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We a re JOY F UL and


in the world around us.

Maret’s youngest learners revel in the joys of learning and discovery. Our Lower

School spans kindergarten through fourth grade. It’s a safe,

supportive environment where children develop their talents, take guided risks, master academic fundamentals, and cultivate social awareness.


 L O W ER

We appreciate that children differ developmentally in these early years… …our small class sizes and activity-based program enable us to tailor our teaching accordingly. As a result, self-confidence is bolstered… students take pride in learning and accomplishments.

S C H O O L 

We welcome children with a range of talents and interests.

Each day is designed to stimulate creativity as well as critical thinking. Subject matter is integrated and sequenced. Classes evolve thoughtfully and key themes are continually reinforced.


“I’ve never worked so hard,

but I’ve never had so much fun. I am a teacher.

I a m M a r e T.”

Social knowledge is just as important as academic knowledge.

We nurture the understanding and appreciation of Maret’s core values:

Respect…integrity…the individual… connectedness…creativity…excellence… Community-building activities create a collaborative atmosphere that’s essential to learning and friendship.


 L O W ER S C H O O L 


Responsive Classroom • Play • HANDS ON • Discovery• Pumpkin Parade • Reading Buddies Experiential • Greek Play • Publishing PartY • ROY G BIV • full moon parties • FRIENDS FIRST


Middle Schoolers are

continually reinventing

themselves...sampling possibilities... ...wondering where they “fit in.�


 M I D D L E

We a re

S C H O O L 

Maret’s Middle School is a springboard for exploration… and a comfortable anchor to help keep young explorers grounded.


eager to explore

endless possibilities.


Independence —and the responsibility that comes with it— evolves over the course of Middle School. Whether choosing which foreign language to study, deciding between team sports, or picking extracurricular activities that may (or may not) be the perfect fit, our students are encouraged to take measured risk… …try something new… …and ask for help when they need it.

Academics become increasingly challenging as Middle School progresses. Students take on age-appropriate rigors in the classroom. They also assume the important job of being role models for lower school students.

ROBOTICS • House competitions • Latin • SOAP BOX DERBY • Advisors • Independence • Lockers • BAND • Self-Knowledge • Team Sports • VENTURE PROGRESS • ISW • Teamwork • Find Your Voice 8

explore, to try new things, to redefine myself.

I a m M a r e t.”

S C H O O L 

I am a student.

 M I D D L E

“Maret gives me the space to


Exploration is the byword of Maret’s Middle School. Between grades five and eight, students begin to explore the world off-campus. Service learning projects, field trips, and global education broaden the horizons of endlessly curious young people.


 M I D D L E

S C H O O L 


achievers, watch us soar!

We are


• Morning Meeting • Champions • Confidence • Debate Commitment • Passion • It’s Time to Shine • Graduation

S C H O O L 

• STRETCH • Engineering Team • Inquiry • Chinese •

 U P P ER

College Counseling • Musical • Leadership • AP EXAMS

By Upper School, Maret students are ready

to carve their own path. Through a rich blend of academics, arts, athletics, co-curricular and extracurricular options, students find the wherewithal to pursue their passions… …define their future… …and make their mark on campus, in the community, and beyond.


Classes in the Upper School are appropriately challenging; advanced and accelerated courses are the equivalent of college-level classes. Malone Online School classes and independent study are additional options available for the highly motivated student. Freshmen are empowered as they learn to self-advocate. Sophomores manage their course selection with the help of curriculum advisors. Juniors and seniors choose from a vast array of electives that span every discipline.


25 varsity and junior varsity after-school sports,

S C H O O L 

43 student-created/ student-led clubs,

 U P P ER

Our students stretch themselves in impressive ways.

myriad performance opportunities, in-depth community service commitments, and expanded summer travel options enrich the academic experience.

“My teachers see my potential —sometimes before I do— and challenge me to live up to it. They expect me to be the best I can possibly be. I am a student.

I a m M a r e t.” 15

Upper School students chart their course… Pursue their dreams… Fulfill their potential…

There is no end to their promise.


 U P P ER S C H O O L 

We are

making our mark on the world.

Our graduates leave Maret prepared for their next adventure. They are competent decision makers… …confident learners… …compassionate friends… …committed alumni… …and positive contributors to their communities. 17

Parents • Physicians • Educators • Journalists • Give Back • Lawyers • Consultants • Designers • Performers • Contributors • entrepreneurs • Civil Servants • Environmentalists • Activists • Thinkers • Make a Difference • Frogs for Life

“As adults, my class

continues to contribute a great deal to society with compassion and understanding for others. I am an alumnus.

I a m M a r e t.” 18

 A L U M N I I N W O R L D 

We’re even more proud of the choices they make as they mature. We’re excited to see them spread their wings.


We are proud of the colleges our graduates attend.

And we’re thrilled to welcome them back: …at homecomings… …as members of the Maret faculty and staff… …or as parents of the “next generation” of Frogs.

Ready. Set. GO! 19

Maret School 3000 Cathedral Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20008-3498 202.939.8814

MISSION Maret School galvanizes the intellectual, analytical, creative, and physical capabilities of our students and equips them to excel in future academic endeavors. We join with our parents to instill in each student the self-reliance and moral awareness to develop healthy personal relationships, work through challenges, and enjoy life. In a community that embraces different cultures, interests, perspectives, and talents, we prepare our students to become responsible, thoughtful, and well-informed adults who are able to play an active role in improving the world.

Maret is an accredited member of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and is a member of Independent Education and the Association of Independent Maryland Schools.

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