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The object like the structure, serves many purposes: from the utilitarian to the ornamental to that of an anthropological record. While these two forms vary in terms of scale, portion, and usage, objects are additionally homogeneous to buildings in that they are socially created and inherently indicative of their societies. In pursuing the study and creation of art, one must also pursue a study of culture and cultural signifiers. Thus, the scholarship of art, and the objects created by this pursuit, can also be viewed as an interdisciplinary study of sociology, psychology, anthropology, and contemporary media. Analogously, the architect must reflect on the culture and society in which his buildings are to be constructed in order to insure that they fulfill the needs of those who inhabit them. - Margaret Petri

Left page Enameled Bowl, hand formed and kiln fired, approximately 5 in diameter by 3 in deep. This page Pewter shot glass, hand formed, 3.5 in tall by approximately 1.25 in diameter.

Apprenticing from History Above Miniature Smith and Wesson 1951 Handcuffs, Sterling Silver, 2012. Right Photograph from Methodologies showing the technical drawings and original handcuffs used for the piece.

This piece was created as an exercise in fabrication methods as well as to hone and refine these skills through the replication of a commercially manufactured object. I selected to make a miniature version, approximately 5 in by 2 in by 1/4 in, of a pair of 1951 Smith and Wesson Handcuffs (pictured page left). The miniature version was completed in sterling silver, and features a functional, internal double-locking mechanism and miniature key. The work was exhibited in Methodologies: an exhibition of work and process (photo shown on left). Scans of the original technical drawings that I made for the piece are shown on the following page. In the making of this piece, I researched the history of handcuffs in order to date the original pair, then created the drawings from my research and the original object. In addition to the drawings shown, I also did several sketches and a gauche painting as studies of the original handcuffs.

A Kit for the Evening This piece was created during my first semester in art metals. It was inspired by watching far to many steampunk television shows, such as The Adventures of Jules Vern and Doctor Who. I envisioned this kit being used by a socialite in one of the alternate universes as an accompaniment for a fun evening out.

Compartment for rolling papers

Compartment for flask

Compartment for lighter

Perspective of box with dimensions and interior comparments


Fiction enables us to grasp reality and at the same time that which is veiled by reality ~ MB

1 in 5in


Interior shelf for checkers box



Checkers box

hole for tobacco compartment lid pin

Tobacco compartment

3 handmade hinges for outer clasp

3 inch handmade hinge 5 inch handmade hinge

Full scale drawing

Lid pin


Wearable Works

Necklace, Earrings, and Bracelet brazed steel and sterling silver chain, 2013

Left Body Modified (necklace), cast sterling silver, 2013 Above Appendage Ring, cast sterling silver, 2013

Left page Bezel Set Brownstone Necklace, handmade setting, 2013 Cocoon Ring, cast bronze with gypsy set Blue Tiger’s Eye stone, 2013 This page My little finger (cast and fabricated chain), bronze, 2013 Body Modified (Hairpin), cast bronze, 2013

Space within Space (an exploration in 3d painting) The inspiration for this piece was to push the bounds of traditional of painting by creating a sculptural, threedimensional painting. This object was painted on the inside so that the viewer would feel encapsulated by paint. It was constructed by MIG welding a steel armature and hand sewing canvas to it. Then the canvas was gessoed and painted so that the viewer was given the sense of standing at the top of a stairwell, looking into various rooms. Mesh was attached to the exterior so that it reflected the light and give the piece more presence in the space it inhabited. Conceptually, I wanted to create a space that captured the mental expanse of a painter, one in which all that exists is paint. Additionally, my goal for this piece was to question how one functions within and thinks of space. Since ultimately it is infinite, yet it is so commonly defined as the merely the area that most closely surrounds oneself, i.e. the room that one is in. By giving a form to the incorporeal space of the mind, and therefore creating a physical space, this piece demonstrated how the common definition and perception of space fails to capture the essence of the word.


3.5 ft high

Top View 4 ft diameter

Front view

Perception, Perceived

Perception, Perceived is a series of seven paintings made in the spring of 2013. All are done in oil paint on canvas, and range in size from 7 by 3 ft. to 24 by 18 inches. The work was exhibited as part of solo exhibition in March of 2013 at the Common Wealth Gallery in Madison, WI. Conceptually, this body of work investigates issues of female physicality and gender. In creating this work, I explored the ways that subtle, socially determined cues influence my self-awareness as a woman in contemporary society. By carefully directing my efforts and in turn the viewers’ attention, I used the work to comment on society’s tendency to dehumanize and objectify women.

Left page Before I go to Sleep, 2013 3.5 ft. by 5.5ft, Oil on Canvas with mixed media This page At Home, 2013 4.5ft by 5ft, Oil on Canvas

Above LASH, 2013 Oil on Canvas, 18 in by 24 in Right Until, 2013 Oil on Canvas, 42 in by 32 in

Opposite page Pink, 2013 Oil on Canvas, 5 ft. by 4 ft. Bath, 2013 Oil on Canvas, 56 in by 36 in

Saturdays, 2013 Oil on Canvas, 7 ft. by 3 ft.

Narrative Paintings The following four paintings from 2012 were creating during a period where my work transitioned from narrative story telling through animal headed characters to politically motivated pieces. These pieces then led to the body of work, Perception, Perceived and its focus on the portrayal of women in social media.

Modern Day Crusaders, 2012 Oil on Canvas, 6 ft. by 5 ft.

Above Untitled work, 2011, Oil on Canvas, 24 in by 18 in Right Lost, 2012, Oil on Canvas, 6 ft. by 4 ft.

Facing page The Apartment, Diptych, 2011 Oil on Canvas, 6 ft. by 8 ft.

Life and Figure Drawings

Left Mug Shot a la Chuck Close, charcoal on velum, 4ft. by 3 ft, 2009

Left Life drawing 10 minute sketches, pencil, 2012 Above Still life drawing, pencil, 2009 Below Female and Male Skulls, pen, 10 in by 8 in, 2013.

Margaret Petri Bachelor of Fine Art University of Wisconsin - Madison

M.Arch I Portfolio, Margaret Petri  
M.Arch I Portfolio, Margaret Petri  

A portfolio of work by Margaret Petri, compiled for application to Masters of Architecture Programs. To see more of my work, please visit ww...