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Bl ack Pl ague Kan uga 2018

Table of Contents Table of Contents Contents Table of Becoming t he Black Plague...........p. 3 & 4 Nort h Carolina on Mind...................p. 5 & 6 By: Frank W hiteley W hen It Rains, It Pours....................p. 7 & 8 By: John Lloyd Being Clumsy is t he Worst ...........p. 9 & 10 By: Nat alie Thayer This is my Breaking Point .........p. 11 & 12 By: Emma Fisackerly Making Hiking Fun?.....................p. 13 & 14 By: James Nieset 1

I Thought Grit s Were Bad, Turns Out They are Horrible..............................p. 15 & 16 By: Kate W illiams Protect ing t he Sacred Walking St ick 17 & 18 By: Saint Villlere Being Bit Was Bad, But Being Bit t y Was Bet ter..................................................p. 19 & 20 By: Finn Galarneau Reaching t he End..........................p. 20 & 21 By: Sophie Ellis

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Becoming the Black Plague W hen Mrs. Avin jokingly suggested that we should call ourselves the Black Plague, she obviously did not expect that the name would catch on. However, five days later, the idea of a more perfect name was just silly. Every member of the Black Plague embodies the qualities and hopes that we wrote down on our shared bandana the night before leaving for the trail, and makes us the supportive and hardworking group we are. Each year, the eighth grade class at Trinity go on an eight day trip to a wilderness camp in North Carolina. We spend a few days prepping for the trail at camp. Then, we spend three days in the woods, hiking and camping. The grade is split into three groups of nine kids and two teachers. Kanuga is one of the best Trinity traditions and 3

is remembered fondly by every class who goes. The entire experience, including long bus rides and nights spent in tents, brings our class closer in a way that could never be achieved in school. For this reason, Kanuga is loved by everyone who partakes in it. Although our experience on the trail was unique, we have created a memoir and photo essay in order to share and remember some of the special moments. Each of us wrote a memoir about our experience on the trail. Every memoir touches on either one personal event or conflict, or the experience as a whole. Though our memoirs are from our point of view, we hope they will give anyone who wishes to read them a glimpse as to what happened on the trail. In addition to our memoir, we put together a photo essay in order to commemorate our one of a kind experience at Kanuga. We have collected moments of triumph and also times when we need to lean on each other. These photos capture the highlights of our adventure on and off the trail, and we hope you enjoy them... 4

Nor th Car olina on Mind By: Frank W hiteley "The rock wall was very fun, but it was also challenging. This experience definitely helped us become a more connected class."


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When It Rains, It Pour s By: John Lloyd "I thought to start something with experience made something more fun. Now I think that statement was idiotic and I am going to try more new things."



Being Clumsy is the Wor st By: Natalie Thayer


"I sl ipped, fal l ing sl ight l y, but t he w eight of t he backpack dragged m e dow n fart her. I w as on my hands and knees, face dow n. My ankl e w as t w ist ed."

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This is my Br eaking Point By: Emma Fisackerly " I heard the voices of my group members around me saying, ?You are going to be okay,? and my only response to their remarks was, ?Well your not the one with a sleeping bag that doesn't zip.?Fed up and tired of my crying, the rest of the girls in my group started to work together to try and fix my sleeping bag."


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Making Hiking Fun? By: James Niest "Some of our Parkour included jumping over the trees in the way of the trail or running across slanted sides of the trail."


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I thought Gr its Wer e Bad, Tur ns Out They ar e Hor r ible By: Kate W illiams "Cheesy, mushy, gritty muck, yet I took a bite. As I stood there taking in the amazing view, I knew right then and there, how much eating the rotten grits had payed off. "


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Pr otecting the Sacr ed Walking Stick By: Saint Villere "I was tired, bored, and sleep deprived hiking the first day on the trail in the mountains of North Carolina."


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Being Bit Was Bad, But Being Bitty Was Better By: Finn Galarneau "Prey is defined as one that is helpless or unable to resist attack; victim. Prey can also be defined as Finn. "


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Reaching the End By: Sophie Ellis "I?m glad I overcame my fear of sleeping in the woods because now I know I have nothing to be afraid of and I can do it again."


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Do n 't buy gr een ban an as.

Black Plague - Kanuga Class of 2019  
Black Plague - Kanuga Class of 2019