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Behind Closed Doors

Exporting Virtue?

The Law and Politics of Cabinet Secrecy Yan Campagnolo

China’s International Human Rights Activism in the Age of Xi Jinping Pitman B. Potter

October 2021 300pp 2 tables 9780774867085 £59.00/ $89.95 HB

Asia Pacific Legal Culture and Globaliza�on October 2021 268pp 9780774865562 £20.99/ $35.95 NIP


In an era where government transparency and accountability are considered fundamental values, does Cabinet secrecy s�ll have a place? Behind Closed Doors is the first comprehensive explora�on of the legal and poli�cal rules protec�ng the confiden�ality of collec�ve decision making at the highest execu�ve level of the Canadian state.


Examines China’s interna�onalizing of PRC human rights policy and prac�ce as an example of its interna�onal asser�veness, and considers the implica�ons. Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ

Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ

Law, Economics, and Conflict

No Legal Way Out

R v Ryan, Domestic Abuse, and the Defence of Duress Nadia Verrelli & Lori Chambers

Edited by Kaushik Basu & Robert C. Hockett August 2021 216pp 5 charts, 15 graphs 9781501754821 £20.99/ $27.95 PB 9781501759383 £92.00/ $115.00 HB

Landmark Cases in Canadian Law August 2021 192pp 9780774838092 £17.99/ $30.95 PB 9780774838085 £49.00/ $75.00 HB


Brings together interna�onal experts to offer new perspec�ves on how to take analy�c tools from the realm of academic research out into the real world to address pressing policy ques�ons.


An RCMP s�ng caught Nicole Doucet (Ryan) trying to hire a hitman to kill her ex-husband. It was supposed to be an open-and-shut case. It wasn’t. No Legal Way Out details the process, the media coverage, and the legal implica�ons of R v Ryan, all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ

Pack the Court!


August 2021 290pp 9781439921593 £26.99/ $34.95 PB 9781439921586 £88.00/ $110.50 HB

February 2022 304pp 15 b&w illus. 9781479811960 £14.99/ $18.95 NIP

A Defense of Supreme Court Expansion Stephen M. Feldman

Women in the Shadows of the Supreme Court Hannah Brenner Johnson & Renee Knake Jefferson NEW YORK UNIVERSITY PRESS


Award-winning scholars Jefferson and Johnson ingeniously weave together long-forgo�en materials from presiden�al libraries and private archives to reveal the inspiring and untold history of the women considered—but not selected—for the US Supreme Court. A must-read for those seeking posi�ons of power and for the powerful who select them.

The US Supreme Court has numbered nine jus�ces for the past 150 years. But the Democrats, controlling the House and Senate during the Biden presidency, could increase this number. Stephen Feldman makes the provoca�ve argument that the Democrats should pack the Court while they have the opportunity. Excludes Asia Pacific


Excludes SE Asia & ANZ

Social Security Disability Law and the American Labor Market

Tax and Time

On the Use and Misuse of Legal Imagination Anthony C. Infanti

Jon C. Dubin

January 2022 256pp 4 b&w illus. 9781479800346 £36.00/ $45.00 HB

September 2021 272pp 7 b&w illus. 9781479811014 £44.00/ $55.00 HB


Wri�ng with clarity and powerful insight, Infan� demonstrates how the tax laws have been used to imagina�vely manipulate �me in ways that perpetuate economic and social injus�ce. He asserts that this same imagina�ve power could be used to correct past injus�ces and help us work toward a be�er society.


Deploying his profound understanding of the Social Security Administra�on and Disability law and policy, Jon C. Dubin demys�fies the system, revealing how changes in the labor market have rendered some agency processes obsolete. He argues that the disability system should be “mended, not ended.”

Excludes SE Asia & ANZ

Excludes SE Asia & ANZ

Truth and Evidence

Fitting the Facts of Crime

NOMOS LXIV Edited by Melissa Schwartzberg & Philip Kitcher

An Invitation to Biopsychosocial Criminology Chad Posick, Michael Rocque & J.C. Barnes Foreword by John Braithwaite

NOMOS - American Society for Poli�cal and Legal Philosophy November 2021 240pp 9781479811595 £52.00/ $65.00 HB

December 2021 230pp 9781439919811 £22.99/ $29.95 PB 9781439919804 £79.00/ $99.50 HB


Truth and Evidence assembles a dis�nguished group of scholars to explore pressing ques�ons about the role of truth, evidence, and knowledge in government.


Applies a biopsychosocial lens to the "13 facts of crime" iden�fied by John Braithwaite, showing how biopsychosocial criminology can enrich our understanding of the field.

Excludes SE Asia & ANZ

Excludes Asia Pacific

Gangs on Trial

Ghost Criminology

Challenging Stereotypes and Demonization in the Courts John M. Hagedorn Foreword by Craig Haney

The Afterlife of Crime and Punishment Michael Fiddler, Theo Kindynis & Travis Linnemann

Studies in Transgression January 2022 246pp 9781439922316 £26.99/ $34.95 PB 9781439922309 £88.00/ $110.50 HB


Alterna�ve Criminology January 2022 384pp 22 b&w illus. 9781479842438 £26.99/ $35.00 PB 9781479885725 £79.00/ $99.00 HB

John Hagedorn has long been an expert witness in gang-related court cases. Here he draws on his decades of experience to illustrate how implicit bias o�en replaces evidence in such trials, and how the demoniza�on of gang members undermines jus�ce.

Spaces where violent crimes have occurred can o�en become forever changed, or “haunted,” in the public imagina�on. Explores the origins, theory, and methodology of ghost criminology.


Excludes Asia Pacific

Excludes SE Asia & ANZ


Halfway House

Latinas in the Criminal Justice System

Prisoner Reentry and the Shadow of Carceral Care Liam Martin

Victims, Targets, and Offenders Edited by Vera Lopez Edited by Lisa Pasko

Alterna�ve Criminology October 2021 256pp 8 b&w illus. 9781479800698 £20.99/ $28.00 PB 9781479800681 £71.00/ $89.00 HB

La�na/o Sociology September 2021 384pp 24 b&w illus. 9781479891962 £26.99/ $35.00 PB 9781479804634 £79.00/ $99.00 HB


Every year, roughly 650,000 people prepare to reenter society a�er being released from state and federal prisons. In Halfway House, Liam Mar�n shines a light on their difficult journeys, taking us behind the scenes at Bridge House, a residen�al reentry program in Boston, Massachuse�s.


Vera Lopez and Lisa Pasko assemble a group of dis�nguished scholars to provide a more complete, nuanced picture of La�nas as vic�ms, offenders, and targets of deporta�on.

Excludes SE Asia & ANZ

Excludes SE Asia & ANZ

On Gangs

Policing Bodies

Scott H. Decker, David C. Pyrooz & James A. Densley

Law, Sex Work, and Desire in Johannesburg I. India Thusi

January 2022 502pp 9781439920640 £40.00/ $49.95 PB 9781439920633 £111.00/ $139.50 HB

December 2021 232pp 9781503629745 £20.99/ $28.00 PB 9781503629226 £72.00/ $90.00 HB



An authorita�ve and sweeping tour of gang scholarship, On Gangs showcases the cri�cal evidence-based solu�ons in preven�on, enforcement, legisla�on, and interven�on. The authors seek to answer the ques�on: How do we effec�vely deal with gangs and gang membership?

Sex work occupies a legally gray space in Johannesburg, and police a�tudes towards it are inconsistent and largely unregulated. I. India Thusi’s ethnography considers how sex work is policed and how it should be policed—and exposes the limita�ons of dominant feminist arguments regarding the legal treatment of sex work.

Excludes Asia Pacific

Policing Protest

Taking Down Backpage

Global and Insurgent Legali�es August 2021 368pp 10 illus. 9781478011439 £21.99/ $28.95 PB 9781478010456 £84.00/ $104.95 HB

January 2022 192pp 8 b&w illus. 9781479803040 £17.99/ $22.95 HB

The Post-Democratic State and the Figure of Black Insurrection Paul A. Passavant

Fighting the World’s Largest Sex Trafficker Maggy Krell NEW YORK UNIVERSITY PRESS

For almost a decade, was the world’s largest sex trafficking opera�on, running thousands of lis�ngs adver�sing the sale of vulnerable young people for sex. In Taking Down Backpage, veteran California prosecutor Maggy Krell tells the gripping story of how she and her team prevailed against this sex trafficking monolith.


Paul A. Passavant explores how the policing of protest in the United States has become increasingly hos�le since the late 1990s, moving away from strategies that protect protestors toward militaris�c prac�ces designed to suppress legal protests.

Excludes SE Asia & ANZ


The Color of Crime, Third Edition

The War on Drugs

A History Edited by David Farber

Racial Hoaxes, White Crime, Media Messages, Police Violence, and Other Race-Based Harms Katheryn Russell-Brown November 2021 256pp 21 b&w illus. 9781479843152 £21.99/ $29.00 PB 9781479801749 £71.00/ $89.00 HB


Explores the tacit and subtle ways that crime is systema�cally linked to people of color. Heralded as path-breaking when it was first published in 1998, now more relevant than ever. Excludes SE Asia & ANZ

November 2021 368pp 4 b&w illus. 9781479811366 £22.99/ $30.00 PB 9781479811359 £71.00/ $89.00 HB


A rare mul�-faceted overview of the underground drug market, featuring historical and ethnographic accounts of illegal drug produc�on, distribu�on, and sales. The War on Drugs: A History examines how drug war policies contributed to the making of the carceral state, racial injus�ce, regulatory disasters, and a massive underground economy. Excludes SE Asia & ANZ

Critical Disaster Studies

human rights

Edited by Jacob A.C. Remes & Andy Horowitz

Article by Article

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights for a New Generation Johannes Morsink Pennsylvania Studies in Human Rights December 2021 280pp 9780812225037 £22.99/ $29.95 PB 9780812253504 £80.00/ $99.95 HB


A volume for a new genera�on of students and ac�vists, one that presents an account of the formula�on of each ar�cle in the UDHR.

Fighting Machines

Autonomous Weapons and Human Dignity Dan Saxon Pennsylvania Studies in Human Rights December 2021 304pp 9780812253559 £60.00/ $75.00 HB


Explores the rela�onship between lethal autonomous weapons (LAWS), the concept of human dignity, and interna�onal law. He argues that humans and LAWS must operate interdependently to ensure that human reasoning and judgment are available for cogni�ve func�ons be�er suited to persons than machines.

Cri�cal Studies in Risk and Disaster August 2021 304pp 10 illus. 9780812224825 £24.99/ $32.50 PB 9780812253245 £72.00/ $89.95 HB



Scholars from seven disciplines, whose work spans five con�nents, announce a new way of seeing disasters that is essen�al for making sense of our �me: cri�cal disaster studies. Cri�cal Disaster Studies strips away the technocra�c veneer that too o�en makes structural problems appear to be acute emergencies.

Power, Participation, and Private Regulatory Initiatives Human Rights Under Supply Chain Capitalism Edited by Daniel Brinks, Julia Dehm, Karen Engle & Kate Taylor Pennsylvania Studies in Human Rights September 2021 368pp 2 diagrams 9780812253313 £29.99/ $37.50 PB 9780812253214 £76.00/ $95.00 HB


Engages in theore�cal analysis and reflec�on on a variety of PRIs that may cer�fy that actors along the global supply chain conform to certain codes of 4 conduct.

The Changing Terrain of Religious Freedom

recent highlights

Edited by Heather J. Sharkey & Jeffrey Edward Green

A Constitution for the Living

Democracy, Ci�zenship, and Cons�tu�onalism September 2021 312pp 9780812253375 £44.00/ $55.00 HB


Beau Breslin

This volume offers theore�cal, historical, and legal perspec�ves on religious freedom, as an experience, value, and right. Drawing on examples from around the world, its essays show how the terrain of religious freedom has never been smooth and how in recent years the landscape of religious freedom has shi�ed.

Imagining How Five Generations of Americans Would Rewrite the Nation's Fundamental Law

April 2021 384pp 9780804776707 £20.99/ $28.00 HB


Breslin imagines how historical figures from 1787 to the present might have fashioned their par�cular genera�on’s Cons�tu�on.


Crime TV

Streaming Criminology in Popular Culture Edited by Jonathan A. Grubb & Chad Posick

How We Label and React to People on the Move Rebecca Hamlin May 2021 224pp 9781503627871 £18.99/ $25.00 PB 9781503610606 £68.00/ $85.00 HB

July 2021 384pp 9781479884971 £26.99/ $35.00 PB 9781479804368 £79.00/ $99.00 HB



The first in-depth explora�on of the persistence and pervasiveness of a dangerous legal fic�on about people who cross borders: the binary dis�nc�on between migrant and refugee. Rebecca Hamlin argues for a more equitable advocacy for all border crossers.

In Crime TV, Jonathan A. Grubb and Chad Posick bring together an eminent group of scholars to show us the ways in which crime—and the broader criminal jus�ce system—are depicted on television.

Evaluating Police Uses of Force

Right Here, Right Now

Seth W. Stoughton, Jeffrey J. Noble & Geoffrey P. Alpert

Life Stories from America's Death Row Edited by Lynden Harris

February 2021 256pp 12 b&w illus. 9781479810161 £18.99/ $25.00 PB 9781479814657 £48.00/ $60.00 HB

April 2021 272pp 9781478014119 £17.99/ $22.95 PB 9781478011972 £68.00/ $84.95 HB



Provides a cri�cal understanding and evalua�on of police tac�cs and the use of force. Addresses how society evaluates use-of-force incidents. Helps situate readers within broader conversa�ons about governmental accountability, the role that police play in modern society, and how officers should go about fulfilling their du�es.

Right Here, Right Now collects the powerful firstperson stories of dozens of men who are living on death row in the United States, offering a glimpse into the lives of some of the most marginalized people in America.

Excludes SE Asia & ANZ


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