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2014 S u n d a y, J u n e 8 , 1 0 a m - 6 p m

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Austin Energy – Town Lake Center 721 Barton Springs Road Austin, TX 78704 Attend one session or all for only $25 Workshop Registration & Information: greenbuilding.austinenergy.com Phone: 512 / 482-5300 Email: greenbuilding@austinenergy.com

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come from buildings. Fortunately, Austin Energy Green Building is leading the design/build industry to a more sustainable future. The 18th Cool House Tour, a collaboration with the Texas Solar Energy Society, gives you a close look at the planning, products and professionals that continue the movement to build safer, comfortable and energy efficient homes with a lighter footprint. Eleven projects this year carry that message in a variety of styles. Two rural properties are a reminder that the Texas Hill Country is a fragile landscape demanding great planning and care. In the city we have stylish, urban, infill homes, a home perched above Lake Austin, one home built to high standards of environmental health and an English-style castle that is a net zero energy residence. A family home built in 2002 returns to the tour as a laboratory for the building sciences and lessons learned. And for the first time, the tour features an urban farm plus a 5-star home on the property that is managed under the guiding principles of sustainability. This year three houses are designed and built as net-zero energy homes that are connected to the electric grid, but designed and built to generate as much energy as they consume. In Austin that means building an extremely efficient home with a solar photovoltaic (PV) array sized to match the residents’ energy use. Please enjoy the Cool House Tour and learn from the homeowners and professionals dedicated to the design and construction of sustainable, comfortable and efficient homes.

Warm regards,

Lucy Stolzenburg

Executive Director, Texas Solar Energy Society

GUIDELINES »» Each visitor must have a guidebook to enter a home. Children 12 and under may attend for free. »» The map is meant to be a general overview. Read specific directions carefully for the sites you choose and please note if there are special parking instructions. »» Please be careful to avoid blocking neighbors’ driveways. »» Be ready to take off your shoes or wear booties that we will provide at the homes.

»» Please be respectful and refrain from taking photos. »» Bring a water bottle. It’s Texas; it’s June; you know it will be hot. »» Please respect the privacy of our generous homeowners and visit only during the public tour hours of 10:00 am-6:00 pm on Sunday, June 8. »» Have a good time and let us know what you learn.

Photo Credits: Photography of homes: Thomas McConnell Photography www.mcconnellphoto.net Wayne Jeansonne: pg. 7 | Casey Dunn: pgs. 11 12

LOCATOR MAP p g . 5 | 13001 Trail Driver Street | 78737 p g . 7 | 4221 Bliss Spillar Road | 78652 p g . 9 | 1702 South 6th Street | 78704 p g . 1 1 | 3201 Bee Cave Road | 78746 (Shuttle) p g . 1 3 | 1354 The High Rd, 78746 p g . 1 5 | 1804 Lakeshore Drive | 78746 p g . 1 7 | 3501 River Road | 78703 p g . 1 9 | 5604 Jeff Davis | 78756 pg. 05

p g . 21 | 1208-1220 Paul Teresa S alda単a Street | 78702 p g . 23 | 3300 Govalle Avenue | 78702 p g . 25 | 6111 Langham Street | 78741

Plan your own tour! You may visit the homes in any order you wish.

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NATIVE Lloyd Lee | www.buildnative.com | 512-855-BL D - N AT I V E 13001 Trail Driver Street | Austin , TX 78737

THIS HILL COUNTRY HOME WAS DESIGNED to blend into the natural environment. Housing a family of five in a rural subdivision with a goal to be net-zero energy capable, the elements of passive solar design played a huge role before the technical systems were considered. Orientation with the long axis running east-west is a foundation of good passive solar planning. Deep porch overhangs, low southern windows and high northern windows are all properly sized for cross ventilation, natural daylighting and solar utilization.

G R E E N F E AT U RES: »» Low southern windows maximize solar heat gain in winter and overhangs minimize heat gain in summer »» Geothermal HVAC system uses water-filled pipes placed in the ground; ground heat is absorbed and sent to the house in winter and heat from the home is sent to the ground in summer; recovered heat is also sent to the hot water system »» Advanced thermostat can be accessed remotely with a mobile app and has energy-saving mode when owners are away »» 6 kW solar system integrates seamlessly with south-facing roof design »» LED lighting throughout home »» Induction cook top is faster and more energy efficient than traditional electric cooking range; induction effect does not directly heat the air around a pot, keeping the kitchen cooler »» Fireplace runs on bioethenol and requires no venting »» 30,000 gallon rainwater collection system is sole source of water for family of five »» Air-source heat pump water heater »» High efficiency water fixtures »» Master bathroom shower designed for accessibility (no curb). »» Dry creek created for storm water management

D I R EC T I O N S : From Hwy 290W and Hwy 71W in Oak Hill: West on Hwy 290W 5.5 mi, (R) on Fitzhugh Rd 3.1 mi, (L) on Trail Driver (Big Country sign), follow Cool House Tour signs

S P O N SO R S Kidd Roofing Randy Dorsey 512-671-7791 www.kiddroof.com


SOLLUNA BUILDERS Way ne Jeansonne and Mary Simon | www.sollunabuilders.com | 512- 8 0 4 -2 0 5 0 4221 Bliss Spillar Road | Manchaca , TX 78 652

B U I LT O N A LARGE WOODED TRACT, THIS home has the advantage of inclusion in a conservation easement managed by the Hill Country Conservancy. The process dovetails with Austin Energy Green Building requirements for sustainable design and construction by incorporating rigid land management criteria and construction specifications. The owners are sisters who have retired to a place of beauty and the home’s design accommodates a large living, dining and kitchen area flanked by separate private wings. Designed for enjoying now, this home allows for aging in place through room layout, accessible bathrooms, plentiful space for longterm guests and for future caretakers.

G R E E N F E AT U RES: »» Site preparations required for the conservation easement required tree identification and flora surveys, study of sink-holes, caves, underground drainage systems and siting the house and driveway to minimize disruption of the terrain while minimizing tree loss »» Metal roof adds durability, energy efficiency and beauty; solar tubes bring light into the home without adding heat gain »» Screened in porch catches the prevailing breeze, allowing for a comfortable outdoor living area while protecting the family room from direct sunlight »» Broad southern exposure accommodates 6.24 kW solar system »» 30,000 gallon rainwater collection system is the sole source of water for home »» Carefully planned plumbing runs and placement of hot water heaters conserve water »» Stained concrete floors reduce material costs, are petfriendly and easy to clean »» Wide doorways and easily accessed showers for aging in place »» Construction waste separated, recycled, mulched and given to contractors and neighbors (chicken coops) »» Winner of this year’s Home Builder’s Association MAX Award for “Best Green Home”

DIRECTIONS: Google maps leaves you short! From Brodie Ln. and FM 1626, (R) on 1626 for .6 mi, (R) at Bliss Spillar, 1.4 mi to intersection, look at signs, (R) turn keeps you on Bliss Spillar for another 1.6 mi, house is on left just past September Song Dr.

S P O N SO R S Select Home Design Debra Blessman 512-656-8519 debra@aselecthomedesign.com

BioTex Foam Insulation Dan Amon 512-657-5438 www.BioTex Foam.com

Innovative Water Solutions Chris Maxwell-Gaines 512-619-4519 www.watercache.com


LEGACY DCS Cass Brewer |www.legacydcs.com | 512-726 - 0 5 0 0 1702 South 6th Street | Austin, TX 7870 4

A NARROW LOT BORDERING WEST BOULDIN Creek, with a huge heritage tree, presented unique challenges that became this home’s greatest assets. The city required extensive engineering to ensure the creek was protected and the home’s foundation would hold in the event of an extreme storm water rise. The magnificent tree required protection because of its size and age. Ultimately, it took two years from “first-look to city approval” to begin construction, with the final project designed around and underneath the tree. The result is an urban home that has the look and feel of a nature retreat.

G R E E N F E AT U RES: »» Heritage tree and proper overhangs shade the home and maximize energy efficiency »» Tree coverage inspired a courtyard that expands the living area of this modestly-sized home, as does a back porch overlooking the creek »» Large windows face the creek to the west and are protected from excessive heat gain by awning »» Natural daylighting throughout »» High efficiency water fixtures, formaldehyde-free cabinets and adhesives, low VOC paints »» LED lighting in recessed cans and under counter lighting »» ENERGY STAR® rated appliances »» High efficiency water fixtures »» Showers designed for accessibility (no curbs) »» Adequate insulation allows owner the freedom to play drums on the second floor without the sound carrying to the rest of house »» Close proximity to shops, restaurants and urban core

DIRECTIONS: From Barton Springs Rd. and South 1st St.: South on South 1st .8mi, (R) on Annie St. .4 mi, (R) on South 6th

S P O N SO R S Hobbs’ Ink Custom Home Design Janet L. Hobbs 512-261-6226 hobbsink.com

Stan’s Heating & Air Conditioning Chris Strand 512-929-9393 www.StansAC.com

Lights Fantastic 7532 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78757 512-632-4769 www.lightsfantastic.com


FURMAN + KEIL ARCHITECTS Philip Keil | www.fkarchitects.net | 512- 479 - 41 0 0 West l a ke H i l l s

THE ECOLOGICAL GOALS OF THIS HOUSE went above and beyond the standards of Austin Energy Green Building. The owners are educators at the University of Texas at Austin, with one focusing on environmental health and healthy home interiors. The primary focus of this project was to push the limits of “healthy house” construction. Every product and material was carefully reviewed by the team for its effect on indoor air quality and environmental health. The finished home is energy efficient, low impact and a safe environment for generations to come.

G R E E N F E AT U RES: »» Long axis of home runs east-west to deter summer heat gain, deep overhangs shade all windows and screened porch protects the southwest exposure »» Rooms have significant daylighting and many have windows on two sides for balanced light and cross ventilation »» Geothermal HVAC uses circulating water-filled pipes placed in the ground; ground heat is absorbed and sent to the house in winter and heat from the home is sent to the ground in summer; any recovered heat is sent to the home’s hot water system »» Lumber locally sourced and interior beams and casework were from the deconstructed original home on the lot »» When possible, owners avoided the ”worst-in-class” chemicals, which are the most toxic or dangerous chemicals to human health in building products »» Airseal and blown-in-batt insulation was chosen over open-cell foam insulation to avoid the chemicals common to the foam expander »» Water supply is filtered prior to entering the home and certified to remove contaminants »» Garage is actually a garage-port with a latticed door to allow for ventilation. »» Green Builder Magazine and EcoHome Magazine acknowledged this home with awards for healthy house design

DIRECTIONS: The City of Westlake Hills requires us to shuttle you to this home. It will be a quick half mile ride from the parking lot of 3201 Bee Cave Rd., near the corner of Bee Cave Rd. and Walsh Tarlton, to the home.

S P O N SO R S Pilgrim Building Company Branson Fustes 512.707.0760 www.pilgrimbuilding.com

Ecowise Jim Holland 512-326-4474 www.ecowise.com

Native Lloyd Lee 855-BLD-NATIVE www.buildnative.com


IMAGES OF Elliot Johnson, Architect | www.imagesof.net | 512-327-3 032 1354 The High Road | Austin , TX 7874 6

MODELED ON THE LOOK OF AN ENGLISH castle, this home is proof that a net-zero energy residence need not conform to a particular style. Developed over a tenyear period, the owners chose a variety of sustainable design features that show that a larger home can still be green. The steep and difficult lot demanded a cascading design and ultimately worked for the owner/architect’s preferred home construction that features one room width, promoting natural lighting and ventilation. The unique details of this home abound with warmth and whimsy, maintaining the character of the owners while considering its environmental impact.

G R E E N F E AT U RES: »» Building envelope combines three techniques- 20” thick Cast Earth Walls constructed from limestone screenings and decomposed granite; 10” thick R-24 Perform Wall insulated concrete form (ICF); and conventional spray foam walls »» Two geothermal HVAC systems use water-filled pipes placed in the ground; ground heat is absorbed and sent to the house in winter and heat from the home is sent to the ground in summer; recovered heat is also sent to the hot water system »» Curious about solar thermal radiant heating, the owners experimented with a system in the Great Room »» Multitude of salvaged materials includes exterior French doors, interior doors, door hardware, cabinets, handrails and beams, many over 100 years old »» In addition to the passive design, three solar installations ensure the home produces as much energy as it consumes- thus net zero energy; The 18.4 kW system, installed over a 10-year period, shows that homeowners need not put all their desired panels up at once, and not all on the roof; Two recent ground mount installations totaling 15.4 kW utilized micro–inverters to accommodate potential shading »» 1,400 gallon rainwater collection system used for landscape irrigation »» All masonry/stone debris retained for fill material

DIRECTIONS: From Bee Cave Rd. and Westlake Dr.: North on Westlake 1.9 mi, Westlake takes a hard (R), continue on Westlake .3 mi, (L) at The High Rd .3 mi, stay to the (L) for another .6 mi. Park on The High Rd. or Paisano Rd. Enter home from Paisano Rd. Please note that the design of this home, following the natural terrain, means there are many steps to negotiate.

S P O N SO R S Metropolitan Custom Homes Keith Husbands 512.632.5859 www.MetropolitanCustomHomes.com

Native Lloyd Lee 855-BLD-NATIVE www.buildnative.com

Stan’s Heating & Air Conditioning Chris Strand 512-929-9393 www.StansAC.com


BLUE HORSE BUILDING Fred B allard |www.bluehorsebuilding.com | 512-26 4 -1 3 6 6 1804 Lakeshore Drive | Austin , TX 7874 6

THE OWNERS OF THIS HOME ARE VETERAN attendees of Cool House Tours past and their observations guided the decisions that resulted in this beautifully crafted home. Their former home of 17 years was on this same lot perched above Lake Austin, but it was a poor candidate for a remodel. The decision was made to dismantle the old home and use what they learned from Cool House Tours to make way for a smaller, efficient, stylish and healthy home. It blends into the neighborhood and blurs the barriers between the view and the natural style of the interior.

G R E E N F E AT U RES: »» Material from original house was re-purposed or recycled, existing trees and root systems protected »» Overhangs, porticos and exterior shades allow solar heat gain in cooler months and reduce solar heat gain in summer months »» Covered and uncovered outdoor living spaces take advantage of the prevailing breeze in summer and warm sun in cooler months »» Ample daylighting throughout »» Operable window placement low on shady sides and high in stairwell and upper clerestory windows draw heated air away from, and cooler air into, living areas »» Metal roof and gutter system plumbed and routed for future rainwater collection »» LED lighting throughout, hybrid air-source heat pump water heater, ENERGY STAR® appliances and high efficiency plumbing fixtures »» 6.48 kW photovoltaic system; garage pre-wired for future Level 2 electric vehicle charger »» Native landscaping with emphasis on drought tolerant plantings

D I R EC T I O N S : From Bee Cave Rd. and Westlake Dr.: North on Westlake 1.9 mi, Westlake takes a hard (R) and continues to wind to the (R) for .8 mi, Laguna Vista is straight ahead as Westlake takes a (L), go straight on Laguna Vista one block, (R) on Lakeshore Dr. You may park on Laguna Vista or Lakeshore Dr. Please be careful not to block neighbors’ driveways.

S P O N SO R S Furman + Keil Architects Philip Keil 512-479-4100 fkarchitects.net

Lighthouse Solar Stan Pipkin 512-476-5555 www.lighthousesolar.com


Barley | Pfeiffer Architecture Alan B arley and Peter P feiffer | www.barleypfeiffer.com | 512- 476 - 8 5 8 0 3501 River Road | Austin, TX 78703

THE PERSONAL HOME OF BARLEY | PFEIFFER Architecture partner, Peter Pfeiffer, was completed in 2002 for a family of seven. Solar passive design, the most basic principle of green building, laid the groundwork for this house. The result is proper site orientation, window layout, natural lighting, proper overhangs and natural ventilation. Over the years, the systems of the house have proven to be an ongoing laboratory for evolving technologies and lessons learned. Twelve years after earning a 5-star Austin Energy Green Building rating, this home is an example of thoughtful planning, comfortable spaces for a large family and tasteful styling.

G R E E N F E AT U RES: »» Design orients the long axis north-south, keeping east and west walls small; a screened porch catches prevailing breezes, while high north windows pull air up and draw breezes through the home »» The roofing system uses lath to raise the metal off the decking, promoting air circulation and reducing roof heat gain by as much as 50% compared to nailed asphalt shingle roofs »» Home was a test case for proper use of open and closed cell foam insulation and how best to integrate the foam with more standard insulating practices »» Reflective surfaces, a central stair shaft, light-colored paints and mildew-resistant metal soffits enhance natural lighting »» Pool provides a heat sink for the A/C system and was a proving ground to develop an efficient and reliable system that uses residential pools to work in tandem with the home’s heating and cooling »» 3,200 gallon rainwater collection system feeds pool and landscape »» Landscape has evolved over the years to include more native and xeric plants. »» 2.5 kW solar array, installed in 2004, was one of the first in Austin; early PV adopters paved the way for today’s systems, priced at one-quarter of the 2004 price tag

DIRECTIONS: From Mopac and Windsor Rd: West on Windsor .9 mi, (R) on Pecos .5 mi, (L) on River Rd

S P O N SO R S Oliver Custom Homes LLC Matt and Paul Oliver 512-250-5889 www.olivercustomhomes.com

Botanical Concerns LLC Annie Gillespie 512-276-0526 www.botanicalconcerns.com


RESTRUCTURE STUDIO Carina Coel | www.restructurestudio.com | 512- 6 89 - 6 6 8 4 5604 Jeff Davis Avenue| Austin , TX 7875 6

THE OWNERS OF THIS HOME WERE AN integral part of the design/build team, with a steady focus on a firm budget. They started the process by considering a remodel of their former home in another neighborhood, but foundation problems prevented a decent outcome at a reasonable cost. They found this lot with an older house, which they deconstructed. With a strict budget in mind, they took charge of the materials and product research to keep the building cost at approximately $125/square foot. The result is a home that’s twice the size of their former home but with a similar energy bill.

G R E E N F E AT U RES: »» Older home on lot was deconstructed with the materials reused and recycled; rock exterior became the new backyard patio »» Emphasis placed on large family and entertaining spaces, with smaller bedrooms »» Flooring is engineered wood, concrete and tile, all chosen for durability »» High windows in living spaces allow for daylighting but don’t require shades for privacy »» Operable window at top of three-story stairwell for stack ventilation »» 900 square feet of living space per ton of cooling »» LED fixtures used for all recessed lighting »» Screened porch facing west shades the living area »» Guest suite on second floor has separate stairway and entrance

D I R EC T I O N S : From Mopac and Northland (2222): East on Northland, which turns into Allendale, which turns into Koenig, for a total of 1.3 mi, (R) on Jeff Davis

SPONSORS Green Places, Inc., General Contractor Alejandro Ferdman 512-826-3060 www.greenplaces.com

The Light Bulb Shop 6318 Burnet Road, Austin, TX 78757 512-453-2852 www.lightbulbshop.net


GUADALUPE NEIGHBORHOOD DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Mark Rogers | www.guadalupendc.org | 512- 479 - 6275 1208-1220 Paul Teresa S alda単a Street | Austin, TX 78702

AU STIN HAS SE T AN AMBITIOUS GOA L FO R energy efficiency. All new single–family dwellings must be net-zero energy capable by 2015. The Guadalupe Neighborhood Development Corporation took on the challenge and the houses in this subdivision are the first 100% affordable, net-zero energy capable houses in Texas developed by a community-based nonprofit. The four duplexes on the tour are the first of 60 residences designed to produce as much energy as they consume. The duplexes are designed and built to be 50% more energy efficient than current code, utilizing both passive features, such as window placement and active features like solar panels for electricity generation. The 11-acre site is a former brownfield that required extensive remediation. The duplex units are currently rented to individuals and families with incomes less than 40% of the median family income. Note: To respect the privacy of its residents, viewing of the Guadalupe Saldaña duplexes will be from the outside only. Representatives from the organizations and professionals who made this neighborhood possible will be available to tell you more about the project. There is much to see in this remarkable neighborhood of net-zero energy capable homes.

G R E E N F E AT U RES: »» Duplexes are oriented 22 degrees west of south for solar access »» Each duplex has both solar thermal for hot water and solar PV for electricity »» Geothermal HVAC systems use water-filled pipes placed in the ground (three per building); ground heat is absorbed and sent to the units in winter and heat from the units is sent to the ground in summer »» Duplexes comply with ENERGY STAR® certification as required by Enterprise Green Communities criteria »» Low VOC sealants, adhesives, paints and stains »» High efficiency water fixtures »» First floor units have unstained concrete flooring; bamboo flooring, a renewable wood alternative, is installed in the second floor units »» All first floor units are handicap accessible

DIRECTIONS: Paul Teresa Saldaña Street is not in Google maps yet. Guide yourself to the corner of Tillery St. and Goodwin Ave. and look for signs. From IH-35 and E. 7th St.: East on E. 7th 1.5 mi to Pleasant Valley Rd., (L) .3 mi to Lyons, (R) .3 mi to Tillery, (L) to Goodwin .5 mi (R) on Goodwin. Take a walk! This neighborhood is .5 mi from 3300 Govalle Ave., the HausBar Farm. Go west to Tillery (L) to Govalle, (L) on Govalle

S P O N SO R S Austin Community Design and Development Center Michael Gatto 512-220-4254

Studio Momentum Architects, PC Travis G. Young, AIA 512-452-7961 www.studiomomentum.com

Greenbelt Solar Carey Ibrahimbegovic 512-750-7497 www.greenbeltsolar.com


TRUEHOME BUILDERS Shiloh Travis| www.truehomedesignbuild.com | 979 - 9 6 6 -7 1 26 3300 Govalle Avenue | Austin, TX 78702

FOUNDED IN 2009, THE OWNERS OF HausBar Farm wanted to grow vegetables, raise hens for eggs and raise and process chickens and rabbits for meat. The result is a 1.8 acre lot that formerly held three derelict houses, now transformed into a thriving urban farm that is a hub for community activity, a center for education and a source of local organic produce. The message is of sustainability from the farm’s design and building technology, living wages for workers, and ultimately the use of everything the farm produces. The 5-star Austin Energy Green Building rated main house is a reflection of the owners’ philosophy that where we live should be useful, enduring and beautiful.

G R E E N F E AT U RES: »» L-shaped main house includes outdoor education and entertaining area »» Home tucked into back of lot allows as much space as possible for the farm and also delineates private space from day-to-day farm operations »» Deep porch wraps completely around house creating a cool outdoor space while protecting the interior from heat gain »» 19 SEER HVAC system »» Showers, sinks and washing machine plumbed separately for future outdoor auxiliary water use »» LED lighting throughout »» 30,000 gallon rainwater collection system used to dripirrigate crops »» Aquaponic system combines conventional aquaculture (raising aquatic animals) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) »» A planned 22 kW solar pole barn, with solar panels as the roofing system, is expected to supply nearly all of the farm’s electricity needs and provide shade for animals »» HausBar Urban Farm GuestHaus, originally a bungalow in West Austin, was in poor condition and headed for demolition before the farm’s owners rescued and moved it to the present location at the front of the farm

DIRECTIONS: From IH-35 and E. 7th: Go east 1.5 mi, (L) on Pleasant Valley .3 mi, (R) on Lyons .3 mi, (L) on Tillery .3 mi, (R) on Govalle . Take a walk! This farm is .5 mi from 1208 Paul Teresa Saldaña: walk west to Tillery, (R) to Goodwin (R) to the Guadalupe Saldaña neighborhood

S P O N SO R S h+uo architects, LLP Tom Hatch, FAIA 512.474.8548 www.huoarchitects.com

Stan’s Heating & Air Conditioning Chris Strand 512-929-9393 www.StansAC.com

Innovative Water Solutions LLC Chris Maxwell-Gaines (512) 619-4519 www.watercache.com

HausBar Urban Farm GuestHaus Dorsey Barger 512-577-4731 hausbarfarms.com


TEXAS BLUEBONNET BUILDERS Chris Tomhave | www.buildblue.com| 512- 8 0 9 - 8 6 8 3 6111 Langham Street | Austin , TX 78741

WHAT STARTED AS A GOAL TO DOWNSIZE and remodel a home in east Austin became much more. The original plan was to simply renovate the existing 1940’s residence, but as the demolition began, the home displayed major defects. A decision was made to salvage any materials that could be reused and with that pivotal change, the owners tore down the pier and beam foundation and poured a new, engineered slab. The house that emerged is a 903-squarefoot, efficient green home that fits the owners’ personalities and Austin’s eclectic style. Utilizing every square foot, the design packs a powerful punch into a modest footprint.

G R E E N F E AT U RES: »» Urban infill project focused on the reuse of a neglected lot and structurally unsound residence »» Materials repurposed from the original house; wood floors became walls, salvaged wood became front porch soffits »» The roofing and siding systems utilized lath to raise the metal off sheathing, promoting air circulation »» Large glass doors facing south are shaded by covered porch to reduce heat gain »» Windows are positioned to provide natural daylighting throughout and promote the efficient use of cross breezes »» HVAC system located in the center of home to limit duct runs for efficiency »» Advanced thermostat can be accessed remotely with mobile app and has energy-saving mode when owners are away »» High efficiency water fixtures »» Modestly sized house requires little energy to heat and cool; demonstrates a home doesn’t have to be large to be comfortable

DIRECTIONS: From East Riverside Dr. and Montopolis Dr.: Go two blocks north on Montopolis, (L) on Langham St. From Airport Blvd. and E. 7th: Go south on Airport, cross the river and stay (R), follow signs to Montopolis Dr., 1.4 mi to Langham St, (R) on Langham

S P O N SO R S BioTex Foam Insulation Dan Amon 512-657-5438 www.BioTexFoam.com

TreeHouse-Smart Building. Better Living. 4477 South Lamar Blvd #600, 78745 512-861-0712 www.treehouseonline.com

Zen Properties Chris Tomhave Broker, 512-809-8683 John Plemmons, Agent 512-417-7253 www.512agent.com



NATIVE Lloyd Lee 855-BLD-NATIVE www.buildnative.com

IMAGES OF Elliot Johnson, AIA 512-327-3032 www.imagesof.net


CUSTOM DESIGN SERVICES Cammi Klier, CPBD/Ron Van Sickle, CPBD 512-330-9309 www.cdshomedesign.com

APC METAL WORKS Justin Wilder 512-524-5072 www.apcmetalworks.com

STUART SAMPLEY ARCHITECT 512-771-8856 www.stuartsampleyarchitect.com

AXIUM SOLAR Rusty Speed 972-633-8680 www.axiumsolar.com

TERRA SCENA Catherine Werth 512-963-8398 www.terrascena.com TEXAS SOLAR OUTFITTERS Garrett Gordy (713) 802-0223 www.texassolaroutfitters.com

SOLAR AUSTIN www.solaraustin.org

S P O N SO R S Margaret Andersen Graphic & Editorial Design 505-310-3932 www.margaretandersen.com

Aus-Tex Printing and Mailing Becky Harper 512-476-7581 www.austex.com

Julia Clark & Associates Certified Public Accountants 512-684-8410 www.juliaclarkcpa.com

Lincoln Property Company Bobbie Myers 512-322-3210 www.lpcaustin.com

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS T H E R E A R E SO MANY PEOPLE THAT MAKE THIS TOUR POSSIBLE. BACK IN N OV E M B E R I sat down with my colleagues at Austin Energy Green Building to begin planning this 8 hours of home viewing on a Sunday in June. Between that cold day and what will no doubt be a hot one, there are a multitude of folks who contributed to the tour. My deepest thanks goes to my colleague from AEGB, Bryan Bomer, who kept the process focused on the principles of green building and made me laugh every day. Brenda de la Garza, Jorge Alvarado and Molly Emerick guided the aesthetics for the print and digital world. Margaret Andersen, who has sadly left Austin, but happily to pursue school in Los Angeles, continues to fine-tune the design of our guidebook. Our selection committee- Tom Fitzpatrick, Nathan Doxey, Yvonne Hansen (a tour selector for all 18 years), Cammi Klier, Gary Citron (our baker fueling us on cold mornings) and Mary McLeod (retired from AEGB but not from the tour) – was again genuinely interested to see what the design and building community is creating to keep utility costs down and comfort levels up. Almost 70 volunteers recruited by the Texas Solar Energy Society will greet you outside these homes. Most of these folks have been Cool House Tour volunteers for years and I am always grateful for their willingness to help. The homeowners have made a commitment to green building and take it one step further by inviting you into their homes to share their knowledge. They and the professionals who collaborated on the homes are devoted to the idea that Texas need not bankrupt its natural resources in pursuit of comfortable living. Please thank them for their generosity. And thanks of course to you, for your curiosity about energy efficient design and building. We hope that the tour inspires you to follow in the path of the homes we have featured. The profits from this tour support the Texas Solar Energy Society, who’s mission is to educate citizens on the value of solar energy for their homes and in their communities, empower them to make informed decisions, and encourage them to connect with professional Texas solar businesses. Why green building? Because we owe it to Liam, Grant, Kaylee, Sydney and Berni, to ensure their homes are smarter and less expensive to operate and that their environment is clean, safe and beautiful.

Warm regards,

Lucy Stolzenburg

Executive Director, Texas Solar Energy Society

Take Action and Make Austin Greener! The City of Austin’s Office of Sustainability has launched a new mobile app to help anyone rethink their everyday habits and be more sustainable. Rethink/ is Austin’s own mobile app that keeps score of your eco-credibility in a fresh, easy, and intelligent way – and can save you an average of $200 a year. Rethink/ provides simple actions that make sustainability a priority. Each action is translated into the impact it can have to save money, energy, time, and resources. Embedded videos and URLs share localized DIY tips. Play with friends from Facebook and Twitter, climb the Leaderboard, fill your Trophy Case, and help the planet!

Small decisions can really add up if everyone takes part. Together, we can make Austin even greener and ensure a great quality of life for everyone!