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Did you KNOW that an empty home could be DENIED of an insurance claim if a casualty takes place?! It is the REALTORS® responsibility to know this and to tell their client before something happens! The Palace Guards is for you if you answer yes to any of the following questions:

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Need to sell a Vacant home? Relocating to a new place before your house sells? Need to close on your new place before your home sells? Need your home to have a lived-in look while you’re gone?

What The Palace Guards Provide

We offer a way for you to sell your home faster by keeping it lived-in even after you’ve moved to a new location. Our experienced representatives will keep your home occupied with a contracted Palace Guards Home Stager that is insured and will take care of your home until it sells. The Home Stagers will keep the home clean, keep fresh plants in the front entry and maintain the lawn. What’s more, they will fill the home up with furniture, achieving the lived-in look that’s necessary when selling your home for top-dollar.

The Palace Guards Benefits For REALTORS®

If you’re a Real Estate Agent, you will benefit by gaining a competitive edge on other similar homes by displaying the true value. Here’s more benefits. b Home is always ready for showing – 7 Days a week b Home can be shown on short notice. b Occupied homes result in faster sale and better sales price. b The Palace Guards assumes most minor repair and maintenance responsibilities.

Benefits for the Home Owner

The Home Stagers will help sell your home or condo up to 50% faster, achieving the best possible price at NO COST to the homeowner or REALTOR®! In fact, we cover most of the monthly expenses! We will furnish your home complete with a one of our approved Home Stagers. b The Home Stagers are selectively chosen, non-smoking professionals with no pets. b The Home Stagers are assisted by an interior decorator to achieve a “staged-home” look. b The Home Stagers will be inspected regularly to insure “Show to Sell” condition at all times. b The Home Stagers are insured. b Helps sell your home up to 50% faster. b Showings are never turned down. b Homes can be vacated on short notice b Home is less likely to be vandalized and insurable. b Reduce utility and maintenance expenses. b Insurance is much lower on occupied home. b You make a great impression to prospective buyers. b The Palace Guards’ home Stager pays the utilities.

Save Money With The Palace Guards

Not only can you sell your home faster, you can also save money on the monthly expenses associated with a vacant home.

The Palace Guards  
The Palace Guards  

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