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Pride and Prejudice


This film tells us the story of five sisters of the Bennet family. The Bennet family consist of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet and their five daughters: Jane that who is the oldest sister, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia.

Mrs. Bennet sees marriage as the only hope for their daughters because when Mr. Bennet dies if her daughters are not married they will lose all the inheritance. One day Mrs. Bennet finds out that a rich and handsome man is in her village: Charles Bingley. Mr Bingley with his family will live near Mrs. Bennet’s home the next months so she expects to marry one of her daughters to Mr. Bingley. The following week, they will celebrate a dance whereeverybody from the village will go. There, Mr. Bingley goes with her sister and a very close friend: Fitzwilliam Darcy. Mr. Bingley dances with a lot of girls but he dances with a special one: Jane Bennet. And Elizabeth falls in love with Mr. Darcy but he doesn’t want to speak her because he says that she belongs to a lower social class. After that, Elizabeth is very offended and thinks he is proud. Later their cousin, Mr. Collins visits the Bennets because he wants to marry one of the Mr. Bennet’s daughters. He wants to marry Elizabeth but she refuses, angering her mother but pleasing her father. In another dance Mr. Darcy asks Elizabeth to dance with him and she accepts, but during the dance they have a conversation in which they speak with much sarcasm. After that, one day Mr. Darcy asks Elizabeth to marry him, but she refuses because she thinks that Mr. Darcy is a very proud person and a bad person because people tell her that he does bad things and he finishes the relationship between Jane and Mr. Bingley. Some days later, Mr. Darcy gives a letter to Elizabeth where he explains that he broke the relationship between Mr. Bingley and Jane because he doesn’t know if she really loves him. After she reads the letter, she knows that she loves him and she regrets rejecting him. Now, she knows that pride and prejudice made her make a bad decision. Then, Elizabeth goes to live with The Gardiner, her uncle and her aunt. While she is living with them, they go to Mr.

Darcy’s home and there we can see how Elizabeth remembers him and how she loves him. There she meets Mr. Darcy again and he is more friendly, more interesting. So one night her uncles and her go to Mr. Darcy’s home to have dinner. Some days later, Elizabeth returns home and she discovers that her sister Lydia is going to marry to a man that only wants her inheritance. Mr. Darcy pays to the man but nobody knows that, so the man will marry Lydia and this way they will look like a normal family. When Elizabeth discovers that, the way of thinking about Mr. Darcy changes. Now, she thinks Mr. Darcy is an excellent person and she notices that sometimes appearances are deceptive. So the second time that Mr. Darcy asks her if she wants to marry him, she answers with a huge yes. Also, Jane and Mr. Bingley married. Take care, prejudices are bad.

MAIN CHARACTERS. Elizabeth Bennet. She is the main character of the film. She is a woman that along the film discovers that prejudices are a bad choice for her future. Fitzwilliam Darcy. He is the other main character. At the beginning of the film, we can see Mr. Darcy like a shy and proud person, but really He isn’t. Really, he is a very special person. Mr. Bingley. He is a Mr. Darcy’s close friend and he falls in love with Jane Bennet. Sra. Bennet. She is Elizabeth’s mother. She is a cheerful woman. Sr. Bennet. He is Elizabeth’s father. He loves her daughters. Jane Bennett. Elizabeth’s sister. She is the oldest. Lydia Bennett. Elizabeth’s sister.

Sr. Collins. Elizabeth’s cousin. He has part of the inheritance of the Bennett family. Sra. Gardiner. She is Elizabeth’s aunt. She a very special woman for Elizabeth and she helps Elizabeth when she needs help.


Really T had never seen this kind of film before because it doesn’t attract me but this film is a bit different, I can say that it is special. During the film I didn’t understand many of the situations and dialogues, but now when I writing about it I can see that I learned one very important thing with this film: Sometimes nothing is like we want, but you can obtain what you propose if you forget your pride and yours prejudices.

Mª Montaña Pardo Barroso, 4ºA.

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE CHARACTERS: -Elizabeth Bennet: She is the protagonist of the novel and the second daughter of the Bennets. She is intelligent, pretty and witty, and she gets nicely with her older sister Jane, with whom she shares almost all her thoughts. She will fall in love with the rich and serious Mr. Darcy.

-Mr. Darcy: He is the other protagonist of the story, a wealthy, serious and unsociable man. At first he usually argues with Elizabeth Bennet, who doesn’t like him at all, but at the end they realize the love each other. -Jane Bennet: She is the eldest daughter of the Bennets, who is shy, reserved, pretty and kind. She falls in love with Mr. Bingley, Mr. Darcy’s friend. -Mr. Bennet: He is the father of the girls and Mrs. Bennets’s husband. He is clever, kind and loves his books. -Mrs. Bennet: She is the mother of the girls and she is obsessed with getting all her daughters married to a rich man.

-Mary, Kitty and Lydia Bennet: They are the other daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. They are all silly and they only want to flirt with rich men and soldiers, except Mary, who thinks she is very clever. -Mr. Bingley: He is a rich man and Mr. Darcy’s friend, who will marry Jane Bennet. -William Collins: Mr. Bennet’s cousin, he wants Elizabeth to marry him, but as she doesn’t want to, he finally marries Charlotte Lucas, Elizabeth’s friend.

PLOT: Elizabeth Bennet is the second of the five Mr. and Mrs. Bennet’s daughters. For her father she is the apple of his eye because of her intelligence and liveliness. One day, a young, rich and single man (Mr. Bingley) arrives to the city and all the women are awaiting for him, specially Mrs. Bennet, who only wants her daughters to marry a wealthy man. The girls get to know Mr. Bingley, who went there with his friend, Mr. Darcy, and who was nice. He immediately falls in love with Jane Bennet, Elizabeth older sister, who is pretty, calm and kind. On the contrary, people, specially Elizabeth, don’t really like Mr. Darcy, who is very proud and haughty, despite being richer than Mr. Bingley.

But later, when Elizabeth and Mr. Bingley get to know each other better, Elizabeth makes a good impression on him because of her intelligence, wittiness and her character, and she also starts feeling something for him, despite their first meeting wasn’t very nice. At the end, Mr. Darcy overcomes his pride and Elizabeth changes her prejudice about him, and they finally get engaged.

PERSONAL OPINION: In my opinion, Pride and Prejudice is such a good movie that represents perfectly the society of the 19 th century through a complicated but finally romantic story between the protagonist, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. I also think it is a funny movie because I really enjoyed how Mr. Bennet and her younger daughters are desperate for finding a husband. This was not the first time I watched the movie though, but I loved watching it again.

Silvia HernĂĄndez Valls, 4ÂşA


* Characters: * Elizabeth Bennet: She is the second of five sisters. She is intelligent and beautiful and finally she loves Mr. Darcy. * Mr. Darcy: He is very rich and important. He is very strange and dull and finally he loves Elizabeth Bennet too. * Mr. Bennet: He is Elizabeth's father. He is a very good person because he accepts Elizabeth's marriage. * Mrs. Bennet: She is Elizabeth's mother. She is very nervous all the time because she wants to marry her daughters. * Jane Bennet: She is the oldest sister. She is very beautiful ande she has blond hair. Finally, she marries to Mr. Bingley. * Mr. Bingley: He is Mr. Darcy's friend. He's a very good person and he has red hair. Friendly. he marries to Jane Bennet. * Mary Bennet: She is the third sister. She is very serious and ugly but she is very intelligent. * "Kitty" Bennet: She is the fourth sister. She retless but she is very happy and friendly. * Lydia Bennet: She is the youngest sister. Shelooks like her sister Kitty. Finally, she marries to Mr. Wickhan. * Mr. Wickham: He is a soldier . He is a very bad person but he marries to Lydia Bennet. * Mr. Collins: He is a relative of the Bennet family. He is a very strane person and he marries to Charlott

* Plot: Mrs. Bennet wants to marry her daughters and she is very nervous all the time and her husband ignores her. One day this family is going to a party. They dance and laugh but when the party is going very well, Mr. Darcy goes in the sitting room. Mr. Darcy is a very strange and dull person but he is very rich. Mr. Darcy has a friend, called Mr. Bingley, and a sister. When Elizabeth meets Mr. Darcy, he falls in love with her but she doesn´t love him. The next day, Mr. Collins arrives at Bennet´s house. He wants to get married to Jane Bennet but Mrs. Bennet doesn´t want because Jane is going to marry to Mr. Bingley. then, Mr. Collins wants to marry to Elizabeth but she refuses . Finally, Mr. Collins marries to Charlotte. Then, Elizabeth goes to Mr. Collins´s house and, in the afternoon, tHey visit a very important woman. Mr. Darcy is in the woman´s palace because he´s her nephew. Then

Mr.Darcy asks Elizabeth if she wants to marryto him but she says no. Lydia Bennet marries to Mr. Wickham but Mr, Darcy tells Elizabeth that this person is very bad. Finally Elizabeth marries to Mr. Darcy because her father accepts her marriage. * Personal Opinion: This film was very boring because it was a romantic film and I like action film but it was very good because it had importan actors. Juan José León, 4º A

“PRIDE AND PREJUDICE” “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife”, in that way starts the famous novel Pride and Prejudice written by Jane Austen. We have been watching the film based on the novel during three weeks before Easter. Pride and Prejudice shows the society in England (around 1830) and their lifestyles, which were based on, as the title says, prejudices and appearances.

PLOT: Elizabeth Bennet, “Lizzy”, lives in a country house with her four sisters; Jane, the oldest one, Mary, Kitty and Lydia, who are younger than Lizzy. The girls live with their old father, Mr. Bennet, an easy-going man who loves them, and with their mum, Mrs. Bennet, who is obsessed with getting an advantageous marriage for her daughters, because on Mr. Bennet’s death, and no having sons, their cousin William Collins will inherit the land and the house and this would leave the family destitute. The film starts when Lizzy gets home after a while walking, her mum and her little sisters are very excited because Mr. Bingley, a wealthy young gentleman from London, has just came to the city and he’s going to go to a public ball. Mrs. Bennet thinks that he is a very suitable match for any of her girls. So, the Bennet family goes to the ball, where they meet Mr. Bingley, his sister Caroline Bingley and his friend Mr. Darcy.

Miss Bingley and Mr. Darcy look pretentious, but Mr. Bingley starts talking to Jane and Elizabeth, he’s very friendly and he and Jane dance together twice. But Fitzwilliam Darcy doesn’t want to dance or talk to provincial girls and he refuses to dance with Elizabeth when Mr. Bingley proposes him. Lizzy hears it and she feels hurt, she likes debating and she’s outspoken, so, when she has got the opportunity she talks not very friendly to Mr. Darcy. A few days later Caroline Bingley invites Jane for dinner, but Miss Bennet gets a terrible cold and she has to spend the night there. Lizzy walks a long distance to take care of her sister. Both sisters spend two or three days there, while Jane is recovering herself and Lizzy shows her verbal skills with Caroline, the two of them know very well how to make sharp comments. Lizzy gets funny thinking that Mr. Darcy is badly impressed with her, but, actually, he isn’t at all. Then, Williams Collins, the Bennet’s cousin, comes to visit the Bennets. He is a really boring, dull and pompous man. He wants to find a wife among the sisters, so he asks Mrs. Bennet. She says happily that Elizbeth is available but she is going to get angry when her daughter refuses this marriage. The next morning, the Bennet family go to see a parade of the militia and the girls meet Wickham but when Darcy sees him, he and Mr. Bingley leave quickly with a estrange reaction. Lizzy asks Wickham what happens and he tells her that Darcy didn’t allow him to use the bequest Darcy’s father left him. She

believes his story and her opinion of Darcy gets worse. Suddenly Mr. Bingley disappears without giving any reasons and, although Jane is so sad, Lizzy encourages her saying that she has to go to London and find him. So Jane goes. While Jane is in London, Charlotte Lucas, Lizzy’s best friend, comes to visit her and she tells her that she’s engaged with Mr. Collins. A few weeks later, she invites Lizzy to visit her in her new house. There Mr. Collins takes them to visit Lady Catherine DeBourg, his patron a very wealthy aristocrat who is also Darcy’s aunt. During the dinner she meets Mr. Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam and Lady Cathering asks her about her family in a very arrogant way. When she talks to Colonel Fitzwilliam, he reveals her that it was Mr. Darcy who separated Mr. Bingley from Jane. Later, Darcy meets Elizabeth; he tells her that he loves her, that he doesn’t mind her inferior rank and he asks her to marry. She asks about his interference between her sister and his friend and about Wickham, he tries to explain Elizabeth his own reasons and talks to her rudely. Lizzy refuses to marry him because she’s upset and she thinks that Darcy is the proudest man in the whole world. At night Darcy gives her a letter, she says no word but she read the letter, where he tells her what actually happened to Wickham, the soldier was lying. Darcy also explains Lizzy that he separated Jane from Bingley because he thought it was the best.

When Lizzy returns home Jane tells her that she couldn’t find Bingley, Jane assures Lizzy that she has almost forgotten her feelings about Bingley, but she’s not convincing at all. But Lizzy doesn’t say anything about Darcy’s interference. Mr. And Mrs. Gardiner, Bennet girls’ uncle and aunt, are visiting them because they want to invite Lizzy to go on a travel, she accepts. In the travel they go to Pemberly, Elizabeth doesn’t want to go but her uncle tells her that Darcy won’t be there. The house is very big and majestic, richly decorated, but Lizzy is astonished when she sees the sculpture gallery and, while she hears the housekeeper telling about how generous and kind Mr. Darcy is, she’s shocked. She hears music and she sees a beautiful young girl playing the piano, suddenly Darcy gets into the room and he hugs his little sister, Georgiana. He sees Lizzy and she runs away, Darcy follows her and they talk in a kindly way for once. Darcy invites her and Mr. And Mrs. Gardiner to have dinner the next day, Lizzy receives a letter with news, Lydia has just run away with Mr. Wickham. Darcy promises Lizzy to solve the problem. Lydia and Mr. Wickham come and announce their engagement. Lydia is very careless and she says something that makes her sister think that Darcy paid a lot to Wickham. Darcy helps Bingley to propose Jane to marry him, and she happily accepts. Lizzy’s opinion of him has changed.

At night, when the whole family is sleeping somebody knocks on the door, it is Lady Catherine DeBourg. She wants to speak with Elizabeth alone. She tells her that she has always wanted Darcy to marry her daughter and not with a low-classy girl like her. Lizzy doesn’t say anything about that and tells Lady Catherine to leave the house. But she is happy because that visits means that Darcy is really interested in her. When Darcy asks her again to marry him, she happily accepts. So Darcy has to ask Mr. Bennet Lizzy’s hand in marriage. She says her father “I was wrong. I was entirely wrong bout him” and Mr. Bennet says “I could no have parted with you, my dear Lizzy, that anyone less worthy”.

Main Chracters:  Elizabeth Bennet: She is the second of the Bennet daughters and the main character. She is quite wise and outspoken so she enjoys showing her verbal skills. She’s twenty years old and she in the age of being married. She usually judges people very quickly as it

happens with Mr. Darcy, she based her judgements on the first impression, but while the story winds on she overcomes the prejudices that she represented in the novel. Fitzwilliam Darcy: He is a very wealthy gentleman unmarried, he’s not sociable because he hasn’t got skills to talk to people he doesn’t know well, so he creates bad impressions on people indeed. As Lizzy, while their lives go on and they meet, he overcomes his pride and he shows how actually he is. He’s well impressed with Elizabeth and, although her inferior social rank, he loves her and he achieves to be himself without appearances and prejudices. He represents the pride in the novel. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet: He is an easy-going old man, who gets funny watching his nervous wife and his two youngest daughters with their silly things. She is obsessed with getting a good marriage for her daughters, but she’s quite excitable. Jane, Mary, Kitty and Lydia: Jane is the oldest one, she’s very beautiful and shy, and she is in love with Mr. Bingley. Mary is very wise and she is not interested in men and silly things like her sisters Kitty and Lydia, who are very frivolous and they just want to catch a wealthy man. Mr. Bingley: He’s Darcy friend, he isn’t as wealthy as his friend but he is also very rich. He’s also friendly and kind and he doesn’t mind talking and meeting people that are

considered with an inferior rank, he loves Jane Bennet and they finally marry.  William Collins: He’s Mr. Bennet’s cousin and if his daughters don’t marry he will inherit everything. He is pompous and dull and he wants to marry a Bennet but he finally proposes to Charlotte Lucas.  Lady Catherine DeBourgh: she is Darcy’s aunt and Collins’ patron. She is a very proud woman who can’t stand to treat people from an inferior social rank. She doesn’t like Elizabeth.

Personal Opinion: I really enjoyed watching the film, I liked the dresses, the places where it was recorded, the actors and the dialogues, although sometimes I didn’t understand what they were saying, because I think it was a little bit difficult. I also liked the theme in the film, it is about how people treat each other depending on their social rank and it shows that the society worked based on prejudices, now it may sound quite stupid but at that time the appearances were too important in social life, everybody tried to look their best when actually they weren’t, and nowadays it might happen too. But it teaches us how we can overcome the pride and the prejudice, because these aren’t the most important things, love, friendship, family, wise … are more important.

This is one of the most famous novel in British literature because we can always learn something from it, I’m pretty sure that this story is timeless and Elizabeth and Darcy may always exist in different people.

Paula Matías, 4ºA


Characters... Elizabeth Bennet: She’s the main character of the film. She’s the second of the Bennet daughters, she’s beautiful, lively, attractive and clever, but sometimes she judges people with her first impression. When the film starts, her closest relationships are with her father and her sister Jane. As the film continues, her

relationship with Mr Darcy is better. They get married when they both overcome their faults. Mr Darcy: He’s also the main character of the film. He’s young, single; Mr Darcy is also the wealthy owner of the famous family state of Pembley. He’s handsome, tall and intelligent, but not very sociable. He’s very proud. Mr. Bennet: He’s a gentleman with five daughters. He wanted to see his five daughters married. Mrs. Bennet: She’s Mr. Bennet’s wife. She always advises her daughters to get married to a good and rich man. Jane Bennet: She’s Elizabeth’s older sister. She’s sweeter and shier than her, but not as clever as her. Mary Bennet: She’s Elizabeth’s sister. She’s always reading. “Kitty” Bennet: She’s Elizabeth’s sister. She’s very cheerful and is always smiling. Lydia Bennet: She’s the youngest sister. Charles Bingley: He’s a handsome and wealthy young gentleman. His very different from his friend Mr. Darcy. Caroline Bingley: She’s Charles’ sister William Collins: He’s a clergyman who only wants Mr Bennet’s heritage

Lady Catherine: She’s very wealthy and she’s in a high class.

Plot... Elizabeth Bennet who is an intelligent and independent young girl, lives in England with her four sisters, her father and her mother. When Mr. Darcy a handsome, rich and single man arrives to England, near the place where Bennets live, Mrs. Bennet immediately tries to get one of her daughters to marry him. Bingley is an appealing young man and immediately falls in love with Jane. It’s a difficult relationship,

because Jane and Bingley don’t express in public their mutual feelings. Meanwhile Mr. Darcy meets Elizabeth. At first Elizabeth Mr. Darcy and she refuses him as much as it is possible. Finally Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy overcome their faults and they get married with Elizabeth’s father’s permission.

Personal opinion... When you’re in love, does your mind control your heart or does your heart control your mind? I’ve always thought that the answer for this question was that your heart controls your mind, but after watching this film I realised that both answers are correct. The first when you “fall in love with” someone older/younger or more beautiful than you, your mind controls your right feelings, but you can see the other person’s faults. And the second answer is correct when you fall in love with someone like you, when you don’t really know much about him/her and you can’t see his/her faults, that’s because you’re blinded by love. I think the film teaches that you have to follow your feelings and not your thoughts. Marc Márquez Martín, 4ºA

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