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History Fall 2020

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A Colonial Affair

A View from Abroad

Commerce, Conversion, and Scandal in French India Danna Agmon

The Story of John and Abigail Adams in Europe Jeanne E. Abrams

September 2020 240pp 5 b&w halftones, 1 map 9781501752032 £15.99 / $19.95 PB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

January 2021 320pp 11 b&w illus. 9781479802876 £21.99 / $27.95 HB NEW YORK UNIVERSITY PRESS

Reveals the European travels of John and Abigail Adams and shines a new light on how the Adamses and their American contemporaries set about supplanting their British origins with a new American identity. Excludes SE Asia & ANZ

A gripping microhistory and vivid guide to the “Nayiniyappa Affair” in the French colony of Pondicherry, India. The portrayal of imperial sovereignty in France’s colonies as it played out in the life of one beleaguered family allows readers to witness interactions between colonial officials and locals.

A World at Sea

Alliance Rises in the West

Maritime Practices and Global History Edited by Lauren Benton & Nathan Perl-Rosenthal

Labor, Race, and Solidarity in Industrial California Charlotte K. Sunseri

The Early Modern Americas September 2020 280pp 12 illus. 9780812252415 £36.00 / $45.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PRESS

Historical Archaeology of the American West December 2020 180pp 30 photos, 6 illus., 4 maps, 6 tables 9780803299566 £50.00 / $60.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA PRESS

How the maritime world contributed to global transformations in the early modern world, from inventing knowledge-making practices to pioneering new ways of organizing labor to legal experiments that spanned land and sea.

Explores how pluralistic communities thrived in California’s mining hinterlans as immigrants and California Natives mobilized and mitigated power inequalities through their daily experiences.

American Catholic

An Empire Transformed

The Politics of Faith During the Cold War D. G. Hart

Remolding Bodies and Landscapes in the Restoration Atlantic Kate Luce Mulry

Religion and American Public Life October 2020 280pp 9781501700576 £23.99 / $29.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

Early American Places January 2021 344pp 17 b&w illus. 9781479895267 £27.99 / $35.00 HB NEW YORK UNIVERSITY PRESS

Follows the course of political conservatism from JFK, the first and only Roman Catholic President of the US, to George W. Bush, and describes the evolution of the Church and its influence on American politics—how two seemingly antagonistic ideological groups became so intertwined in a certain brand of politics.

Examines efforts to bring political order to the early modern English empire via projects of environmental improvement. Addresses ideas on the environment, governance, and public health. Excludes SE Asia & ANZ



Becoming Entitled

An Anti-Imperial Bestiary for Our Times Edited by Antoinette Burton & Renisa Mawani

Relief, Unemployment, and Reform during the Great Depression Abigail Trollinger

November 2020 216pp 26 illus. 9781478011286 £19.99 / $24.95 PB 9781478010234 £79.00 / $99.95 HB DUKE UNIVERSITY PRESS

September 2020 246pp 9781439919538 £24.99 / $32.95 PB 9781439919521 £83.00 / $104.50 HB TEMPLE UNIVERSITY PRESS

Analyzes twenty-six animals—from whales to platypuses— whose relationship to imperial authorities and settler colonists reveals how the presumed racial supremacy of European man underwrote the history of Western imperialism.

In the 1930s, the unemployed were organizing. Becoming Entitled chronicles the emergence of this worker entitlement and those who cultivated it, focusing on Chicago after the Progressive Era. Excludes Asia Pacific

Between Empire and Nation

Beyond Blue Skies

The Rocket Plane Programs That Led to the Space Age Chris Petty, Foreword by Dennis R. Jenkins

Muslim Reform in the Balkans Milena Methodieva

Stanford Studies on Central and Eastern Europe January 2021 352pp 9781503613379 £54.00 / $65.00 HB STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

Outward Odyssey: A People’s History of Spaceflight November 2020 416pp 30 photos, 2

illus. 9781496218766 £28.99 / $36.95 HB UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA PRESS

Between Empire and Nation tells the story of the transformation of the Muslim community in modern Bulgaria during a period of imperial dissolution, conflicting national and imperial enterprises, and the emergence of new national and ethnic identities.

During a thirty-year period after WWII, aviation experienced an era of progress that led the USA to the boundaries of outer space. Petty charts the triumphs and tragedies of the rocket-plane era.

Bowling for Communism

Captain Cook Rediscovered

Urban Ingenuity at the End of East Germany Andrew Demshuk

October 2020 272pp 40 b&w halftones, 1 map 9781501751660 £33.00 / $39.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

Illustrates how civic life functioned in Leipzig, East Germany, on the eve of the 1989 Revolution. Explores acts of “urban ingenuity” like local communist officials’ construction of a palatial bowling alley without Berlin’s knowledge.

Voyaging to the Icy Latitudes David L. Nicandri

September 2020 400pp 31 b&w photos 9780774862226 £29.99 / $45.00 HB UBC PRESS

This first modern study to focus on James Cook’s polar adventures, Captain Cook Rediscovered introduces an entirely new explorer who is more at home along the edge of the polar ice packs than the Pacific’s sandy beaches. Excludes SE Asia, Indian SC & ANZ


Caroline’s Dilemma

China and the End of Global Silver, 1873– 1937

A Colonial Inheritance Saga Bettina Bradbury

August 2020 352pp 9780774865319 £22.99 / $34.95 PB 9780774865609 £64.00 / $95.00 HB UBC PRESS

Austin Dean

Cornell Studies in Money November 2020 264pp 5 b&w halftones 9781501752407 £41.00 / $49.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

Pieced together from evidence in archives, newspapers, genealogical sites, legal records and old-fashioned legwork, Caroline’s Dilemma is an extraordinary book that sheds new light on the workings of colonial gender relationships and family lives that spanned the 19th century globe. Excludes SE Asia, Indian SC & ANZ

How officials, policymakers, bankers, merchants, academics, and journalists in China and around the world answered a simple question: how should China change its monetary system? Dean explains the end of the Silver Era in world history.

Civilizational Imperatives

Clipped Wings

The Rise and Fall of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) of World War II Molly Merryman

Americans, Moros, and the Colonial World Oliver Charbonneau

September 2020 264pp 9781479805785 £23.99 / $30.00 PB 9781479805761 £74.00 / $89.00 HB NEW YORK UNIVERSITY PRESS

The United States in the World September 2020 304pp 10 b&w

halftones, 3 maps 9781501750724 £37.00 / $45.00 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

Draws upon military documents, congressional records, and interviews with the women who served as WASPs during World War II to trace the history of the first women to fly military planes. Excludes SE Asia & ANZ

Reveals the little-known history of the United States’ colonization of the Philippines’ Muslim South in the early twentieth century.

Comrades Betrayed

Cry of Murder on Broadway

Jewish World War I Veterans under Hitler Michael Geheran

A Woman’s Ruin and Revenge in Old New York Julie Miller

Battlegrounds: Cornell Studies in Military History October 2020 312pp 22 b&w halftones, 1 map 9781501751011 £27.99 / $34.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

October 2020 270pp 21 b&w halftones, 1 map 9781501751486 £22.99 / $28.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

The story of servant Amelia Norman and her attack on wealthy merchant Henry Ballard. In one violent moment, she expressed all the anger that the women of the emerging movement for women’s rights would soon express in words.

Presents a major challenge to the prevailing view that Jewish veterans were left isolated by 1938. Many Jewish former combatants believed that Germany would never betray them. Nonetheless the Holocaust was a horrific reality.


Detestable and Wicked Arts

Diagnosing Dissent

Hysterics,Deserters, and Conscientious Objectors in Germany during World War One Rebecca Ayako Bennette

New England and Witchcraft in the Early Modern Atlantic World Paul B. Moyer

October 2020 294pp 19 b&w halftones, 6 maps, 1 chart 9781501751615 £23.99 / $29.95 PB 9781501751059 £95.00 / $115.00 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

October 2020 240pp 1 map 9781501751202 £33.00 / $39.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

Based on archival research that constitutes the largest study of psychiatric patient files from 1914 Focusing on witchcraft cases in New England circa to 1918, Diagnosing Dissent examines the 1640–1670, Moyer reveals ties between witchimportant space that wartime psychiatry hunting in the New and Old Worlds. provided soldiers expressing objection to the war.

Divine, Demonic, and Disordered

Emotional Landscapes

Love, Gender, and Migration Edited by Marcelo J. Borges, Sonia Cancian & Linda Reeder

Women without Men in Song Dynasty China Hsiao-wen Cheng

Studies of World Migrations January 2021 296pp 9780252085390 £22.99 / $30.00 PB 9780252043499 £88.00 / $110.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS PRESS

January 2021 272pp 3 b&w illus. 9780295748320 £22.99 / $30.00 NIP 9780295748313 £76.00 / $95.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON PRESS

Hsiao-wen Cheng considers accounts of “manless women,” many of which depict women who suffered from “enchantment disorder” or who engaged in “intercourse with ghosts”—conditions with specific symptoms and behavioral patterns.

Love and its attendant emotions spur migration and forge our response to migrants. This volume looks at the power of love, and the words used to express it, to explore the immigration experience. Excludes SE Asia, Indian SC & ANZ

Engaging the Evil Empire

Fascism and Antifascism since 1945

Edited by Mark Bray, Jessica Namakkal, Giulia Riccò & Eric Roubinek

Washington, Moscow, and the Beginning of the End of the Cold War Simon Miles

September 2020 198pp 15 illus. 9781478011576 £10.99 / $14.00 PB DUKE UNIVERSITY PRESS

October 2020 240pp 9781501751691 £27.99 / $34.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

Studies histories of fascism and antifascism after 1945 to show how fascist ideology continues to circulate and be opposed transnationally despite its supposed death at the end of World War II.

Tracking key events in US-Soviet relations between 1980-1985, Miles shows that covert engagement gave way to overt conversation as both superpowers decided that open diplomacy was the best means of furthering their goals.


From Raj to Republic

Heterosexual Histories

Edited by Rebecca L. Davis & Michele Mitchell

Sovereignty, Violence, and Democracy in India Sunil Purushotham

NYU Series in Social and Cultural Analysis February 2021 416pp 3 b&w illus. 9781479802289 £27.99 / $35.00 PB 9781479878079 £82.00 / $99.00 HB NEW YORK UNIVERSITY PRESS

South Asia in Motion January 2021 344pp 9781503614543 £21.99 / $28.00 PB 9781503613256 £74.00 / $90.00 HB STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

A history of heterosexuality in North America over four centuries. Constructs a new framework, insisting that not only sex but race, class, gender, age, and geography matter to its past. Excludes SE Asia & ANZ

A multifaceted history of sovereignty and democracy in India, linking the princely state of Hyderabad’s attempt to become an independent sovereign state, the partitioning of Punjab, and the communist-led revolutionary movement in the southern Indian region of Telangana.

History of the Congregation of Holy Cross

Hiding the Guillotine

Public Executions in France, 1870–1939 Emmanuel Taïeb, Translated by Sarah-Louise Raillard, Foreword by Mitchel P. Roth

James T. Connelly C.S.C.

December 2020 424pp 9780268108854 £37.00 / $49.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME PRESS

The book will interest C.S.C. members and historians of Catholic history. Anyone who wants to learn about the origins of the University of Notre Dame will want to read this definitive history of the Congregation.

November 2020 306pp 1 b&w line drawing, 3 graphs 9781501750946 £41.00 / $49.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

Exposes the rituals and the theatre of the death penalty. Tells us who watched, who participated, and who criticized (and ultimately brought an end to) a spectacle the state called “punishment”.

Hoarding Memory

Hybrid Anxieties

Covering the Wounds of the Algerian War Amy L. Hubbell

Queering the French-Algerian War and Its Postcolonial Legacies Christine Quinan

December 2020 192pp 8 figures 9781496214027 £41.00 / $50.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA PRESS

Expanding Frontiers: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality December 2020 282pp 6 photographs, 1 illus. 9781496224262 £23.99 / $30.00 PB 9781496206817 £82.00 / $99.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA PRESS

Analyzes the work of Algerianborn French creators, positioning hoarding as a theoretical framework to examine the productive and destructive nature of clinging to memory through their respective modes of expression.

Queer theory and postcolonial studies intersect in analysis of the intertwined aspects of identities and textual forms after the French-Algerian War.


In Good Faith

Indigenous Life around the Great Lakes

Arabic Translation and Translators in Early Modern Spain Claire M. Gilbert

War, Climate, and Culture Richard W. Edwards IV

Midwest Archaeological Perspectives September 2020 328pp 9780268108182 £27.99 / $35.00 PB UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME PRESS

October 2020 320pp 10 illus. 9780812252460 £58.00 / $69.95 HB UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PRESS

Edwards explores how the inhabitants of the western Great Lakes region responded to the challenges of climate change, social change, and the increasingly violent physical landscape. As a case study, Edwards focuses on a group living in the Koshkonong Locality in what is now southeastern Wisconsin.

Gilbert uses the notion of “fiduciary translation” to illuminate the ways in which Arabic-Spanish translators in early modern Spain made themselves indispensable for the administration of the empire, despite the animosity Arabic speakers faced in the age of the Inquisition.

Innocent Witnesses

Intoxicating Zion

Childhood Memories of World War II Marilyn Yalom, Foreword by Meg Waite Clayton

A Social History of Hashish in Mandatory Palestine and Israel Haggai Ram October 2020 272pp 9781503613911 £21.99 / $28.00 PB 9781503613263 £74.00 / $90.00 HB STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

January 2021 208pp 9781503613652 £18.99 / $24.00 HB STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

Intoxicating Zion is the first book to tell the story of hashish in Palestine/Israel. Trafficking, use, and regulation; race, gender, and class; colonialism and nation-building all weave together in Haggai Ram’s social history of the drug from the 1920s to the aftermath of the 1967 War.

In a book that will touch hearts and minds, acclaimed cultural historian Marilyn Yalom presents firsthand accounts of six witnesses to war, each offering lasting memories of how childhood trauma transforms lives.

Madam C. J. Walker’s Gospel of Giving

Making an Antislavery Nation

Black Women’s Philanthropy during Jim Crow Tyrone McKinley Freeman

Lincoln, Douglas, and the Battle over Freedom Graham A. Peck

New Black Studies Series October 2020 296pp 9780252085352 £18.99 / $24.95 PB 9780252043451 £88.00 / $110.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS PRESS

September 2020 280pp 9780252085567 £18.99 / $24.95 PB UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS PRESS

This sweeping narrative presents an original and compelling explanation for the triumph of the antislavery movement in the US prior to the Civil War. Peck shows how battles over slavery paved the way for freedom’s triumph in America. Excludes SE Asia, Indian SC & ANZ

Broadens our understanding of black women’s charitable giving and establishes Walker as a foremother of African American philanthropy. Excludes SE Asia, Indian SC & ANZ


March 1917

Mobilizing Black Germany

The Red Wheel, Node III, Book 1 Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Translated by Marian Schwartz

Afro-German Women and the Making of a Transnational Movement Tiffany N. Florvil

December 2020 296pp 9780252085413 £20.99 / $26.95 PB 9780252043512 £88.00 / $110.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS PRESS

The Center for Ethics and Culture Solzhenitsyn Series October 2020 688pp 9780268102661 £22.99 / $29.00 NIP UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME PRESS

A rare in-depth look at how queer and straight women shaped the Black German movement in the 1980s and 1990s. Excludes SE Asia, Indian SC & ANZ

Nobel Prize-winner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s epic work, published to commemorate the centenary of the Russian Revolution.

Nature and Culture in the Early Modern Atlantic

Nested Nationalism

Making and Unmaking Nations in the Soviet Caucasus Krista A. Goff

Peter C. Mancall

January 2021 306pp 20 b&w halftones 9781501753275 £41.00 / $49.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

The Early Modern Americas October 2020 212pp 12 color, 51 b&w illus. 9780812224726 £18.99 / $24.95 PB UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PRESS

Drawing on extensive archival and oral history research conducted in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, Georgia, and Moscow, Goff argues that Soviet nationality policies produced recursive, nested relationships between majority and minority nationalisms and national identifications in the USSR.

Reveals how sixteenth-century Europeans and Native Americans devised ways to understand the environment. Drawing on manifold cultural artefacts, Mancall argues that human understanding of nature played a central role in the emergence of the modern world.

Nothing Happened

Occupied America

A History Susan A. Crane

British Military Rule and the Experience of Revolution Donald F. Johnson

January 2021 264pp 9781503613478 £21.99 / $28.00 HB STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

Crane moves effortlessly between different modes of seeing Nothing, drawing on visual analysis and cultural studies to suggest a new way of thinking about history. By remembering how Nothing happened, or how Nothing is the way it was, or how Nothing has changed, we can recover histories that were there all along.

Early American Studies October 2020 304pp 15 illus. 9780812252545 £26.99 / $34.95 HB UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PRESS

Donald F. Johnson chronicles the everyday lives of ordinary people living under British military occupation during the American Revolution. Focusing on port cities, Johnson recovers how Americans navigated dire hardships, balanced competing attempts to secure their loyalty, and in the end rejected restored royal rule.


Restitching Identities in Rural Sri Lanka

Rogue Revolutionaries

The Fight for Legitimacy in the Greater Caribbean Vanessa Mongey

Gender, Neoliberalism, and the Politics of Contentment Sandya Hewamanne

Early American Studies October 2020 288pp 10 illus. 9780812252552 £36.00 / $45.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PRESS

Contemporary Ethnography September 2020 224pp 9780812252408 £44.00 / $55.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PRESS

Vanessa Mongey revives a lost and fleeting world of cosmopolitan radicalism through the stories of Continuing her earlier work on women free“foreigners of desperate fortune” who sought to trade-zone factory workers in Sri Lanka, Sandya ignite revolutions and create their own Hewamanne here explores the ways in which these women negotiate their social and economic independent states. Their quest for recognition clashed with the growing power of nation-states lives once back in their villages. and a new international order.

Seeing Like a Child

Starring Women

Inheriting the Korean War Clara Han, Foreword by Richard Rechtman

Celebrity, Patriarchy, and American Theater, 1790-1850 Sara E. Lampert

Thinking from Elsewhere November 2020 208pp 9780823289462 £18.99 / $25.00 PB 9780823289455 £72.00 / $90.00 HB FORDHAM UNIVERSITY PRESS

Women, Gender, and Sexuality in American History October 2020 280pp 9780252043352 £88.00 / $110.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS PRESS

An utterly original and illuminating work that meets at the crossroads of autobiography and ethnography to reexamine violence and memory through the eyes of a child.

Examines the lives and careers of overlooked figures whose work in melodrama, ballet, and other stage shows excited audiences. Returns a generation of performers to their central place in the early history of American theater. Excludes SE Asia, Indian SC & ANZ

The American Museum of Natural History and How It Got That Way

The Greek Fire

American-Ottoman Relations and Democratic Fervor in the Age of Revolutions Maureen Connors Santelli

Colin Davey With Thomas A. Lesser, Foreword by Kermit Roosevelt, III

The United States in the World December 2020 264pp 7 b&w halftones, 1 map 9781501715785 £37.00 / $45.00 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

November 2020 278pp 9780823289639 £14.99 / $19.95 PB FORDHAM UNIVERSITY PRESS

The story of the building of the American Museum of Natural History involves American presidents, New York power brokers, museum presidents, planetarium directors, polar and African explorers, and German rocket scientists.

Analyzes the role of Americans in the Greek Revolution and the aftermath of US involvement. Shows how diplomacy developed at the same time as Americans were learning what it meant to be a country, and what that country stood for.


The Health of the Commonwealth

The Intimacies of Conflict

A Brief History of Medicine, Public Health, and Disease in Pennsylvania James E. Higgins

Cultural Memory and the Korean War Daniel Y. Kim

November 2020 336pp 17 b&w illus. 9781479805365 £22.99 / $29.00 PB 9781479800797 £74.00 / $89.00 HB NEW YORK UNIVERSITY PRESS

October 2020 140pp 9781932304695 £14.99 / $19.95 PB TEMPLE UNIVERSITY PRESS

A multidisciplinary analysis of the pivotal, often overlooked consequences of the Korean War in both domestic and transnational histories of race. Excludes SE Asia & ANZ

Higgins places Pennsylvania’s unique contribution to the history of public health and medicine in a larger narrative of health and disease throughout the US and the world. Excludes Asia Pacific

The Labor Board Crew

The Politics of Veteran Benefits in the Twentieth Century

Remaking Worker-Employer Relations from Pearl Harbor to the Reagan Era Ronald W. Schatz

A Comparative History Martin Crotty, Neil J. Diamant & Mark Edele

Working Class in American History January 2021 344pp 9780252085598 £22.99 / $29.95 PB 9780252043628 £100.00 / $125.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS PRESS

October 2020 248pp 9781501751639 £28.99 / $35.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

Examines veterans’ struggles for entitlements and benefits in the US, the UK, Japan, Taiwan, the Soviet Union, China, Germany, and Australia after both World Wars. Maps a research field with a future: comparative veteran studies.

The story of the team of young economists and lawyers whom George W. Taylor recruited to the National War Labor Board to resolve unionmanagement conflicts during World War II. Excludes SE Asia, Indian SC & ANZ

The Sultan’s Communists

The Things of Life

Materiality in Late Soviet Russia Alexey Golubev

Moroccan Jews and the Politics of Belonging Alma Heckman

December 2020 264pp 18 b&w halftones 9781501752889 £33.00 / $39.95 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

Stanford Studies in Jewish History and Culture November 2020 328pp 9781503613805 £54.00 / $65.00 HB STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

A social and cultural history of material objects and spaces during the late socialist era. It traces the biographies of Soviet things, examining how The history of Jewish radical involvement in the material world of the late Soviet period Morocco's national liberation project, examining how Moroccan Jews saw themselves participating influenced Soviet people’s gender roles, habitual choices, social trajectories, and imaginary as citizens in a newly-independent Morocco. aspirations.


The World Colonization Made

Translating the Occupation

The Racial Geography of Early American Empire Brandon Mills

The Japanese Invasion of China, 1931-45 Edited by Jonathan Henshaw, Craig A. Smith & Norman Smith

Early American Studies October 2020 288pp 7 illus. 9780812252507 £36.00 / $45.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PRESS

December 2020 292pp 24 colour photos, 3 maps, 3 tables 9780774864466 £44.00 / $65.00 HB UBC PRESS

Views the 1816 founding of African Colonization Society (ACS) as part of the colonization Translated texts from writers who lived through movement—an ideology offering Americans a the occupation enrich our understanding of what world of self-governing republics that harmonized Japanese invasion wrought on Chinese society. with the racialized political institutions at home. Excludes SE Asia, Indian SC & ANZ

Union Renegades

Upon the Altar of Work

Miners, Capitalism, and Organizing in the Gilded Age Dana M. Caldemeyer

Child Labor and the Rise of a New American Sectionalism Betsy Wood

Working Class in American History January 2021 256pp 9780252085406 £22.99 / $30.00 PB 9780252043505 £88.00 / $110.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS PRESS

In the late 19th century, Midwestern miners often had to decide whether to join a union. This book argues these workers were neither pro- nor antiunion, but acted according to what they believed would benefit them and their families. Excludes SE Asia, Indian SC & ANZ

Working Class in American History September 2020 256pp 9780252085345 £20.99 / $28.00 PB 9780252043444 £88.00 / $110.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS PRESS

Betsy Wood examines the evolution of ideas about child labor against the backdrop of broad developments related to slavery and emancipation, industrial capitalism, moral and social reform, and American politics and religion. Excludes SE Asia, Indian SC & ANZ

Urban Indians in a Silver City

Utopian Ruins

A Memorial Museum of the Mao Era Jie Li

Zacatecas, Mexico, 1546-1810 Dana Velasco Murillo

October 2020 328pp 9781503615021 £21.99 / $28.00 PB STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

Urban Indians in a Silver City illuminates the social footprint of colonial Mexico’s silver mining district. It reveals the men, women, children, and families that shaped indigenous society and shifts the view of indigenous peoples from mere laborers to settlers and vecinos (municipal residents).

Sinotheory December 2020 408pp 62 illus. 9781478011231 £23.99 / $29.95 PB 9781478010180 £91.00 / $109.95 HB DUKE UNIVERSITY PRESS

Traces the creation, preservation, and elision of memories about China’s Mao era by envisioning a virtual museum that reckons with both its utopian yearnings and cataclysmic reverberations.


West of Jim Crow

Witchcraft in Russia and Ukraine, 1000–1900

The Fight against California’s Color Line Lynn M. Hudson

September 2020 352pp 9780252085253 £18.99 / $24.95 PB 9780252043345 £100.00 / $125.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS PRESS

Deepens our understanding of the practices that African Americans in the West deployed to dismantle Jim Crow in the quest for civil rights prior to the 1960s. Rediscovers forgotten stories like the experimental all-black community of Allensworth. Excludes SE Asia, Indian SC & ANZ

A Sourcebook Edited by Valerie A. Kivelson & Christine D. Worobec

NIU Series in Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies November 2020 516pp 13 b&w halftones, 2 maps 9781501750656 £25.99 / $32.95 PB 9781501750649 £99.00 / $115.00 HB CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS

The first systematic overview of witchcraft laws and trials from medieval times to the late 1800s.

Workers against the City

World of Our Fathers

The Fight for Free Speech in Hague v. CIO Donald W. Rogers

Working Class in American History September 2020 280pp 9780252085369 £22.99 / $30.00 PB 9780252043468 £88.00 / $110.00 HB UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS PRESS

Draws on a wide range of archives and evidence to re-evaluate Hague v. CIO. Shows how the economic, political, and legal restructuring of the 1930s refined constitutional rights as much as the court case did. Excludes SE Asia, Indian SC & ANZ

The Journey of the East European Jews to America and the Life They Found and Made Irving Howe, Foreword by Morris Dickstein

NYU Classics October 2005 768pp 9780814736852 £24.99 / $32.00 PB NEW YORK UNIVERSITY PRESS

This classic of Jewish literature richly portrays the East European Jewish experience in New York, showing how immigrants tried to maintain their Yiddish culture while becoming American. Excludes SE Asia & ANZ


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History Fall 2020 Catalogue  

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