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The advertising and selling products through internet is called affiliate marketing. The merchant wants to sell his products through advertising. The publisher provides prime space on his web pages to merchants for displaying advertisements. There is a marketing network, which helps merchants and publishers to come closer. The merchants make programs for advertising their products. They call for publishers to join their marketing program. Networks too make marketing programs and call both the merchants and the publishers to join. Usually a network offers its membership free of cost. Sometimes the merchants and publishers have to buy membership of a network in order to join an affiliate program. The marketing programs, which do not carry a membership fee, are called free affiliate programs. One can find popular marketing programs on internet. Advantages of free affiliate program Joining online marketing programs for free is much beneficial for new publishers. They can earn extra dollars by selling different products. They get free tools for generating clicks, leads and sales through advertisements by joining free affiliate programs. They learn to use marketing tools such as banners, emailers etc. free of cost. How to join free affiliate programs? Publishers can search for probable merchants on internet. Your search engine can provide you a long list of merchants. You can communicate with them by using emails or phone calls. Participating in affiliate forums is the best way to search for merchants. Forums are a common place where merchants and publishers share their views on marketing. You can join an affiliate forum free of cost. Reading and posting in forums will keep you in touch with thousands of members. Publishers can post details of their web sites such as its design, traffic and content in a forum. The merchants, willing to advertise on their site, can contact them by sending personal messages. Accepting free membership of a marketing network can help you a lot in finding merchants for your web site. A network gives common platform to both the merchants and the publishers. You will find many merchants within the network. Free affiliate programs Publishers can acquire membership of a network free of cost to join online marketing programs such as Cost-per-Click (CPC), Cost-per-Action (CPA) and Cost-per-Sale (CPS). They will earn dollars if the advertisement gets appropriate response. In CPC, you have to get impressions on the displayed advertisement. In CPA, the visitors of your sites are required to take some action so that the merchant can get their contact details. The CPS program generates revenue only when a

sale is furnished by the merchant. The tools are provided free of cost by the merchant or network, in case you are a member of a network. Qualifications for joining a free affiliate program As a web master, you should have a good designed web site. The traffic on your website should be highest. The content on the site should be keyword rich and updated on a daily basis. It is the content, which decides the relevancy of a web site with a product. Most publishers confront with a problem of tracking sales. I will try to analyze affiliate tracking in my next article.

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==== ==== For more information, please visit www.itsgreatforyou/internet-marketing2 ==== ====

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