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Table of Contents Summary & Overview - 1 Agency Brand Strategy - 2 History of Essie - 3 Competitor Analysis - 4 SWOT Analysis - 5 Environmental Analysis - 6 Objectives & Budgeting - 7 Research - 8 Brand Value Proposition - 9 Target Market - 10 Campaign Strategy - 11 Big Idea “nailed It.” - 12 Creative - 13 Print Advertisments - 14 Print Ads Cont’d - 15 Online Video Storyboard - 16 Out of Home & Transit - 17 Creative Testing - 18 Media Objectives - 19 Media Choices / Magazine - 20 Media Choices / Online - 21 Media Choices / Transit - 22 Media Schedule - 23 Media Budget - 24 Brand Activation - 25 Brand Activation - 26 Brand Activation - 27 Brand Activation Flowchart - 28 Recommendations & Evaluation - 29 Bios Crative Brief Appendix


Executive Summary & Overview

Essie is a collection of nail care products, including cuticle care, base coats, treatment and top coats, under the L’Oreal Consumer Products Division. Its products are typically found in drug stores, department stores and grocery stores, but is still considered to be high quality polish, with Essie’s multiple prize winning formula, known for its “no-chip” properties. Essie’s growing collection features over 250 colors, each with a distinct name given to show off the personality captured by this color. The woman behind the brand is Essie Weingarten, who founded the company in 1981 and is currently acting as Creative Director. Weingarten says, “My polishes allow me to create deep links with women and thanks to the ever-growing development in the field of nail care, plus the latest colors, this connection is strengthened.” Our mission is to highlight this relationship between Essie’s color and the woman wearing it, while building awareness to women who now choose other similar brands of nail polish over Essie. Through print advertisements, transit advertisements, internet videos and online integration, Stratosphere will promote this brand as the nail polish that encourages women to accomplish every moment with confidence and poise.

Brand Strategy

As a full-service advertising agency, Stratosphere focuses on providing clients with out-of-this-world creative solutions. Our well-rounded team strives for lofty thinking in order to produce the most grounded results for our clients. With our client’s final destination always in mind, Stratosphere’s mission is to relay the clients message through innovative thinking and effective execution. It’s not rocket science — it’s Stratosphere.

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Agency Overview

ng nd i k n Thi Beyo & e v bo


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History 1985 1989 1996 2008 2010 2011 2012

1981 1982 1983

Essie founded by Essie Weingarten with 12 original colors; distributed in Las Vegas salons. Essie sales go international in Japan, England and France. Tonight Show host, Joan Rivers gives a shoutout to Essie’s “jelly apple” shade.

Essie introduces iconic square bottle.

Queen Elizabeth’s hairdresser sends a letter to Essie Weingarten requesting the “ballet slippers” shade - the only shade her majesty would wear.

Essie is recognized for Best Nail Polish Colors by Allure Magazine’s “Best of Beauty Awards”. Essie continued to win awards from InStyle, Redbook, Women’s Health and Fitness and CosmoGirl.

Essie partners with Universal Studios, J. Crew, Rock & Republic and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Essie becomes part of L’Oreal USA.

Duchess Kate Middleton wears Essie’s “allure” for her wedding.


Essie expands worldwide beginning in Europe.

Competitor Analysis Strengths OPI is one of the most widely recognized nail polish brands in the country. It’s viewed as the upscale choice for the average consumer. The polish comes in a wide variety of colors and often partners with television shows, movies and celebrities to release new lines of color. Their ads can be found throughout women’s publications and are widely recognized. The brand has a reputation for reliability and excellence in nail wear, and can be found in many salons.

Strengths Sally Hansen is a household name and a classic choice for teenage girls. They have a wide variety of colors and products from Crackel to its Salon Manicure line. There is something about Sally Hansen for everyone to enjoy. Weaknesses Sally Hansen is not necessarily the best brand in terms of quality. Its marketing and branding are very dated and show little variety.

Weaknesses The brand is slightly more expensive than the average bottle of nail polish. OPI often relies on new color releases and promotion to sell their product.

Strengths China Glaze is a high quality brand with a dedicated following. It can be found in many salons. They also offer special textured lines that compete directly with essie’s textured polish lines. Weaknesses The brand is not highly publicized and is difficult to find in stores.





- Elegant, classy colors

- Catchy, creative polish names - Seasonal lines - Modern, chic, simple packaging - Most colors are appropriate to wear to work - Only need 1-2 coats - Dries shiny; no need for top coat - Bottle does not obscure the color of the polish inside - Offers special effects such as sparkle, metallic, UV- cured appliques and magnetic - Retail (in-store and online) and salon presence

- Potential to strengthen marketing/advertising through more marketing and advertising and broadened media presence - Can compete on quality with OPI at a lower cost - Essie is a L’Oreal brand; L’Oreal is the leader in cosmetics (over Estée Lauder and Revlon) - L’Oreal has largest market capitalization



- Potential for lack of brand awareness due to little advertising - More expensive than most nail polish brands - Less presence in salons compared to China Glaze and OPI - Promotions/coupons rarely offered

- Heavy competition - Many nail polish choices - Easily substitutable


Competitive Forces

Sociocultural Forces

Economic Forces


Essie’s competition includes OPI, China Glaze and Sally Hansen. Essie sets itself apart from competitors as a luxury leader that blends the fashionable with the functional. It is a high-quality, trendy, self-expressive and affordable brand. Essie empowers women to feel glamorous, fashionable and “polished”.

Environmental Analysis

In today’s society there is an increased emphasis on female individuality and self-expression. The Essie brand resonates well with women by allowing them to feel effortlessly beautiful and put together. Women’s roles are continuously changing in society—student, businesswomen, friend, girlfriend, wife. Women must be ready to face every day with poise and confidence. Essie’s playful and trendy brand image empowers women to do just so with freshly polished nails.

Lady shoppers look for a quality and trendy polish that is reasonably priced. Essie offers a comprehensive line of polish, priced for $8.50 per bottle. Essie’s affordability allows women to own a variety of fun and expressive colors; they can feel ‘polished’ each day. The company makes products easily accessible by distributing in stores and online. Essie is most commonly available for purchase in supermarkets, pharmacies, beauty supply stores, boutiques and salons.

There has been a lot of talk about nail polish containing toxic chemicals. Over the past decade, established polish brands have changed their formulas to self-regulate, be free of these chemicals and abide by FDA cosmetic regulations. Essie and competitors are a part of the “3-free movement” and offer toxic-free polishes free of dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde. PETA poses as another regulatory force to polish brands that rely on animals for product experimenting and testing.


Objectives & Budgeting

Marketing Objectives

Advertising Objectives

Within the target market of women This campaign will increase 18-49, Stratosphere will see 85% of the target the sales of Essie Nail Polish by market comprehend Essie’s message by the 7%. We will achieve this by drawing more attention to the brand with advertisements end of the year. Of those 85%, 60% will find that highlight Essie’s playful and trendy nature. value in the message and intend to buy Essie polish. Stratosphere will reach 85% of women We want women to make life colorful and always put in the target market a minimum of 5 times per their best hand forward. person.

Billboard 19%

Budget Summary

Magazines 43%

Transit 25% Online

Stratosphere will execute 25% the campaign with a $15 million budget. The budget breakdown can be seen in Google the visual above. Suggested


Search 1%

Time Frame The “nailed It.” campaign will be one year long, beginning in January 2014 and ending in December 2014. The campaign will be pulsing, with periods of heavier advertising during important times of the year such as summer/wedding season, holiday season and fall.


1. Determine overall brand awareness and perception within the target market 2. Uncover target market buying habits to further understand product use 3. Understand Essie’s competitive position among top competitors

1. Stratosphere conducted an online survey that was taken by 125 members of the target market. When asked to identify the first nail polish brand that came to mind, 37% of participants indicated that Essie was their first thought, while 41% thought of OPI. When asked to rank several nail polish brands by quality, 40% chose Essie as the highest quality while 47% chose OPI. However, when asked which nail polish brand was their top choice, 40% chose Essie while only 38% chose OPI. This may be because Essie is still considered high quality like OPI, however Essie is slightly less expensive. Price sensitive shoppers who still want a quality product may choose Essie over OPI because of the slight price difference. Nearly 60% of participants indicated that they paint their nails either for special occasions or that they always have them painted. 2. Perhaps our most revealing findings came from a question asking participants to choose words that they associate with Essie. An overwhelming 73% said “trendy”, 53% said “high quality” and 48% chose “playful”. Visuals from our survey results can be found in the appendix.


1. We began researching Essie by using MRI+ in order to determine our target



market. We found that the heaviest users of Essie, and most nail polish brands within the same price range, would be our primary audience of women 18-34, with a secondary audience of women 35-49.

2. Stratosphere set out to gain knowledge of what our target market values

before implementing our own research. We sought to further understand our target market by visiting online sources including beauty and nail polish blogs, such as Here, we gained a basic understanding of which nail polishes women prefer, as well as what women value in a nail polish.

3. In addition, Stratosphere thought it was very important to have an in-depth

understanding of how Essie presents itself currently. We explored the Essie website to gain more information about the brand, its history, products, and how it is positioned and promoted. Similarly, Stratosphere thought it was just as important to understand how Essie’s main competitors are positioned. We visited the websites of our main competitors (OPI, Sally Henson and China Glaze). This helped us get a basic idea of where Essie stands in the mind of consumers, relative to its competitors.

4. In terms of which media vehicles to purchase, we used SRDS to further research appropriate media that would effectively target our demographic. Here, we were able to determine media rates and data for the advertising industry and calculate which choices of media would be most effective.


Brand Value Proposition

Functional Benefits:

Essie is a collection of nail care products including cuticle care, base coats, treatment and top coats.

Emotional Benefits: Wearing Essie nail polish shows that a woman takes pride in her

appearance. This feeling of being put together makes a woman feel confident. Essie nail polish acts as a perfect accessory to a woman’s outfit with a color that speaks to her, and represents who she is with the brand’s diverse polish collection. Whether a woman gets her nails done professionally or does them herself, the ideal to a great mani/pedi is feeling her best with a high quality polish that looks good, because every woman deserves that.

Self-expressive Benefits:

When a woman wears Essie, it says she is trendy and versatile. Other high quality nail polishes can be more expensive, without the opportunity for creativity and personalization that Essie offers. Each shade and effect has its own message about the woman wearing it - a bright color can say she’s exciting and fun, while a deep shade can reveal that she is more serious and reserved. Essie lets a woman’s character shine through.



Meet Alison - A trendy

go-getter with an interest in fashion, travel and yoga. She reads The New York Times Business section on weekdays and Cosmopolitan Magazine on the weekends. She can be found perusing the sale rack at J. Crew or scarfing down a burger at Shake Shack. She has the whole world in a freshly manicured hand and a skinny caramel macchiato with extra whipped cream in the other. She isn’t afraid to express her individuality in a corporate setting.

Meet Leah - The girl next door who

enjoys playing club volleyball and strives to make the Dean’s List every semester. She’s a busy student but still finds time to make it home on breaks to play with her golden retriever. You can find her sporting her favorite pair of TOMS, jeans and college hoodie. She’s a playful social butterfly who loves going out on the weekends with her girl friends, but isn’t against staying in to watch Netflix, drink hot cocoa and paint her nails.

Target Markets

Meet Lisa - A busy working mom

who still makes time to stay trendy in between dropping her kids off at soccer practice and dance lessons. She often shops at The Gap to find backto-school clothes for her kids and can’t help but glance at the women’s section for a stylish top for date night with her husband. She enjoys cooking but it isn’t beneath her to throw a Stouffer’s Lasagna in the oven. At the end of the day, you can find her winding down on the couch listening to Michael Buble, sipping Cabernet and touching up a chipped nail from a hectic day.




Stratosphere will focus on empowering women to take on everyday and special occasions with the confidence and poise that comes along with wearing Essie nailpolish in a fun and trendy way.


Unlike its top competitor OPI, Essie struggles to maintain strong brand recall in the minds of nail polish users. OPI capitalizes on celebrity, film and music icon endorsements — a path that Essie does not pursue. Our challenge is to make Essie the number one nail polish brand that is recognized by consumers in our target market.

According to our research, we found that women’s top reasons for painting their nails are for special occasions and for everyday color. Our research also shows that women think of Essie’s colors as trendy and playful — two qualities that Stratosphere will use to draw women to the brand.



Campaign Strategy

The Big Idea

” . t i d

e l i a n


Creative Strategy


Stratosphere will increase the sales of Essie and draw more attention to the brand by engaging in creative and insightful advertising design and execution. Stratosphere was inspired by the phrase “nailed It.” as a pun referring to Essie’s product feature as a nail polish as well as to accentuate the playful nature of the brand. This approach will appeal to our youthful target demographic. Essie gives women the confidence and flare to “nail your next big moment” and feel empowered by having freshly polished nails.

Art Direction Each ad will feature two sections — a top and bottom panel. The top panel will feature an image in which a woman’s painted nails are the main focus, with a background conveying an everyday event or special occasion. The background will not be in focus in order to further emphasize the polished nails. By placing the nails at the forefront, the viewer will get the sense that the nails are at the center of the occasion. This top image will also feature bright, bold colors to cater to Essie’s playful, fun nature.The bottom panel will be a monochromatic color corresponding with accent colors in the top image. It will feature an image of the product (the specific shade featured in the image) with the Essie logo. Each print ad will also be accompanied by a tear-off insert.



There will be two sectionsof copy in each advertisement. The first section will appear at the top left of the page and dictate what is happening in the ad. Whether it is the woman’s “First Time in the Big Apple” or a “Job Promotion”, the tagline “nailed it.” will always appear on the bottom right of the image. This will bring home the message that no matter what occasion, every woman can take on each day with Essie’s signature playful and trendy style. The bottom monochromatic panel will also have the call to action “nail your next big moment with Essie” next to the image of the product.

Print Advertisements


Print Advertisements Continued





Open scene on the Maid of Honor mid-speech. She is holding both a microphone and her champagne glass showcasing her perfect manicure. She says “Mike and Jen I wish you years of happiness and I am honored to be standing next to you on your big day...I love you both..Cheers!”

nailed it.

Online Video Storyboard

Maid of honor concludes her toast to the Bride and Groom, applause from the audience breaks. Frame freezes, and we hear inner thoughts of the maid of honor patting herself on the back for her amazing toast. She says“Maid of honor speech?”


nail your next big moment


essie. Close up on Maid of Honor’s manicure. She says “Nailed it.” as an overlay appears.

The Maid of Honor goes to hug the bride and we hear a narrator say “Nail your next big moment with essie.” while a matching overlay appears.


Out-of-home & Transit




To truly display the longevity of this campaign, Stratosphere has crafted this wordle encompassing some more possible moments that fit within the “Nailed It” campaign. The advertising opportunities for this campaign are virtually limitless and can be made to fit any occasion or everyday moment.

Creative Testing

Stratosphere tested our campaign visuals by gathering the opinions of students regarding the astetic appeal and overall comprehension of the ads. As a whole the responses were positive. The students liked the look of the ads and the general idea and theme behind the visuals. All of the students surveyed are in our target market.

Participant Quotes “I really like how you incorporated everything from small accomplishments like the morning commute to larger accomplishments like standing in front of a huge crowd giving an emotional speech.” “I think it’s funny and cute! I really like the “nailed it”’s catchy!”

Campaign Longevity


Media Objectives

Message Weight

Target Audience

Our target audience

is women between the ages of 18 and 49. Our primary target audience is 18-34 because young female in this age group have more disposable income and time compared to women 35+. They are also focused on aesthetic presentation to the public and are more inclined to follow trends. Our secondary target audience is 35-49 because these women are trying to tap into their youth. This age group may not have as much time or extra money because this is the age when they have families to take care of and their careers have blossomed.

Dimensions - Online Video: 30 seconds - Magazine: 1 full color page with bleed; tear-off insert with coupon and peel-off nail swatch - Internet: 468 x 60 banner ad - Billboard: 14’ x 48’ - Transit Ad: 36” x 24”



The women in our target market are exposed to multiple media everyday during their busy lives. These women read magazines, browse the Internet and see out-of-home advertisements. Stratosphere will place more emphasis on Internet ads because not only do women spend so much time on the Internet, but it takes more impressions to gain users’ attention with all of the distractions on-line.

Geographic Scope

The campaign will be pulsing, with periods of heavier advertising during new collection releases which also fall around the holidays and changes in season. The first period of heavy advertising will be in May, which is when women are preparing for wedding season as well as getting excited for colorful nails for summer. Heavier advertising will also take place in December during the holiday season. There will also be heavier advertising in September, which is when magazines release their biggest issues for back-to-school and back-to-work.

Our scope for this campaign will be both regional and national. All print and online advertisements will be placed in national media, while still being tailored to our target market via appropriate channels. Billboards will be placed regionally in major U.S. cities. Transit ads (subway and bus boards) will be placed regionally as well in cities where public transportation is ubiquitous. Brand activation promotions will take place in major cities as well, specifically in areas the majority of our target resides.

Glamour Circulation: 2,300,854 CPM: $99.79 Glamour is a monthly women’s magazine that focuses on news-making coverage of beauty, fashion, health and relationships, as well as women’s issues, work, money and more. This is the perfect platform to target the working women of our target market, who are still interested in beauty and fashion.

Media Outlet: Magazines



Circulation: 3,017,987

Circulation: 2,010,618

CPM: $95.79

CPM: 72.19

Cosmopolitan is a monthly fashion, beauty and grooming magazine that provides women with information on relationships and romance, fashion and beauty, health and well-being, as well as what’s happening in pop culture and entertainment. The playfulness of this magazine will resonate well with our target market.

Seventeen is a monthly beauty and fashion magazine written for young women in their teens and early twenties. This will capture the younger women of our 18-34 year old target market.

O The Oprah Magazine Circulation: 2,417,589 CPM: 65.19 O, The Oprah Magazine is a monthly women’s personal growth guide for the new century, offering stories and ideas stamped with Oprah’s unique vision on health, fitness, careers, finance, relationships, self discovery, beauty, fashion, home design, books and food. O is a trendy magazine that can relate to our entire target market because they grew up hearing about or watching Oprah.

Brides Magazine Circulation: 319,918 CPM: 267.25 Brides Magazine is a bimonthly magazine focusing on all things bridal: fashion, venues, cakes, flowers, diamonds, etc. The audience of Brides is not only limited to women planning a wedding, but is also read by mothers of the brides, friends of the brides, and women in general who dream of the perfect wedding day. Brides Magazine reaches our target market of females over 18 and mirrors our research which proved women paint their nails for a special occasion.


Media Outlet: Online

Bethenny Website Banner Ads Bethenny Frankel, previously on Real Housewives of NYC, who has maintained her fame through the launch of her “Skinny Girl” line of vodka, now has her own talk show. Her show’s demographic is trendy women ages 18-49, with content about female empowerment, beauty, and style - nearly identical to Essie’s target market.


The Today Show Website Rectangle Ads The Today Show is popular among young adult females onto middle aged females. Particularly featuring the Hoda and Kathy Lee portion of the show, we feel that woman come to this show for up and coming information whether it be news, fashion, trends, celebrities, etc. Bearing this in mind, the Today Show is a perfect host for our advertisements so that we may solidify our position as a trendy, fashionable brand for women

Hulu Pre-Roll Video

YouTube Pre-Roll Video

Hulu hosts many television shows, videos and content that our primary audience views. We also like the idea that there is not a skip option on Hulu, which means that our ad is being seen beginning to end.

YouTube contains the most video content on the web and therefore has the most traffic. It is a good way for us to reach a larger audience and also have the ability to target our ads with content that matches our brand category.

Ads in Social Media Instagram allows users to take pictures or videos, apply digital filters to them, and share them online through the Instagram feed, and also through other social networking services including Facebook and Twitter. With an emphasis on social interaction regarding aesthetic images, Essie can easily communicate its message to appropriate users by targeting users who follow specific accounts (such as beauty or fashion accounts) which would reveal an interest in the brand. The easy accessibility to these sites gives women the convenience to constantly check their social networking feeds, resulting in a huge amount of traffic on these apps and sites. Essie’s advertisements would show up in between the photos of the accounts that the targeted users already follow.

Transit Advertising in subways and metros in major cities is an effective way to target a captive audience. We will be able to reach the portion of our demographic described as the young professional cosmopolitan woman. Typical subway etiquette does not promote interactions among people, which leaves us with an audience that is contained, and quiet, searching to pass the time until their stop. This is why our subway advertisements will also contain more copy, because we estimate the average time on the train alone can be at the minimum five minutes.

Media Outlets: Transit & Billboard

Billboard We chose to advertise on billboards in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Los Angeles. It is important to have a large presence in major cities during our pulsing high times to reinforce brand awareness and ensure we hit our effective frequency. We found that these particular cities had either the most population or the most time spent in traffic where billboard advertisements are most effective.


Media Budget



Out-of-home & Transit



Media Schedule


Brand Activation Strategy

Pop Up Manicure Booths:

Objective: Provide women with a chance to try Essie while generating brand awareness. Strategy: Essie will set up pop up manicure booths in major cities such as LA, NYC, Chicago, DC, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami and Denver. These are high-traffic areas where women are walking around all day long. Whether the women stop to get a quick, trendy manicure during their lunch break or visit the booth during a shopping trip with girl friends, every visitor will walk away with a free manicure, coupon and a sense of confidence to take on the rest of their day. Each booth will be set up for one day in each city during the month of July. July is an ideal month for this tactic because the weather is nice to set up an outdoor booth and it falls directly between Essie’s heavy advertising months of May and September. Followers of essie on social media sites will learn about where and when these pop up nail salons will be available. A week before the salon is set up, flyers (right) will be distributed in the area encouraging non-essie followers to follow the brand and find out where the pop up booth will be.


Brand Activation Strategy

Photobooths Objective: To spread consumer awareness and encourage engagement with the brand.


Strategy: Essie will set up an Essie photobooth in major cities such as LA, NYC, Chicago, DC, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami and Denver (in the same cities with the pop up manicure booths). Whether the women are out shopping, on a lunch break, or headed home from work,they can stop in the photobooth to take playful pictures of themselves or with friends holding up their nails. The multiple photos taken will be printed on a single strip that reads, “Strike the perfect pose - nailed it.” on each photo box. The bottom of the strip will read, “nail your next big with essie.” In the booth, the women will also have the opportunity to upload one of the pictures they took with the hashtag #Nailedit to the Essie Facebook and Twitter,where Essie will choose to up load their favorites. Followers of essie on social media sites will learn about where and when these photobooths will be available.


#NailedIt Social Media Contest Objective: Encourage customer engagement and generate brand awareness

Strategy: Essie will encourage consumer engagement with its products by prompting its followers/ friends on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to upload pictures of themselves showing off their Essie polished nails while using the hashtag “#NailedIt.” Each month, one winner will be chosen from each platform based on the number of likes and favorites. Each winner will receive a gift bag filled with 3 bottles of Essie.


Brand Activation Strategy

Coupons and Samples Objective: Provide a way to try out the polish and encourage the purchase Strategy: Each magazine ad will feature a small free standing insert with a coupon as well as a “sample” of the shade. The sample can be peeled off the bottle in the ad and held up to the nail to see what the shade would look like with different skin tones.

Essie in Birchbox Objective: To put Essie directly into the hands of consumers that care about beauty and lifestyle products Strategy: Birchbox is a monthly subscription that sends samples of the hottest beauty, grooming and lifestyle items right to doorsteps of the subscriber. The service helps subscribers identify products they can’t live without and encourages repeat purchases. Birchbox is the perfect avenue to put Essie into the hands of the target market.


See Example

Brand Activation Flowchart


Recommendations & Evaluation

Marketing Reccommendations

The strategic use of endcaps in stores including Target, CVS, Duane Reade and Rite Aid will give Essie an opportunity to draw con sumers’ attention to their product among the array of other polishes displayed in retail stores. These endcaps will display Essie’s nail polishes according to color. The sheer colors will be on the top row of polishes, bleeding into the pinks, followed by neutrals, greys, corals, reds, plums, deeps, metallics, blues, then finally greens. This aesthetic set up will draw the consumers’ eyes and make it easy to find their desired color. On the bottom section of the endcap, the consumer will find Essie’s “Effects” products including encrusted, mirror metallics, repstyle, and luxeffects, offering complementary polishes to the classic Essie shades above. Lastly, the consumer will also find a list of “Essie Looks” along the sides of the endcap. These Essie Looks will give the consumer an idea of what colors to match together, as well as the latest collections.


Stratosphere’s mission for the “nailed it.” campaign was to increase comprehension of the Essie brand by 85%, increase conviction by 60% and increase sales by 7%. Our comprehension and conviction levels as well as projected sales are determined by the various levels of advertising and brand activation techniques implemented during each month. May, September and December all have the largest percentage changes as a result of higher levels of advertising and brand activation during these times.


Stratosphere Bios Molly Podell is a

senior Television Radio major with a concentration in Media Production and a minor in Integrated Marketing Communications. On campus, she works at Alumni Hall and and participates in ICTV and other Park projects. Molly plans to move to New York City upon graduation and start a career in the television industry. Molly’s favorite Essie shade is “fifth avenue”.

Gillian DeRario is a senior Television Radio major with a concentration in Media Production and minors in Integrated Marketing Communications and Legal Studies. On campus, she is an activist involved as a Senator on the Student Government Association and a member of the Senior Class Gift Committee. She also works as the assistant to the Dean’s of the Park School of Communications. Upon graduation, she would like to start a career as a Creative or a Corporate Events Planner. Gillian’s favorite Essie shade is “wicked”.

Carolyn Hartley is a

junior Integrated Marketing Communications major with a minor in Journalism. On campus she works as a Park Peer Advisor, a Dean’s Host a writer for the Ithacan and a DJ on VIC radio. Carolyn will be finishing out her junior year with the IC Los Angeles program and hopes to work for an Advertising agency there. After graduation Carolyn hopes to move to the west

coast and begin her career at a creative agency. Her favorite Essie shade is “bordeaux”.

Margaret Benoit is a

second-semester junior Integrated Marketing Communications major with a minor in Economics. On campus, she is Co-Survivorship Chair of College’s Against Cancer and spends much of her year fundraising and planning for American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Margaret has exciting plans to finish her education at the ICNYC Program in September and hopes to intern with a marketing or PR firm. Upon graduation, she would like to start a career in cause marketing or lifestyle brand marketing on the East Coast. Margaret’s favorite Essie shade is “peach daiquiri”.

Alisha Luziani is a senior

Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing and minors in Legal Studies and Integrated Marketing Communications. On campus, she is the President of Women in Business Network, a Regional Group Ambassador for Business-Link of the greater Syracuse area, a member of the Student Services Team and a student writer for the School of Business. Upon graduation, she would like to start a career in healthcare marketing either in pharmaceuticals or consumer goods. Alisha’s favorite Essie shade is “bahama mama”.

Creative Brief


Appendix: Survey Results

Essie "Nailed It." Advertising Campaign  
Essie "Nailed It." Advertising Campaign  

A comprehensive advertising plan for Essie from Fall 2013. This campaign won the 'Integrated Marketing Communications Best in Show 200 Level...