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Juan Jos茅 Le贸n Romero: My experience in the Bilingual Section has been very beautiful because I have learned english and I have met very good people. Now, my brother is in the Bilingual Section and I hope that my brother will be as happy as me.

David Larra Rey: I have been in the English Bilingual Section only during a year, but I think that it has been a good experience. I have learnt a lot, I have had fun with my friends, and I will travel to London next week. I think that it is necesary to speak English to have a good job and to travel.

Nacho Galindo During this four years, I've met a lot of good classmates and I really have fun with all of them. Specially I will remember this year because I think it has been th best. In my opinion all of us are thinking that we don't want this year to end Thanks for everything!

David Galea I feel very well amd happy with these four years. This experience had been very wellamd important because I learnt a lot of english and I have met a lot of people.

Dario Albarran In these four year, I have lived a great experience. I made many good friends and also I learnt a lot of Enghish. I think that this experience help us for the future. And I won't forget this four years in my life.

Ana Isabel Mena Rodríguez 4ºESO A I think that my experience in the Bilingual Section is ones of my favourite memories. I have been in the bilingual section for four years and during these years I've learnt a lot of english and I've made a lot of friends. Paula Matías Roca. Well, my experience in the biligual section has been absolutly great! I really enjoyed this four years and I've learnt many important things in life. As I said yesterday, but it's true, of course French or Biology are important but I also learnt about friendship, how to be polite...

Irene Sierra Plaza This is a positive experience.

Marc MĂĄrquez MartĂ­n What can I say? Everything was good, well not good, everything was excellent. From the Bilingual Section I take 25 little people that I'll keep in my heart. Just to say that everything was perfect, wonderful, marvellous! Antonio Rodriguez Polo I'm going to talk of my bilingual section experiencesin these four years. I have got many friends these years. I'm very happy with my classmates and all my teachers.

Lara I think the Bilingual Section is very interesting, because we don't learn only things of the vocabulary and grammar, also things of maths and history and technology that they are importants. Laura C The first time when I arrived here I was only twelve years old. I didn't have any friend here but now I have my best friends. Irene My four years in the Bilingual Section have been a very good experience and I have the best classmates.

Jose Four years in the Bilingual Section is an amazing experience. I have learnt a lot of English. I have met person that they are funny, happy and wonderful people.

Maria The last four years in my life I stayed in the Bilingual Section of Universidad Laboral. It was a fantastic experience! RAQUEL In the future in my opinion this experience will help us to find a job, or when we would to visit another country and to comunicate to people from another place.

TERESA I have been with my friends in the Bilingual Section for four years. I'm very sad because I don't wont to separate them.

CORAL Oooh the bilingual section! My experience is so big and so beautiful. I met all my friends. They are very good person and I love them. In my opinion I said that we have learned a lot and we have had a very good experience. I can't say anything bad.

Gabriel MartĂ­n Alvarado. My Experience in the Bilingual Section has been very nice, because I have met new fantastic people and I have learned a lot. I am very happy of this section and I hope that it can continue in the future, because my experience has been perfect because of the people, teachers and the things I have learned. I want to say thanks to the teachers that helped us in the english lessons, like Gary and Ollie,because they are wonderful.

Luis Gonzรกlez Valle In the Biligual section I met new people and I made many friends. I was lucky because I knew other people in the class. Most of the teachers that I had in those yearswere very good. I think that I learned lot of things in those years.

Cristina Antequera Terrones: My experience in the bilingual section for one year was great . This year was funny and also was hard. Now I start new life , new projects and new studies but I will remember my year in the bilingual section with my fantastic classmates.

Monta単a Pardo Today, I feel happy and sad. I'm happy because these four years in the bilingual section were amazing, I'm also happy because I met very special classmates and also very special teachers. I think I have growm with the bilingue sectoon, every day I learnt samething new, every day I have noticed I have very special friend. Alicia Parra I think my experience in the bilingua section is good. I have learnt a lot of things and I know how to say a lot of thin in english. Apart from learning I have lived with the same people for four years, so from my point of view we are a big family.

Isabel Morรกn I think the bilingue section was a great experience because I met very good friends and IO have learnt a lot of new things. The next week, we are going to London, and I think it will be special days, the last special days with them.

My experience in the Bilingual Section has been fantastic. I would recomiend it because I have met native people like Oli, Nicole, Alice and this year I have met a very upbeat person, whose name is Gary, and he has helped us along all this year.

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