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awful awesome everything communication visual

Lee Crutchley

design is essential thoughtful beautiful

Gerry Villareal

order translation story voice expression


invention perfectionism ambitious new research

Julie Joilat

tension collaborative craft critical communication

Mark El-Khatib

passion stress love important tool

Frode Skaren

understanding detail clarity confidence communication

Kate Moross

bon sens critical sight precision imagination composition

Laurent Fetis

Graphic design is a lot of things. It is a language to communicate with and it has as many accents as there are graphic designers. It is a process and a result and an art form and a product - all at the same time. Graphic design is what it is : a lot of things.

Daniel Carlsten

music dance dependent autonomous everchanging

Karl Grandin

lighthearted emotional tactile experimental expressive

Harmen Liemburg

graphic design everything everywhere and everyday

Jack Crossing

precise multidisciplinary universal collaborative experimental

Jonathan Arena

aestheticized information for practical purpose

Paul Coors

What is graphic design?  
What is graphic design?  

Graphic designers share their thoughts with 5 words. What is graphic design?