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                        Margaret Benoit Marketing Assistant for Isabelle le Goaëc Katoka Massage Therapy Part II Chapter 3—My work with Katoka Massage Therapy Completed Projects Social Media, Marketing Strategy and Planning— Throughout my time working with Isabelle at Katoka Massage Therapy, I have assisted with tech support and provided direction and instruction on how to operate various media platforms and web programs. I redesigned the Katoka Massage Twitter account.

I did a lot of creative design work on Photoshop and was responsible for redesigning the Facebook Cover Photo in addition to creating inspiration “photo-quote� graphics to be uploaded weekly to social media sites. The photos below reflect a small portion of my Photoshop work.

Other design work consisted of an e-flyer PDF that is sent out to prospective or interested clients. The flyer explains Katoka Massage’s on-site acupressure chair massage services. Isabelle initially created the flyer and then asked me to reconfigure and improve the design.

In addition to designing posts to be uploaded to social media sites, I did a lot of creative research and compilation of intriguing, newsy health related articles and content to post to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The articles posted to Facebook provided tips and FYI health, well-being, and stress relief/management information for the Katoka

Massage Therapy readers and followers. My job was largely centered and directly focused on working to build and manage Katoka Massage’s presence on social media. Isabelle and I had to determine the perfect level of exposure for Katoka on social media, which was a fussy task. We ultimately had to reposition our marketing plan for the three social media sites and decided to implement a less bombarding, guerilla approach to publicizing the company.

To keep track of everything, I created a detailed “Social Media Posts� Excel spreadsheet to track all posted content to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The spreasheet included details or posted photos, uploaded quotes, shared articles, and the dates and times every post. We also made note of who posted what so that she or I could ask each other about the used content. Isabelle and I wanted to ensure that there was no overlap or repetition of what Katoka Massage posted to the general public. I efficiently and effectively managed all of the social media using HootSuite, where I was able to control all social media using one media platform. I was able to pre-schedule posts to upload to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn through to the beginning of July 2013.

Written Work— Throughout my time working on all Internet/technology based projects, I created a comprehensive “Social Media Bible” where I explicitly described and directed how to operate each system or website. I provided username and password information, helpful tips, best practices, and constructive guidance. The “Social Media Bible” was created for Isabelle’s reference, my reference, or anyone else who may lend a helping hand to Katoka Massage Therapy in the future. Other written tasks consisted of researching, drafting, and finalizing content for monthly newsletters. I researched, drafted, and wrote a majority of the content for the February, March, April, and May Newsletter. Below is a sample of a section I was responsible for finding and writing content for February 2013 Newsletter.

Event Attendance— I was exposed to the event logistics side of sister company, Katoka Projects, and was invited to attend a RE Hotel tour in Shoreditch in addition to attending the BNC Global Events Show mid-February. These two occasions lent me the opportunity to promote the Katoka brand and observe, network, and learn the ropes of the events industry. Surveys— I created and sent out a market research SurveyMonkey questionnaire to collect data regarding interest in well-being retreats. The survey was quite simple and short, and inquired about destinations, duration, activities, and price packages. KMT Website and Online Presence— The final project that I have spend a large amount of time on has been revising the web content and conducting the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the Katoka Massage Therapy website. Isabelle and I also have submitted her site to multiple search engines to increase Katoka Massage Therapy’s viralilty in addition to building up her page on

Forward Talent, a site that promotes and markets new businesses [of all sorts] in London. What my work did for Katoka Massage Therapy I have helped Isabelle to lift Katoka Massage Therapy off the ground and get it up and running. My work has been especially helpful in the marketing and social media sense. I have been very involved in creating a presence on social media and managing/building that presence. I have seen an increase in the number of followers and likes, which is very rewarding. We have achieved a greater reach and seen a growth in organic virality of users visiting her personal business site and the Katoka Massage Therapy social media sites. Isabelle and I made a great team working together and I hope I helped to take some of the weight off her shoulders. I intend that my pre-scheduled HootSuite posts, researched and drafted newsletter content, and “Social Media Bible” will be very helpful and useful to her after I depart London. The cultural differences of interning in London This is my first internship so I do not have anything to compare to my experience with Katoka Massage Therapy. I can predict that my experience with this company would be similar to an intern experience with a small start-up in the States, but I recognize that the workplace environment and culture differs. One specific aspect that was new and unfamiliar to me was the idea of working from home, in a café, or in the informal setting of her flat. I didn’t have a so-called “office” to commute to. I also recognized the intense and driven work ethic of many Londoners, which I acknowledge and applaud. Isabelle is really a go-getter and kept me in check. Although we did not work in a formal office setting, she made sure to keep things professional. The last difference that I would like to note that is quite different from something I’d be exposed to in the States is the fact that Isabelle is tri-lingual and had a tendency to rattle on in French, Spanish, or English. How the cultural differences affected my work and me The cultural difference did not really affect work, my work ethic, or me. I am a very adaptable person, so I had no issues with conforming to her schedule and method of completing tasks. I would say that the only thing that gave me trouble [at times] was her accent. Although she speaks superb English and doesn’t have a heavy accent at all, there were instances when I had to ask her to repeat things because I did not understand clearly what she was explaining or requesting of me. There were also times when Isabelle would use “London jargon” or I would use “American jargon”. It was definitely a challenge to make sure that communication was clear, concise, and “universal” at all times. Chapter 4—Reflection What I learned for this experience

I learned a great deal from this experience not only about marketing and communications professions, but also about myself and how I dealt with challenges and adapting to a new environment and form of work. It was very nerve-racking to have my first internship experience in a foreign country. Working with Katoka Massage Therapy granted me the opportunity to break out of my comfort zone. I developed additional professional skills and a new and greater sense of drive as a worker. My perfectionist qualities have really been reflected in the work I produced for Isabelle. It has been a really nice and rewarding feeling to have Isabelle look to me for input or advice. I definitely feel as if she treats me as an equal. She addresses me very maturely and respectfully. I’ve learned that if you put out the effort, it really reflects and pays off. I have learned more organizational and planning skills and have optimized and improved my time management skills. I really have a full appreciation of creating and following through with timetables. I have learned so much from the readings and research Isabelle has asked of me in addition to simply observing her and performing trial and error on my own. I was very fortunate to work with a variety of mediums and on a variety of projects. I hope to walk away from this experience with a whole new set of skills. Acquired skills I am taking away with me I have acquired many skills over the past four months. A lot of the things I have learned can be attributed to this experience, but also to the fact that I have learned so much about my character and personality from being abroad. Some of the most important skills that I will be taking home with be [back to both my personal life and student life] are patience, professionalism, creativity, and confidence. I have become such an extroverted person and have really learned how to think outside the box. Newly gained cultural understandings I feel so lucky to have woked with Isabelle because she is such a culturally enriched person herself. It was such a treat to listen to all of her stories and her involvement in international relations. I think it was a big advantage for me to have worked alongside someone who is not a native Londoner and who has lived and done business all throughout Europe. I would have to say that my most culturally enriching and immersive experience was the day that I attended the BNC Global Events Show. I met and conversed with businessmen and women from all around the world. It was such a wonderful learning opportunity for me. Traveling and being exposed to new people, cultures, practices, etc. has always been a really important part of my life. Being exposed to Katoka Projects and Katoka Massage Therapy has really opened my eyes and furthered my boundaries of life goals. I could really see myself traveling internationally after IC and maybe evening spending a few years living in a place like London. I have attained such a wealth of knowledge about international marketing, the health communications industry, international politics, and international relationships, etc. Living in London for four months has allowed me to blossom into a wise, old-soul with young energy and loads of potential. Being here has made me so excited to look forward at what’s to come.

How this internship will affect my future career direction Initially I was bummed out to not be interning with Wizard Sports Events because I envision myself working in the sports communication sector of the industry in the future. However, I am very happy with the outcome of my work placement and believe that being placed with Katoka Massage Therapy turned out for the better. I take a keen interest in personal health and well-being, so it was a pleasure to work alongside a company with goals and missions of providing services to the public. Working for Katoka Massage Therapy has been an awesome experience. I have really been exposed to all types of projects relating to the health, well-being communications/personal health service field. I always tell myself that everything happens for a reason; there was a reason why I was to work with Isabelle, which was to learn a wealth of knowledge and to help grow and develop her new business. I was so fortunate to work with an entrepreneur. I have somewhat envisioned myself starting my own company or working with a small start-up in the future. I’m so glad that I was exposed to this environment because I’m not sure that this opportunity would present itself back in the States. I definitely know that I would like to have an internship in a larger office setting moving forward. The pairing of my internship, though, was spot on. I was apprehensive at the beginning of the London term because I only seemed to be doing loads of social media work. This was not the case for the entire term; I was exposed to a facet of other tasks and projects. My experience with Katoka will continue steering me in the direction of sports and health/wellness communications.

London: Marketing Intern  
London: Marketing Intern  

A reflection of my experience interning at Katoka Projects Ltd. in London