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Canadian Studies Spring 2021

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A Complex Exile

An Army of NeverEnding Strength

Homelessness and Social Exclusion in Canada Erin Dej

Reinforcing the Canadians in Northwest Europe, 1944–45 Arthur W. Gullachsen

May 2021 254pp 9780774865128 £20.99/ $35.95 NIP

Studies in Canadian Military History February 2021 256pp 10 photos, 1 map, 29 charts/diagrams, 22 tables 9780774864817 £59.00/ $89.95 HB


Challenges the medicaliza�on of homelessness, which emphasizes individual causes and solu�ons to homelessness, and argues that we must transform how we respond to homelessness in Canada.


This detailed analysis of how the Canadian Army sustained troop and equipment levels in Northwest Europe during 1944–45 demonstrates the vital importance of constant combat strength.

Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ

Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ

Bootstraps Need Boots

Canadian Foreign Policy

One Tory’s Lonely Fight to End Poverty in Canada Hugh Segal

Reflections on a Field in Transition Edited by Brian Bow & Andrea Lane

June 2020 216pp 29 b&w photos 9780774890465 £15.99/ $24.95 NIP


The C.D. Howe Series in Canadian Poli�cal History May 2021 312pp 5 charts, 4 tables 9780774863483 £22.99/ $37.95 NIP

In this deeply personal memoir, Hugh Segal looks back on a life that took him from childhood poverty to the heights of Canadian poli�cs and how these early experiences shaped his life-long advocacy for the poor.


Brings together leading scholars in a lively, engaging medita�on on the current state and future direc�on of the Canadian foreign policy discipline, and on how we see Canada in the world.

Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ

Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ

Demanding Equality

Portraits of Battle

One Hundred Years of Canadian Feminism Joan Sangster

Courage, Grief, and Strength in Canada's Great War Edited by Peter Farrugia & Evan J. Habkirk

June 2021 414pp 61 b&w photos, graphics, & cartoons 9780774866064 £28.99/ $45.00 HB

Studies in Canadian Military History March 2021 328pp 17 b&w photos, 10 maps, 2 tables 9780774864916 £59.00/ $89.95 HB


In a wide-ranging survey of Canadian feminism from the 1880s to the 1980s, Demanding Equality reveals a con�nuous, vibrant, and o�en conten�ous search for equality, autonomy, and dignity.


Combines biography and history to offer a nuanced perspec�ve on the complex legacy of the Great War, as told through the stories of those who served in the Canadian Expedi�onary Force.

Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ

Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ


Quietly Shrinking Cities

Rising Up

The Fight for Living Wage Work in Canada Edited by Bryan Evans, Carlo Fanelli & Tom McDowell

Canadian Urban Population Loss in an Age of Growth Maxwell Hartt April 2021 224pp 12 tables, 11 charts/ diagrams, 4 maps 9780774866163 £49.00/ $75.00 HB

March 2021 304pp 18 charts/diagrams, 14 tables 9780774864367 £59.00/ $89.95 HB



The first major study of its kind in Canada, examines the conceptual and empirical evolu�on of Canadian urban popula�on loss. Demonstrates that shrinking ci�es need to rethink their planning and development strategies in response to a new demographic reality.

Shows how living wage movements have transformed, or are campaigning to transform, labour policy in Canada and s�mulated broader public debate about income and social inequality. Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ

Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ

The Nuclear North

The Rowell-Sirois Commission and the Remaking of Canadian Federalism

Histories of Canada in the Atomic Age Edited by Susan Colbourn & Timothy Andrews Sayle

Robert Wardhaugh & Barry Ferguson

The C.D. Howe Series in Canadian Poli�cal History April 2021 266pp 9780774863988 £20.99/ $35.95 PB

The C.D. Howe Series in Canadian Poli�cal History March 2021 350pp 4 b&w photos, 3 b&w illus. 9780774865012 £28.99/ $45.00 HB


The Nuclear North inves�gates Canada’s place in the grey area between nuclear and non-nuclear and engages with much larger debates about na�onal iden�ty, Canadian foreign policy contradic�ons during the Cold War, and Canada’s global standing to inves�gate these cri�cal ques�ons.


Inves�gates the groundbreaking inquiry launched to reconstruct Canada’s federal system. Demonstrates that the commission’s innova�ve findings went on to shape policy and thinking about federalism for decades.

Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ

Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ

To Share, Not Surrender


Visual Culture at the Banff School of Fine Arts PearlAnn Reichwein & Karen Wall

Indigenous and Settler Visions of TreatyMaking in the Colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia

Edited by Peter Cook, Neil Vallance, John Sutton Lutz, Graham Brazier & Hamar Foster

April 2021 356pp 30 b&w photos 9780774864527 £22.99/ $37.95 PB


May 2021 330pp 27 b&w photos, 3 maps 9780774863827 £59.00/ $89.95 HB

The first major historical study of the Banff School of Fine Arts, reveals the founda�onal role of the school in shaping what is today the globally renowned Banff Centre for Arts and Crea�vity.


Presents mul�ple views and lived experience of the treaty-making process and its repercussions in the Colonies of Vancouver Island and Bri�sh Columbia, and publishes, for the first �me, the Vancouver Island Trea�es in First Na�ons languages.

Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ

Excludes SE Asia, Indian sc & ANZ