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Table of Content Introduction to National Congress, 2013 Special Event Agenda Packing List Receiption Accommodation Responsibilty Conference Team

Welcome Speech Organizing Committee President On behalf of Organizing Committee team, I am so honored to welcome you to National Congress in Cambodia, which will be held from January 27th - 30th January 2013. This year National Congress is expected to be the biggest conference participated by hundreds of AIESECers both locally and internationally with the main goals of inspiring delegates to take control over their development as influential leaders, to equip them with leadership and relevant skills, and most importantly to run the election of the new leaders of AIESEC Cambodia 13/14. We are looking forward to meeting you this January in Cambodia. Regards, Nou Srosleakena Organizing Committee President of AIESEC National Congress 2013, Cambodia

Welcome to AIESEC National Congress 2013, Cambodia AIESEC National Congress 2013 is the 2nd national conference of AIESEC Cambodia term 2012/2013, organized by AIESEC NUM and UP to promote impactful leadership roles and sustainable development amount members and youth in Cambodia alike.

Objectives To run the election of new leaders of AIESEC Cambodia in national level To encourage members to take up further roles for personal development as well as skills and professional development To allow members to know exactly the relevance of AIESEC to the external environment and be able to draw their next step in AIESEC in the coming term. To equip members with relevant skills such as sales, human resource management, marketing, event management and etc. for strong performance in upcoming tasks and roles.

Timeline 27th-30th, January 2013

Venue 7 Makara Hotel, Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia

Audience 150+ Local and International AIESECers

Special Events Day 0

Youth-Entrepreneurship-Society Forum 26th January, 8:00 to 11:30

Y-E-S Forum is bridge between Cambodian Students, Global youth leaders and leading corporations. This event aims  To raise high awareness the importance of AIESEC’s ASEAN 2015 relevance to Cambodia  To address the many contemporary issue we are facing and the needs of NGOs, Business, and Youth,  To reestablish that all of us have a responsibility to make the world a better place  To understand the challenges to make positive impact (from NGOs/Business/Youth)  To address why and how to strive to be a sustainable entity while leaving positive impact footprints “Why We Should Aim to Be In the Intersection of the Three Circles”

Day 0

Global Village th

26 January, 14:00 to 17:00 Global Village expressly delights Cambodian Students and Participants to explore and celebrate cross-culture. Participants will be able to discover cross-cultural, understand, experience other countries’ culture and exchange knowledge and experiences.


Day 1

27th January, 23:00 PM to 00:00 Each entity will form up a group of 5 delegations and compete in a drinking battle competition.

Day 2

Pool Party th

28 January, 23:00 to 00:00 It’s not just about an awesome Conference you could imagine, but it will be the most enjoyable experience. OC Team will prepare some game and music, all you need to do is bring the Light ON!!! Grab your beer and drink!!!

Day 3

Gala Night th

29 January, 20:00 to 00:00 The gala dinner will be an event for our delegates to dress up and present the best in them. The gala dinner will have numerous opportunities for our delegates to mix and mingle and will serve as a welcome change to the overall conference evening atmosphere and a fine way to wrap up most of the conference activities. There will be Mid-term awards, MCP announcement, multi-performances and alumnus reunion party. “Please wear formal suit to attend this event.”

MC 13/14 Team Election

Day 1-3

See the agenda for the detailed AIESEC in Cambodia will be going to our next MC Team election. This is the first time ever that the whole MCP and MCVP elections are take place in the same date and venue.


*Agenda is subject to change without notice.

*Agenda is subject to change without notice.

Reception Reception Service (Mainly International Delegates)

We have Tuk-Tuk to pick you up from the Phnom Penh International Airport to the pre-stay accommodation. (For only delegates who books pre-stay with us) We have 2 round of Airport pick for 2 days:  1:00 PM and 4:00 PM on 25th January 2013  1:00 PM and 4:00 PM on 26th January 2013 ***Tuk-Tuk fees will bear by delegate himself, It was not included in the delegate fees. For more information, please refer to or +85577676636

Pre-Stay Detail Pre-stay hostel would be prepared by OC Team which is near to the Airport. Each room can accommodate 4 people, and it cost 5USD each per night and Meal is not included. Departure to Conference Venue Delegates are required to gather at University of Puthisastra, on Sunday 27th January, 2013 by 5:30 AM in the morning at main entrance near France Culture Institute. ***The buses will leave at 6:00 AM without any delay. You will be responsible for your own transportation if you miss the bus.

Accommodation Responsibility 1. Delegates may use the swimming pool freely. 2. Delegates have the responsibility to pay for any extra charges for the use of any kind of room services (telephone calls, laundry, minibar...etc.). Please understand as this is not covered by the delegate fee. 3. Delegates have the responsibility to pay for any damages or loss that they have made for any equipment provided by the hotel. 4. The hotel and the Organizing Committee of NC „13 for AIESEC cannot be held liable for any loss of personal belongings. If you have any valuable belongings, we suggest you to keep with you at all times, otherwise the hotelâ€&#x;s safe or ask OC to safely keep it for you. 5. We advise you not to bring any outside guests into your rooms, as this is strictly against our policy and we cannot be responsible for any injuries, loss or damages.

Conference Team

Sokeang CHEA (aka. Sam)

Chansiela TEP

OCVP Delegation +855-70485752

OCVP Logistic +855-69387336

Kimhak KOU (aka. HP)

Srosleakena NOU (aka. NaNa)

Naihean HUO

OCVP Finance +855-69373742

Organizing Committee President +855-16810828

OCVP Promotion +855-98833023


Dararoth DOY (aka. RON)

OCVP ER +855-69373780

OCVP ER +855-69373586

There will be one more individual from Asia Pacific who will be our Chair, the one who lead the conference. We will announce this person later on the conference day.

2nd Delegate Booklet  
2nd Delegate Booklet  

Second Delegate Booklet