financial Crisis of 2008 and the biggest government bailout in history. It’s time to move forward with a new approach through a partnership model that promotes efficiency, creativity and freedom from conflicts.

We strongly support a Partnership model. Our belief is that if the Advisors are significant owners in the firm, then decisions won’t be made to harm the firm, its clients or the Advisors serving them. In order to effectively serve the complex needs of our clients, we believe it takes a complete team of experts. That’s why we employ a Trusts and Estates Attorney, CPAs, a CFA, Retirement Plan Specialists and Insurance Specialists in our Atlanta offices. There are not many issues we cannot address.

OURPLATFORM Investment Platform


You hear the term “Open Architecture” quite often.

While our platform offers the ability to use virtually any

Through Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., other custodians that

custodian, currently we use Charles Schwab & Co. As

we support, and our broker-dealer Sterne Agee, you’ll

the industry leader, Schwab supports approximately

enjoy a completely open architecture platform. Not only

7,000 firms like ours. Your clients’ assets will be held at

will you be able to choose from thousands of funds from

Schwab, their statements come from Schwab and they

hundreds of load and no-load fund families, over 1500

will go directly to for their on-line access.

institutional-caliber money managers representing over

Schwab enjoys one of the best reputations in the financial

2,700 strategies, as well as the ability to work with the best

community, and you can go forward with the confidence

insurance carriers, you’ll also be able to execute trades

that your clients’ assets are secured by a firm with over

across Wall Street.

$1.5 trillion in client assets.

What does that mean? It means you will have the ability to purchase a bond at J.P. Morgan, collar a stock at Schwab or


execute an equity trade at Fidelity. In other words: you’ll be able to do what is actually in your client’s best interest.


We place a premium on that research that is as unbiased and objective as possible. We receive research from a variety of sources including: Credit Suisse, J.P. Morgan, Argus Research, Ned Davis Research,, Market

Through our technology partnership with Envestnet,

Edge, Standard and Poor’s, Morningstar and Thompson

Advisors have access to a leading provider of integrated


portfolio, practice management and reporting solutions. The open architecture platform encompasses a broad

We have also partnered with a leading provider of

range of institutional-quality research, investment

comprehensive investment research, including detailed

products and advisory resources.

examinations of nearly 10,000 investment products.

Lakeview operates under a Best of Breed philosophy, utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology solutions. Those solutions come from Envestnet, Charles Schwab, Dell, Microsoft, and Cisco just to name a few.

JOINLAKEVIEW You keep up to 70% or more of your revenues. We pay all of your start up and ongoing fixed expenses. If your practice is based outside of Atlanta, we’ll also provide full support: from helping to find your new office and negotiating your real estate lease, procuring and installing your computer and phone systems, office furniture, right down to your pens and stationery. We will also work with you to avoid income disruption as you move your practice.

You become a Partner in our firm, an equity owner. You’ll have the freedom to build your own brand or leverage ours. You can choose to pursue both fee-based and/or transaction-based business. You’ll enjoy the security of a full suite of health care and retirement benefits from one of the nation’s largest corporate benefits providers. You’ll also be able to leverage the reputation and capabilities of our custodian Charles Schwab, which maintains $1.5 trillion in client assets and enjoys one of the few unblemished reputations within the financial community. Take advantage of our Family Office capabilities and experienced team members – our experts are here for the sole purpose of assisting you to gather assets and grow your business.

OURPROMISE We will strive to be creative and engage in new thinking with regard to how we operate and how we are structured. We will strive to be more flexible and open minded than our industry is. We will astound our clients by going above and beyond, placing their best interests ahead of our own. We will work tirelessly to remove any and all conflicts of interest that are inherent to “Old Wall Street”. We will treat each other with absolute transparency, honesty and respect and will always operate under a policy of “full disclosure”. As a firm, we refuse to be driven by numbers. We won’t have goals for new clients, new employees, revenue growth, etc. We will do our job better than our competition and the rest will work itself out.


Lakeview Capital Partners is a true partnership.

We utilize a family office platform.

We offer a uniquely generous compensation package.

We offer Fortune 500 type benefits, including health insurance and 401(k) options.

We are truly Advisor-centric: our business model was co-created and is co-managed by an advisor.

You have the freedom to pursue both fee-based and traditional brokerage business, or a hybrid.

You have a team of experts at your disposal specializing in the areas of estate law, personal and corporate lending, tax strategy and preparation, personal and corporate insurance, and corporate retirement planning and design.

The Four Seasons . 75 Fourteenth Street, 24th Floor Atlanta, Georgia 30309

Disclaimer: Custody services offered by Charles Schwab & Co. Securities offered through Sterne Agee Financial Services, Member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory Services offered through Lakeview Capital Partners. Lakeview Capital Partners is not affiliated with Sterne Agee Financial Services or Charles Schwab & Co.

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