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Christopher J. Williams – The Philanthropist The Fresh Air Fund is a non-profit organization that enables underprivileged children ages six to eighteen in New York City experience rural or suburban life during the summer months. The organization has provided unforgettable summer experiences to over 1.7 million New York City youths. These children are selected to participate in the program based on their economic status with focus on providing them with opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise. Partnership with Children is another organization helping low income New York City children. Partnership is an academic based program that focuses on children most likely to fail or drop out of school. It strives to create safe, supportive environments conducive to learning. Christopher J. Williams is among the more active supporters and his support demonstrates an unwavering commitment to the success of New York City’s future generations. Mr. Williams’ focus on addressing the Wal-Mex bribery matter has not detracted from his longstanding support of the Fresh Air Fund. In fact, Janice Savin Williams, Christopher Williams’ wife, served on the board of directors for the Fresh Air Fund and is currently on the advisory board for Partnership with Children. The couple’s support of NYC children is dear to them, having two teenagers of their own. Aside from thousands of dollars in donations to these organizations, Christopher J. Williams has also volunteered his time and knowledge. He has held small workshops in his Park Avenue office for teenagers interested in the banking industry. While the Fresh Air Fund and Partnership with Children are notable organizations to support, the Williams Capital Group supports 40 additional charities as well. Christopher Williams is founder and CEO of Williams Capital Group, L.P. The company’s website lists each charity and states that it “is committed to being an integral member and force for positive change in our community.” The full list can be found at about-us/communitysupport.

Christopher J Williams - The Philanthropist  
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