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POLITICS Spring 2020

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A Democratic Enlightenment

After Europe Ivan Krastev

January 2020 136pp 9780812252422 £16.99/$19.95 HB UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PRESS

The Reconciliation Image, Aesthetic Education, Possible Politics Morton Schoolman

Locating evidence of Americans grappling with their money in fiction, correspondence, newspapers, printed ephemera, government documents, legal cases, and even on the money itself, argues Americans, developed the ability to analyze the value of paper financial instruments, assess the strength of banking institutions, and track legislative changes that might alter the rules of currency circulation.

April 2020 336pp 1 illus. 9781478008033 £22.99/$27.95 PB 9781478007654 £90.00/$104.95 HB DUKE UNIVERSITY PRESS

Proposes aesthetic education through film as a way to redress the political violence inflicted on difference society constructs as its racialized, gendered, Semitic, and sexualized other.

Against Aesthetic Exceptionalism

American Political Development and the Trump Presidency

Arne De Boever

Forerunners: Ideas First June 2019 130pp 16 b&w illus. 9781517908348 £8.00/$10.00 PB UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA PRESS

Edited by Zachary Callen & Philip Rocco

American Governance: Politics, Policy, and Public Law April 2020 288pp 4 illus. 9780812252088 £47.00/$55.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PRESS

Describes the widespread belief that art and artists are exceptional. Challenges that belief by focusing on the sovereign artist as genius, as well as the original artwork as the foundation of the art market. Engages with sculpture, conceptual artwork, and painting by emerging and established artists. Excludes Japan & ANZ

Scholars in the research tradition of American political development (APD) explore how time and temporality have shaped the Trump presidency.

Beyond the Politics of the Closet

Black Gold and Blackmail

Gay Rights and the American State Since the 1970s Edited by Jonathan Bell

Oil and Great Power Politics Rosemary A. Kelanic

May 2020 248pp 4 b&w line drawings 9781501748295 £34.00/$39.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

January 2020 280pp 9780812251852 £43.00/$49.95 HB UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PRESS

Black Gold and Blackmail seeks to explain why great powers adopt such different strategies to protect their oil access from politically motivated disruptions. Rosemary A. Kelanic argues that two variables determine what strategy a great power will adopt. Excludes ANZ

Features essays by historians whose work on LGBT history delves into the decades between the mid-1970s and the millennium, a period in which the relationship between activist networks, the state, capitalism, and political parties became infinitely more complicated.


Brand New Nation

Canada and Ireland

Capitalist Dreams and Nationalist Designs in TwentyFirst-Century India Ravinder Kaur

A Political and Diplomatic History Philip J. Currie

April 2020 258pp 22 b&w photos 9780774863278 $89.95/£60.00 HB UBC PRESS

South Asia in Motion June 2020 328pp 9781503612594 £22.99/$28.00 PB 9781503612242 £77.00/$90.00 HB STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

This intriguing study examines the political relations between the two countries and sheds light on Ottawa’s responses to key developments such as Ireland’s neutrality in the Second World War, its unsettled relationship with the Commonwealth, and the always contentious issue of Irish unification. Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ

Brand New Nation reaches into the past and, inevitably, the future of the emergence of the BRICS nations as well as the fundamental shifts it has wrought in our understanding of the nationstate.

Canada on the United Nations Security Council

Cloud Ethics

Algorithms and the Attributes of Ourselves and Others Louise Amoore

A Small Power on a Large Stage Adam Chapnick

May 2020 248pp 27 illus. 9781478008316 £20.99/$25.95 PB 9781478007784 £86.00/$99.95 HB DUKE UNIVERSITY PRESS

February 2020 320pp 9780774861625 $37.95/£22.99 NIP UBC PRESS

Impeccably researched and clearly written, this is the definitive history of the Canadian experience on the world’s most powerful stage – the United Nations Security Council. Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ

Louise Amoore examines how machine learning algorithms are transforming the ethics and politics of contemporary society, proposing what she calls cloud ethics as a way to hold algorithms accountable by engaging with the social and technical conditions under which they emerge and operate.

Crimmigrant Nations

Crippling Leviathan

Resurgent Nationalism and the Closing of Borders Edited by Robert Koulish & Maartje van der Woude

March 2020 416pp 9780823287499 £27.99/$34.95 PB 9780823287482 £103.00/$125.00 HB FORDHAM UNIVERSITY PRESS

Examines the parallel rise of anti-immigrant sentiment and right-wing populism in both the United States and Europe to offer an unprecedented look at this issue on an international level.

How Foreign Subversion Weakens the State Melissa M. Lee

April 2020 256pp 12 maps, 17 charts 9781501748363 £34.00/$39.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

Policymakers worry that “ungoverned spaces” pose dangers to security and development. Why do such spaces exist beyond the authority of the state? In this shrewd book, Lee argues that foreign subversion undermines state authority and promotes ungoverned space. Excludes ANZ


Cultural Values in Political Economy

Defense Management Reform

Edited by J.P. Singh

How to Make the Pentagon Work Better and Cost Less Peter Levine

May 2020 272pp 9781503612693 £24.99/$30.00 PB 9781503612686 £77.00/$90.00 HB STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

March 2020 336pp 9781503611849 £28.99/$35.00 PB 9781503610460 £90.00/$105.00 HB STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

The backlash against globlalization and the rise of cultural anxiety has led to considerable re-think among social scientists. Provides multiple theoretical, historical, and methodological orientations to examine these issues. Addresses the rise of populism worldwide, Provides explanations that cover periods of both cultural turbulence and stability.

Addresses why the Pentagon continues to struggle to reduce waste and inefficiency. The heart of Defense Management Reform is three case studies covering civilian personnel, acquisitions, and financial management.

Derry City

Dynasties and Democracy

Memory and Political Struggle in Northern Ireland Margo Shea

The Inherited Incumbency Advantage in Japan Daniel M. Smith

June 2020 348pp 9780268107932 £42.00/$55.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME PRESS

Studies of the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center

Examines Catholic Derry from the turn of the twentieth century to the end of the 1960s and the start of the Troubles. Provides an account of the cultural, political, and social history using archival research, oral histories, landscape analysis, and public speeches; demonstrates how communities maintain their agency during political and cultural conflict.

March 2020 384pp 9781503613614 £24.99/$30.00 NIP STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

The presence of dynasties persists throughout the modern democratized world. Looks at the institutional change in Japan’s party system as a comparative model.

Elie Halevy

Ending Gender-Based Violence

Republican Liberalism Confronts the Era of Tyranny K. Steven Vincent

Justice and Community in South Africa Hannah E. Britton

Intellectual History of the Modern Age June 2020 368pp 7 illus. 9780812252033 £77.00/$89.95 HB UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PRESS

April 2020 232pp 9780252084966 £19.99/$24.95 PB 9780252043093 £91.00/$110.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS PRESS

In this densely contextualized biography, Vincent describes how Halevy, was also a persistent, acute, and increasingly anxious observer of society in a period defined by industrialization and imperialism and by what Halevy famously called the “era of tyrannies.”

Examines the reasons gendered violence persists in South Africa in relationship to social inequalities even after women assumed political power and inspired sweeping legislation aimed at advancing women’s rights and opportunities.



Fateful Decisions

Commodity, Corporation, and the Customary Edited by George Paul Meiu, Jean Comaroff & John L. Comaroff

Choices That Will Shape China’s Future Edited by Thomas Fingar & Jean C. Oi

Studies of the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center May 2020 472pp 9781503612228 £28.99/$35.00 PB 9781503611450 £90.00/$105.00 HB STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

Framing the Global July 2020 296pp 9780253047946 £33.00/$38.00 PB 9780253047922 £69.00/$80.00 HB INDIANA UNIVERSITY PRESS

Leading experts on China from a wide range of disciplines provide analyses of today’s most critical demographic, economic, social, political, and foreign policy challenges.

Ethnicity has become a potential resource to be tapped, generating new sources of profit and power, social behavior, and visions of the future.

Form and Event


Principles for an Interpretation of the Greek World Carlo Diano Translated by Timothy C. Campbell & Lia Turtas

Security Aesthetics and the Management of Life Edited by D. Asher Ghertner, Hudson McFann & Daniel M. Goldstein

Commonalities July 2020 144pp 9780823287925 £19.99/$25.00 PB 9780823287932 £74.00/$90.00 HB FORDHAM UNIVERSITY PRESS

Global Insecurities February 2020 312pp 36 illus. 9781478006909 £22.99/$27.95 PB 9781478006091 £90.00/$104.95 HB DUKE UNIVERSITY PRESS

In English for the first time, with a substantial introduction that situates the book in the genealogy of modern political philosophy.

Examines dimensions of security infrastructures and technology with studies from Jamaica and Jakarta to Colombia and the US-Mexico border.

Gender Differences in Public Opinion

Globalization and Liberalism

Values and Political Consequences Mary-Kate Lizotte

Montesquieu, Tocqueville, and Manent Trevor Shelley

March 2020 210pp 9781439916094 £21.99/$27.95 PB 9781439916087 £66.00/$79.50 HB TEMPLE UNIVERSITY PRESS

April 2020 326pp 9780268107291 £46.00/$60.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME PRESS

Through philosophical exegesis of great texts by Montesquieu, Tocqueville, and Manent, engages the topic of globalization. Defends the idea that at the heart of the human world is the antinomy of the universal and the particular.

Understanding gender differences on political issues has become critical. Assessing the gender gap in public support for policies through a values lens provides insight into American politics today. Excludes Asia Pacific


Good Reasons to Run

Governing the Social in Neoliberal Times

Women and Political Candidacy Edited by Shauna L. Shames, Rachel I. Bernhard, Mirya R. Holman & Dawn Langan Teele

Edited by Deborah R. Brock May 2020 328pp 9780774860918 £21.99/$35.95 NIP UBC PRESS

This accessible but theoretically sophisticated volume reveals how neoliberalism – as both an economic project and a broader political approach – has come to govern our daily lives, our understanding of the world we live in, and even how we think about ourselves.Inspired by Michel Foucault and other governmentality theorists. Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ

May 2020 334pp 9781439919569 £31.00/$37.95 PB 9781439919552 £91.00/$109.50 HB TEMPLE UNIVERSITY PRESS

A mix of scholars and practitioners, examine why women run, and do not run, for political office. Excludes Asia Pacific


How Ideas Shape Urban Political Development

Shifting Borders and Territorial Disputes Nadav G. Shelef

Edited by Richardson Dilworth & Timothy P.R. Weaver

July 2020 346pp 10 b&w halftones, 3 maps, 19 charts 9780801479922 £24.99/$29.95 PB 9780801453489 £99.00/$115.00 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

The City in the Twenty-First Century June 2019 328pp 9780812252255 £56.00 /$65.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PRESS

Addresses the acceptance or conflict of teritorial homelands.Nadav G. Shelef develops a theory of what homelands are that acknowledges both their importance in domestic and international politics and their change over time. Excludes ANZ

Argues that ideas have been the drivers of urban political development, with national and international examples. Compares the ways national urban policies have taken different shapes in countries such as Canada & the UK.


Identities and Interests

The Technologies and Politics of Justice Claims in Practice Ronald Niezen

Race, Ethnicity, and Affinity Voting Randy Besco

Stanford Studies in Human Rights July 2020 304pp 9781503612631 £22.99/$28.00 PB 9781503608894 £77.00/$90.00 HB STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

March 2020 240pp 29 tables, 19 charts 9780774838931 £21.99/$35.95 NIP UBC PRESS

Offers an entirely new perspective on the role of racial and ethnic identities in Canadian elections. Using a series of experiments, as well as candidate and census data, Randy Besco demonstrates that self-identification matters far more than self-interest, ideology, or policy.

Examines how new technologies interact with older models of rights claiming and communication, influencing and reshaping the modern-day pursuit of justice. Addresses how media, artificial intelligence, and digital forensics are reshaping advocacy and compliance.


Identity and Nationalism in Modern Argentina

Influx and Efflux

Writing Up with Walt Whitman Jane Bennett May 2020 224pp 33 color illus. 9781478008309 £20.99 /$25.95 PB 9781478007791 $86.00/$99.95 HB DUKE UNIVERSITY PRESS

Defending the True Nation Jeane DeLaney

June 2020 486pp 9780268107901 £35.00/$45.00 PB 9780268107895 £108.00 /$125.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME PRESS

Explores the question of human agency amidst a world teeming with powerful nonhuman influences. Borrowed from Whitman’s “Song of Myself,”the title refers to everyday movements whereby outside influences enter bodies, infuse and confuse their organization, and then exit, themselves having been transformed into something new.

Study explores the origins and development of Aregentina’s two forms of nationalism by linking nationalist thought to ongoing debates over Argentine identitiy. Demonstrates that national identitites are neither unitary nor immutable.

Korean Skilled Workers

Landscapes of Law

Toward a Labor Aristocracy Hyung-A Kim Series edited by Clark W. Sorensen

Practicing Sovereignty in Transnational Terrain

Edited by Carol J. Greenhouse & Christina L. Davis

Korean Studies of the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies May 2020 216pp 3 charts, 21 tables 9780295747217 £23.99/$30.00 PB 9780295747200 £79.00/$95.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS

June 2019 352pp 1 illus. 9780812252224 £56.00 /$65.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PRESS

Traces the theoretical implications generated by an understanding of transnational law that challenges the conventional separation of individual, community, society, national and international spaces.

Tells the transition of Korea’s first generation of skilled workers in the heavy and chemical industries sector into “labor aristocracy.”

Learning the Lessons of Modern War

Lessons from Walden

Thoreau and the Crisis of American Democracy Bob Pepperman Taylor

Edited by Thomas G. Mahnken

March 2020 240pp 9780268107338 £21.99/$29.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME PRESS

June 2020 344pp 9781503612501 £28.99/$35.00 PB 9781503612266 £90.00/$105.00 HB STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

Presents a wide-ranging inquiry into the nature and implications of Thoreau’s thought in Walden and Civil Disobedience. Bob Tayley lets all sides have their say, even as he persistently steers the discussion back to a nuanced reading of Thoreau's actual position.

Learning the Lessons of Modern War uses the study of the recent past to illuminate the future. More specifically, it examines the lessons of recent wars as a way of understanding continuity and change in the character and conduct of war.


Levinas’s Politics

Naked Agency

Justice, Mercy, Universality Annabel Herzog

Genital Cursing and Biopolitics in Africa Naminata Diabate

Haney Foundation Series February 2020 208pp 9780812251975 £47.00/$55.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PRESS

Theory in Forms March 2020 272pp 20 illus. 9781478006886 £21.99/$26.95 PB 9781478006152 £86.00/$99.95 HB DUKE UNIVERSITY PRESS

In Levinas’s Politics, Annabel Herzog argues that Levinas’s Talmudic readings embody a political pragmatism which complements, revises, and challenges the ethical analyses he offers in his phenomenological works. Confronts a major difficulty in Levinas’s philosophy: the relationship between ethics and politics.

Naminata Diabate explores how the deployment of defiant nakedness by mature women in Africa challenges longstanding assumptions about women’s political agency.

Natural Law and Human Rights


The Myths of Scarcity and Security That Haunt U.S. Energy Policy Robert Vitalis

Toward a Recovery of Practical Reason Pierre Manent Translated by Ralph C. Hancock Foreword by Daniel J. Mahoney

July 2020 240pp 9781503600904 £19.99/$24.00 HB STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

There is a conventional wisdom about oil—that the U.S. military presence in the Persian Gulf is what guarantees access to this strategic resource. Vitalis debunks the myths to reveal “oilcraft,” as a line of magical thinking closer to witchcraft than statecraft.

Catholic Ideas for a Secular World February 2020 132pp 9780268107215 £21.99/$29.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME PRESS

This first English translation of Manet’s book La loi naturelle et les droits de l’homme.

On Universals

Over the Horizon

Constructing and Deconstructing Community Étienne Balibar Translated by Joshua David Jordan

Time, Uncertainty, and the Rise of Great Powers David M. Edelstein March 2020 220pp 1 chart 9781501748455 £18.99/$22.95 NIP CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

Commonalities August 2020 160pp 9780823288557 £21.99/$28.00 PB 9780823288564 £79.00/$95.00 HB FORDHAM UNIVERSITY PRESS

Analyzes past rising powers in his search for answers that point the way forward for the USA as it strives to maintain control over its competitors. USA currently faces a dilemma regarding China over whether to embrace Builds on critiques of “univerasalism” and works to rescue and reinvent what universal means and competition or collaborate with its rivals for short term gains, letting them become more powerful. claims can offer for a revolutionary politics. Excludes ANZ


Overcoming Isolationism

Paleolithic Politics

The Human Community in Early Art Barry Cooper

Japan’s Leadership in East Asian Security Multilateralism Paul Midford

The Beginning and the Beyond of Politics April 2020 494pp 9780268107147 £35.00/$45.00 PB 9780268107130 £96.00/$125.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME PRESS

Studies in Asian Security May 2020 288pp 9781503611696 £65.00/$75.00 HB STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

This book asks why, in the wake of the Cold War, Japan suddenly reversed years of steadfast opposition to security cooperation with its neighbors.

Cooper is the first political scientist to propose new interpretations of some of the most famous extant Paleolithic art and artifacts, using his background in political theory and philosophical anthropology.

Permanent Revolution

Playing Politics with Natural Disaster

Reflections on Capitalism Wyatt Wells

Hurricane Agnes, the 1972 Election, and the Origins of FEMA Timothy W. Kneeland

March 2020 192pp 9781503612372 £11.99/$14.00 PB STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

Permanent Revolution concisely describes the development and workings of capitalism and its influence on the broader society. Wells examines the development of economic innovation, the role of financial markets, the business cycle, the ways markets operate, and the position of labor in capitalist economies, as well as the effects of capitalism on law, politics, religion, and even the arts.

April 2020 256pp 24 b&w halftones 9781501748530 £31.00/$36.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

Explains how the political decisions by local, state, and federal officials shaped state and national disaster policy and continues to hamper preparedness and response to this day. Excludes ANZ

Political Fallout

Political Ideology in Parties, Policy, and Civil Society

Nuclear Weapons Testing and the Making of a Global Environmental Crisis Toshihiro Higuchi

Interdisciplinary Insights Edited by David Laycock

April 2020 304pp 9781503612891 £22.99/$28.00 PB 9780804785945 £77.00/$90.00 HB STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

March 2020 234pp 2 charts 9780774861328 £22.99/$34.95 NIP UBC PRESS

Demonstrates that the reach and significance of political ideology can be most effectively understood by employing a multidisciplinary approach. Offers analyses that are simultaneously empirical and interpretive. Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ

Political Fallout is the story of one of the first human-driven, truly global environmental crises—radioactive fallout from nuclear weapons testing during the Cold War—and the international response.



Public Service and Good Governance for the Twenty-First Century

The Strange History of a Radical Idea Bradley C. S. Watson Foreword by Charles R. Kesler

Edited by James Perry Foreword by Paul A. Volcker

February 2020 260pp 9780268106973 £35.00/$45.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME PRESS

April 2019 312pp 7 illus. 9780812252088 £60.00 /$69.95 HB UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PRESS

Watson’s study of American progressivism as it formed in the twentieth century. Synthesizes the history of this idea and presents an intellectual history of American progressivism as a philosophical-political phenomenon.

Based on divergent two ideas - diminishing capacity for effective governance and expectations for reform - offers recommendations for bending the trajectories of governance capacity and reform expectations toward convergence.

Queer Palestine and the Empire of Critique

Refugee Law after 9/11

Sanctuary and Security in Canada and the United States Obiora Chinedu Okafor

Sa’ed Atshan

May 2020 304pp 9781503612396 £22.99/$28.00 PB 9781503609945 £77.00/$90.00 HB STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

March 2020 300pp 9780774861465 £60.00/$89.95 HB UBC PRESS

Queer Palestine and the Empire of Critique explores the necessity of connecting the struggles for Palestinian freedom with the struggle against homophobia. Sa’ed Atshan asks how transnational progressive social movements can balance struggles for liberation along more than one axis.

Shows that the Canadian refugee law regime reacted to 9/11 in much the same way as its US counterpart, and these similar reactions raise significant questions about security relativism and national self-image in the two countries.The first major study to compare changes made to Canadian and US refugee law. Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ

Regular Soldiers, Irregular War

Reimagining Democracy

Violence and Restraint in the Second Intifada Devorah S. Manekin

Lessons in Deliberative Democracy from the Irish Front Line David M. Farrell & Jane Suiter

August 2020 282pp 1 b&w line drawing, 1 map, 3 charts 9781501750434 £34.00/$39.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

Brown Democracy Medal September 2019 72pp 9781501749322 £7.99/$4.99 PB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

Presents a theoretical framework for understanding the various forms of behavior in which soldiers engage during counterinsurgency campaigns. Excludes ANZ

The Irish Citizens' Assembly Project has led to policy decisions, on abortion & marriage equality. Excludes ANZ


Reputation for Resolve

Rethinking the Spectacle

How Leaders Signal Determination in International Politics Danielle L. Lupton

Guy Debord, Radical Democracy, and the Digital Age Devin Penner

Cornell Studies in Security Affairs March 2020 270pp 2 b&w line

February 2020 252pp 9780774860512 £21.99/$35.95 NIP UBC PRESS

drawings, 5 charts 9781501747717 £43.00/$49.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

Re-examines the tension between spectacle and political agency using the ideas and practices of Debord and the Situationist International as a point of departure. Examines case studies for analysis. Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ

Takes a new approach to answering questions about nations’ reputations. Shifts the focus away from the reputations of countries and instead examines the reputations of individual leaders. Excludes ANZ

Rude Democracy

Send Lazarus

Civility and Incivility in American Politics Susan Herbst

Catholicism and the Crises of Neoliberalism Matthew T. Eggemeier & Peter Joseph Fritz

April 2020 220pp 9781439903360 £11.99/$14.95 PB TEMPLE UNIVERSITY PRESS

Catholic Practice in North America May 2020 288pp 9780823288007 £27.99/$35.00 PB 9780823288014 £103.00/$125.00 HB FORDHAM UNIVERSITY PRESS

In this 2010 edition, Herbst explores the ways we discuss public policy, how we treat each other as we do, and how we can create a more civil national culture. The author connects her book to our current highly contentious politics and what it means for the future of democratic argument. Excludes Asia Pacific

Theological critique of four neoliberal crises: environmental destruction, slum proliferation, mass incarceration, and mass deportation all while plumbing the sacrificial and racist depths of neoliberalism.

Shakespeare and Trump

Sovereign Necropolis

Jeffrey R. Wilson

The Politics of Death in SemiColonial Siam Trais Pearson

April 2020 232pp 9781439919422 £19.99/$25.00 PB TEMPLE UNIVERSITY PRESS

Should we draw an analogy between Shakespeare’s tyrants— Richard III, Julius Caesar, Macbeth, and King Lear—and Donald Trump? Jeffrey Wilson applies literary criticism to real life, examining plot, character, villainy, soliloquy, tragedy, myth, and metaphor to identify the formal features of the Trump phenomenon, and its hidden causes, structure, and meanings. Excludes Asia Pacific

March 2020 252pp 8 b&w halftones 9781501740152 £43.00/$49.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

Offers new insight into turn-of-the-century Thai history by disinterring the forgotten stories of those who died “unnatural deaths” during this period of semi-colonialism and the work of the Siamese state to assert their rights in a pluralistic legal arena. Excludes ANZ


Sovereignty Suspended

Taiwan in Dynamic Transition

Building the So-Called State Rebecca Bryant & Mete Hatay

Nation Building and Democratization Edited by Ryan Dunch & Ashley Esarey

The Ethnography of Political Violence June 2020 360pp 15 illus. 9780812252217 £60.00/$69.95 HB UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PRESS

March 2020 256pp 3 b&w illus., 5 charts, 6 tables 9780295746807 £23.99/$30.00 PB 9780295746821 £79.00/$95.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS

Sovereignty Suspended is based on more than two decades of ethnographic and archival research in one so-called aporetic state, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). It traces the process by which a “north” began to emerge as a tangible, separate, if unrecognized space after the island’s violent partition in 1974.

Provides an up-to-date assessment of contemporary Taiwan, highlighting emergent nationhood and its significance for world politics.

The Consequences of Humiliation

The Death of Asylum

Hidden Geographies of the Enforcement Archipelago

Anger and Status in World Politics Joslyn Barnhart

Alison Mountz

May 2020 280pp 6 b&w line drawings, 14 charts 9781501748042 £41.00/$47.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

Demonstrates a broader pattern: states that experience humiliating events are more likely to engage in international aggression aimed at restoring the state’s image. Excludes ANZ

April 2020 304pp 26 b&w photos 9780816697113 £22.99/$28.00 PB 9780816697106 £96.00/$112.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA PRESS

Investigates the global system of detention centers that imprison asylum seekers and conceal persistent human rights violations. Illustrates how authorities in the US, the EU, and Australia have created a new, shadowy geopolitical formation depriving migrants of basic human rights. Excludes Japan & ANZ

The Great Migration and the Democratic Party

Black Voters and the Realignment of American Politics in the 20th Century

Keneshia N. Grant

February 2020 202pp 9781439917466 £21.99/$27.95 PB 9781439917459 £62.00/$74.50 HB TEMPLE UNIVERSITY PRESS

Frames the Black migration as an important economic and social event that had serious consequences on American politics. Excludes Asia Pacific

The Heart of the Mission

Latino Art and Politics in San Francisco

Cary Cordova

May 2020 336pp 14 color, 65 b&w illus. 9780812224641 £22.99/$27.50 PB UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PRESS

First in-depth examination of the Latino arts renaissance in San Francisco’s Mission District in the latter 20th century. Cordova highlights the rise of a vibrant intellectual community grounded in avant-garde aesthetics and radical politics.


The Hypocritical Hegemon

The Last Years of Karl Marx

Lukas Hakelberg

Marcello Musto Translated by Patrick Camiller

How the United States Shapes Global Rules against Tax Evasion and Avoidance

An Intellectual Biography

Cornell Studies in Money March 2020 210pp 2 charts 9781501748011 £18.99/$22.95 PB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

June 2020 216pp 9781503612525 £17.99/$22.00 PB 9781503610583 £60.00/$70.00 HB STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

Takes a close look at how US domestic politics affects and determines the course of global tax policy. Examines the impact around the world. Excludes ANZ

Marcello Musto claims a renewed relevance for the late work of Marx, highlighting unpublished or previously neglected writings, many of which remain unavailable in English.

The Moral Triangle

The Motivation to Vote

Sa’ed Atshan & Katharina Galor

André Blais & Jean-François Daoust

Germans, Israelis, Palestinians

Explaining Electoral Participation

May 2020 272pp 35 illus. 9781478008378 £21.99/$26.95 PB 9781478007852 £86.00/$99.95 HB DUKE UNIVERSITY PRESS

Sa’ed Atshan and Katharina Galor draw on ethnographic fieldwork and interviews to explore the asymmetric relationships between Germans and Israeli and Palestinian immigrants in the context of official German policies, public discourse, and the impact of coming to terms with the past.

February 2020 156pp 14 charts, 20 tables 9780774862677 £50.00/$32.95 HB UBC PRESS

Provides an original and elegant model that explains why people vote, based on four factors: political interest, sense of civic duty, perceived importance of the election, and ease of voting. Important to understand decisions to vote or to abstain, especially when turnout is declining. Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ

The Myth of the Nuclear Revolution

The New NDP

Moderation, Modernization, and Political Marketing

Power Politics in the Atomic Age

David McGrane

Keir A. Lieber & Daryl G. Press

Cornell Studies in Security Affairs June 2020 184pp 3 maps, 5 charts 9781501749292 £24.99/$29.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

Communication, Strategy, and Politics October 2019 408pp 34 tables 9780774860468 £26.99/$44.95 PB UBC PRESS

Keir A. Lieber and Daryl G. Press tackle the central puzzle of the nuclear age: the persistence of intense geopolitical competition in the shadow of nuclear weapons. Excludes ANZ

The definitive account of the evolution of the New Democratic Party’s political marketing strategy in the early twenty-first century; provides lessons for progressive parties on how to win elections in the age of the internet. Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ


The Oil Wars Myth

The Picky Eagle

Emily Meierding

Richard W. Maass

Petroleum and the Causes of International Conflict

How Democracy and Xenophobia Limited U.S. Territorial Expansion

May 2020 256pp 5 maps 9781501748288 £34.00/$39.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

May 2020 308pp 1 map, 2 charts 9781501748752 £34.00/$39.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

The Picky Eagle explains why the United States stopped annexing territory by focusing on annexation’s domestic consequences, both political and normative. It describes how the US rejection of further annexations, despite its rising power, set the stage for twentieth-century efforts to outlaw conquest. Excludes ANZ

Do countries fight wars for oil? Given the resource’s exceptional military and economic importance, most people assume that states will do anything to obtain it. Challenging this conventional wisdom, The Oil Wars Myth reveals that countries do not launch major conflicts to acquire petroleum resources. Excludes ANZ

The Political Economy of Collective Action, Inequality, and Development

The Politics of the Opioid Epidemic

Edited by Susan L. Moffitt & Eric M. Patashnik

March 2020 224pp 9781478008736 £12.99/$16.00 PB DUKE UNIVERSITY PRESS

William D. Ferguson

May 2020 432pp 9781503604612 £65.00/$75.00 HB STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

In The Politics of the Opioid Epidemic, leading political scientists from diverse theoretical traditions provide new insights into the enduring features of American policy and practice that have influenced state-level and national responses to the ongoing opioid crisis.

This book examines how a society that is trapped in stagnation might initiate and sustain economic and political development. In this context, progress requires the reform of existing arrangements, along with the complementary evolution of informal institutions.

The Roots of Resilience

The Vanishing Tradition

Meredith L. Weiss

Edited by Paul Gottfried

Party Machines and Grassroots Politics in Southeast Asia

August 2020 288pp 9781501750045 £38.00/$43.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

Perspectives on American Conservatism

The Roots of Resilience examines governance from the ground up in the world’s two most enduring electoral authoritarian or “hybrid” regimes—regimes that blend politically liberal and authoritarian features to evade substantive democracy. Excludes ANZ

July 2020 240pp 9781501749858 £18.99/$22.95 PB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

This anthology provides a timely critical overview of the American conservative movement. The contributors take on subjects that other commentators have either not noticed or have been fearful to discuss. Excludes ANZ


These Islands Are Ours

Thinking with Balibar

Alexander Bukh

Edited by Ann Laura Stoler, Stathis Gourgouris & Jacques Lezra

The Social Construction of Territorial Disputes in Northeast Asia

A Lexicon of Conceptual Practice

Studies in Asian Security March 2020 232pp 9781503611894 £60.00/$70.00 HB STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

Idiom: Inventing Writing Theory July 2020 256pp 9780823288489 £27.99/$35.00 PB 9780823288519 £103.00/$125.00 HB FORDHAM UNIVERSITY PRESS

Focusing on non-state actors rather than political elites, Alexander Bukh explains how and why apparently inconsequential territories become central to national discourse in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.

The first sustained critical work on the French political philosopher Étienne Balibar, collects essays by 16 prominent philosophers, psychoanalysts, anthropologists, sociologists, and literary critics.

Violating Peace

Town Hall Meetings and the Death of Deliberation

Sex, Aid, and Peacekeeping

Jasmine-Kim Westendorf

March 2020 224pp 9781501748059 £24.99/$29.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

Jonathan Beecher Field

Forerunners: Ideas First September 2019 88pp 9781517908560 £8.00/$10.00 PB UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA PRESS

Traces the erosion of democratic norms in the US and the conditions that make it possible. Tracks the permutations of the town hall meeting from its original context as a form of democratic community governance into a format for presidential debates. Excludes Japan & ANZ

Investigates sexual misconduct by military peacekeepers and abuses perpetrated by civilian peacekeepers and non-UN civilian interveners. Based on extensive field research in Bosnia, Timor-Leste, and with the UN and humanitarian communities, she uncovers a brutal truth about peacebuilding. Excludes ANZ

Visualizing Fascism

Wageless Life

Edited by Julia Adeney Thomas & Geoff Eley

Ian G. R. Shaw & Marv Waterstone

The Twentieth-Century Rise of the Global Right February 2020 336pp 57 illus. 9781478003762 £22.99/$27.95 PB 9781478003120 £90.00/$104.95 HB DUKE UNIVERSITY PRESS

The contributors to Visualizing Fascism examine the imagery and visual rhetoric of interwar fascism in East Asia, southern Africa, and Europe to explore how fascism was visualized as a global and aesthetic phenomenon.

A Manifesto for a Future beyond Capitalism Forerunners: Ideas First December 2019 142pp 9781517909260 £7.99/$10.00 PB UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA PRESS

Draws up alternate ways to “make a living” beyond capitalism. Provides a manifesto for building a future beyond the toxic failures of latestage capitalism. Excludes Japan & ANZ


What’s Trending in Canadian Politics?

Understanding Transformations in Power, Media, and the Public Sphere

Edited by Mireille Lalancette, Vincent Raynauld & Erin Crandall

Communication, Strategy, and Politics January 2020 340pp 20 tables, 15 charts, 11 b&w photos 9780774861168 £21.99/$35.95 NIP UBC PRESS

Examines uses of digital media in politics. Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ

When There Was No Aid War and Peace in Somaliland

Sarah G. Phillips

March 2020 256pp 1 map 9781501747151 £31.00/$36.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

For all of the doubts raised about the effectiveness of international aid in advancing peace and development, there are few examples of developing countries that are even relatively untouched by it. Sarah G. Phillips’s When There Was No Aid offers us one such example. Excludes ANZ

Why Containment Works

World War II and the West It Wrought

Power, Proliferation, and Preventive War

Edited by Mark Brilliant & David M. Kennedy

Wallace J. Thies

Cornell Studies in Security Affairs June 2020 244pp 9781501749483 £43.00/$49.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

Examines the conduct of American foreign policy during and after the Cold War through the lens of applied policy analysis. Argues that the Bush Doctrine after 2002 was a theory of victory. Excludes ANZ

April 2020 272pp 9781503612877 £22.99/$28.00 PB 9781503611573 £77.00/$90.00 HB STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

Amidst robust economic growth in the post-war decades, Westerners made significant strides toward racial and gender equality, even as they struggled to manage the environmental consequences of their region’s surging vitality. Explores the lasting consequences of a pivotal chapter in U.S. history.

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