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Ask a few people of the streets what they think about excessive sweating and they will probably tell you "hey everybody sweats". Which may be true, everybody does sweat but for people that suffer with sweating every day of their lives it can be a really big deal. OK so we all no that sweating is a normal action. when the body becomes to hot sweat glands release sweat which evaporates on the skin to cool it down. So it is normal to sweat when you exercise and it would be considered normal to sweat in a hot room with lots of clothes on. So what exactly is sweating to excess then? Well I would consider excessive sweating to be any type of sweating that is causing the person to become anxious and uncomfortable with the amount they are sweating and are unable to control it using normal methods. such as removing clothes if too hot or using normal deodorants. So what does cause this abnormal sweating, well it can be any number of things from stress and anxiety, side effects to various drugs, poor diet or any number of underlying health problems. The first thing i would recommend is a trip to your health care professional, you may not always get the answers you want regarding your sweating but at least they can check you over and make sure you haven't got any other health issues that may be causing your sweating. To control or stop your excessive sweating you need to get in to a good routine in a few areas of your life. first up your diet. You really need to try to avoid processed foods, refined sugars and eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Also drink plenty of water, you need to be hydrated. The next thing I would take a look at is a good deodorant. There are many little known super strong deodorants that work very well at eliminating excess sweating. i won't mention any particular brands here but do a Google search for strong deodorants and you will see there are a number to choose from. I have often said excessive sweating has a lot to do with mindset. Yes there may be physical reasons as to why your sweating so much but if you can control your mind towards your sweating you will be in good shape to help cure yourself. Excessive Sweating can quite literally take over your life. Whether its sweaty underarms you suffer with, sweaty feet or sweaty hands. Excessive sweating can destroy your self confidence and of course its a vicious circle with sweat, the more you try to stop sweating the more your thinking about sweating and the more you sweat. If you suffer from Excessive Sweating you will be conscious of what you wear all the time, no marl Grey tops for you just simple black or dark colors as not to show up the sweat. Its time to get your life back and put and end to Excessive Sweating for good. No more sweaty underarms, no more sweaty feet and no more sweaty handshakes with sweaty palms.

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