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Changing the way Real Estate is sold in Europe.

Welcome to RE/MAX Europe

Michael Polzler

The core strength of RE/MAX is the quality of our Brokers/Owners and Agents! The purpose of the RE/MAX franchise system is to provide a system of tools, standards and services to support the real estate industry’s top producers. Irrespective of whether or not you have previous experience in real estate – everything we do is dedicated to developing and supporting you in becoming your clients’ industry expert of choice.

With RE/MAX you do business for yourself but not by yourself! The experience from the last 40 years helped us to develop a specific picture of the essencial success factors in the real estate industry. Today we can say, at RE/MAX we do things different. Our Mission, Vision and overall Goal were formulated upon this understanding. Everything we do at RE/MAX supports our Brokers/ Owners, Agents and their clients to always achieve the best result possible.

Mission We provide tools, standards and services for top producers from the real estate industry. RE/MAX sets new standards for the real estate industry and your business. Profiting from the enormous potential of a network of over 89,000 people, RE/MAX standards and services help you to position yourself as the local real estate industry expert of choice. Vision We change the way real estate is sold in Europe The RE/MAX cooperative selling approach: we strongly believe in cooperation among RE/MAX Brokers/Owners and Agents as the driver for your success in real estate sales. The RE/MAX cooperative selling approach has already proven its enormous potential for success around the globe. Goal We always deliver the best possible customer experience. We put our clients at the heart of each transaction. Working with you as the best Broker/Owners and Agents, we always aim to deliver the best possible customer experience and the best selection of property to our clients. This enables us to build a successful business.

Sincerely, Michael Polzler

Managing Director RE/MAX Europe


RE/MAX – 40 years of sucess stories With 40 years of experience within the real estate industry, RE/MAX is the professional home of more than 89,000 Sales Associates working in 6,200 independently owned and operated offices in 90 countries around the world.

The RE/MAX Europe success story began in 1995. The European network has now grown to 11,000 Sales Associates working in 1,500 independently owned and operated offices in 33 European countries.

The RE/MAX franchise system: tools, standards and services for you as an industry expert The RE/MAX franchise system is “the toolbox” for business growth and your personal development as a Broker/Owner or Agent. Designed to guide you and your business to the next level,

the RE/MAX franchise system provides the tools, standards and services in the core disciplines of real estate business:

n Marketing & PR – gain business from marketing activities all over Europe n Brand – the day you join RE/MAX, the world knows your name n Intelligent Technology – access to powerful tools and resources n Network – grow your business and share expertise across a network of more than 90,000 people n Education & Training – top-notch education for you as your clients’ local expert of choice n Support & Services – leadership and development skills to create a strong foundation for your business n Sales System – standards for providing a high quality service to your clients

All created with a single purpose: to provide firstclass business tools for the real estate industry’s top producers.



The RE/MAX Brand Your clients’ first choice for trusted services

RE/MAX is known as the world’s number one brand in terms of real estate transactions. The strength of the RE/MAX brand has a significant effect on the value of your business. Your

clients’ first choice for services is based on trust in you as an individual expert in your local market and the brand that supports your business.

The Brand benefits: n The Value of the brand – the RE/MAX brand is a powerful listing tool for your real estate business. Renowned for its top performance worldwide, the brand inspires confidence and trust. Trust is a key factor in your clients’ decision in choosing their real estate Broker or Agent. n Positioning – as a RE/MAX Broker/Owner or Agent you become a part of the most efficient and best educated network of real estate specialists. n Opportunities – two different brand images for the comon and the luxury residential real estate business and another for commercial real estate business enable you to create a tailored brand image according to your clients and local market conditions. n Behavior and image – the RE/MAX Code of Ethics serves as the foundation of our reputation as the most ethical, skilled, professional, experienced and successful real estate organization.


Fine Homes & Luxury Properties

“Our RE/MAX educational systems are the best in the world.“ At RE/MAX your success has no limits but your own ability, determination and hard work. There are absolutely no restrictions and you have the freedom to develop your full business potential. Becoming a successful entrepreneur not only earns you respect from your industry peers, it also generates the intense Konstantinos Kolovos Broker/Owner Greece

internal pride that comes from being independent and making it your own way! Join the RE/MAX family in Europe today!


“I have the freedom to organize my time and to decide which level I want to reach.� As a RE/MAX Associate, you are free to be creative with unlimited promotions and advertising to determine how to best invest in your individual business set up. So be innovative - RE/MAX Sales Associates are groundbreakers! Lydia Massari Sales Associate Italy



Marketing & PR RE/MAX Marketing and PR drive clients to your business

The day you join RE/MAX, the world knows your name. RE/MAX Agents are renowned for professionalism and top performance. To support the continuous growth of your busi-

ness, RE/MAX employs a range of marketing, advertising and PR strategies across various channels to reach your clients.

The Marketing and PR benefits: n Corporate Design and Corporate Identity the power of a consistent visual identity across a network of more than 89,000 people has a huge effect on brand recognition and the perceived value of your business. n Marketing Campaigns – RE/MAX marketing campaigns convey the RE/MAX message to your clients in many different ways. Advertisements on television, on the radio, on buses or company cars, on billboards, in print or online support the growth of your business and strengthen the brand. n Individual Marketing – from client events and campaigns tailored to your local marketing strategy to mailers and other sales support activities, you benefit from the creativity of 89,000 Broker/Owners and Agents who have the same goals as you – to list and sell properties, grow your business, and deliver the best possible service to your clients. n Events – outstanding performers deserve outstanding opportunities. RE/MAX hosts regular marketing and PR events. We celebrate the success of our top Broker/Owners and Agents, as you are the RE/MAX network’s most important asset.



Education & Training First-class education for first-class Broker/Owners and Agents

RE/MAX has been providing top-notch education to Broker/Owners and Agents since 1973. We give top priority to the development of our people. Our training and coaching programs are tailored to the challenges you face in your role, and are practical and easy to fit in around

your daily activities. Whether you are a Broker/ Owner who wants to lead your agents to become the local experts of choice or an Agent in the field yourself – you will find a training program that suits your requirements and will help your business grow.

Education & Training benefits: n RE/MAX EUROVERSITY – your one-stop shop for exceptional education and training is one of your major competitive advantages and the foundation for professional performance in the field. EUROVERSITY produces training and coaching programs and tools for Broker/ Owners and Agents within the RE/MAX Europe network. You benefit from certified trainers, coaches and training content, and from leadership tools such as RE/MAX Advantage, a Broker/Owner leadership tool with 24/7 access to all relevant topics regarding real estate sales. In addition, RE/MAX presents special events and programs featuring international top speakers from the real estate industry, such as the exclusive SalesPower Agent training and coaching program presented by Tom Ferry, North America’s top coach in the real estate industry. n Career path for Brokers/Owners – the education program for Brokers/Owners is tailored to the specific challenges of leading your Agents and your real estate business to success. The integrated training program includes training and coaching for financial management, leadership, and recruitment strategies.


n Career path for Agents – your education as an Agent focuses on your sales skills. From specific sales training and coaching sessions, an Agent mentoring program and career planning seminars to special courses led by top coaches, such as the mentioned Tom Ferry SalesPower program, it is all set to create your personal success story from day 1. All our training and coaching programs are designed to provide you with the relevant skills for your job and for your personal growth.

“We got a lot of special trainings, for example on branding and how to market ourselves.� At RE/MAX you run your business independently, but you are never alone in daily operations or in long-term business planning. You are always backed by RE/MAX’s strong network in Europe, benefiting from support in training, referrals, marketMartina Meister Sales Associate Spain

ing, technology and administration. This enables you to reach your full potential by concentrating on what you do best.


“When I joined RE/MAX everything started to flow.� The Regional Owners and Directors guide their Broker/Owners - the backbone of the global growth - in supporting and motivating their Sales Associates. The Broker/Owners provide opportunities and business planning and in turn, Sales Associates concentrate on relaying those maximum services Alfonso Lacruz Sales Associate Spain


to their end customers.


Intelligent Technology Cutting-edge technology for Broker/Owners and Agents

Technology is the basis for professional performance in today’s demanding real estate industry. Effectively managing enquiries and your clients’ data has enormous value for your business.

RE/MAX technology products and services enable Broker/Owners and Agents to connect with their clients more efficiently and with a higher degree of success.

Technology benefits: n iLIST – a listing management tool for Agents that increases your productivity and enables you to provide a high quality service to buyers and sellers. iList allows you to manage your contacts and referrals, create online marketing pieces for your properties and identify buyer matches from your client database. iList is your gateway to the European network and the RE/MAX international search engine

n INTERNATIONAL – RE/MAX International shares nearly 40 years of experience, expertise and best practice from real estate industry leaders in North America. RE/MAX University and RE/MAX Mainstreet provide 24/7 online access to first-class content and education programs exclusively to members of the RE/MAX network.

n – once you join RE/MAX, clients from all over the world will be able to find and connect with you directly via a network of local, national and international public websites. Statistics and additional features on your websites help you to further develop your online marketing strategy and improve your business results. n GLOBAL.REMAX.COM – Recruiting is key to growth in the real estate industry. Online recruiting platforms provide Brokers/Owners with a platform to recruit new agents online.



Network RE/MAX – the home of top-performing entrepreneurs

We believe in continuous cooperation as a major source of growth for your business. A global network of more than 89,000 Agents means unparalleled opportunities for

The network benefits: n Events and conventions – being a RE/MAX Broker/Owner or Agent allows you to attend annual RE/MAX International, RE/MAX Europe and regional conventions. These events keep you at the cutting edge of the latest industry news and inform you of new tools and services for the growth of your business. You will have the chance to meet leading speakers and top performers from the industry and share best practice to improve your business. n Referrals – maximizing your networking activities and referral opportunities are important drivers for the success of your business. With the RE/MAX network, more than 89,000 Agents worldwide and around 11,000 Agents in Europe are within your reach. An enormous source of our business success today – make it yours.


networking, referrals, personal promotion, and professional development – among colleagues from more than 90 countries.


5 Continents 90 Countries 6.200 independently owned offices 89,000 sales associates globally 40th Anniversary in 2013 Europe:

33 Countries 17 Language Areas 1,500 independently owned and operated offices 11,000 sales associates

“I have never seen such a willingness to share experiences.” The basic idea Dave and Gail Liniger started is still the vision pursued by RE/MAX all across the globe: “Improve the working environment and the income potential of Sales Associates as well as their professional service level - and their chances of success will also increase.” This always keeps the endDario Castiglia Regional Director Italy

consumer in focus and is known as the “RE/MAX Culture of Professionalism”.


“The investment is relatively very low for something which can give you such a high return.” The “Everybody Wins” strategy both closes the winning circle and opens the door to constant growth, from which everyone benefits. In an environment where everybody focuses on their specific tasks and goals, they can also fully rely on the others to fulfill their part – Bernard Raskin Regional Director Israel

Regional Directors drive market growth, Broker/Owners lead their group and Sales Associates provide top notch services to end-customers who rely on professional guidance in every real estate decision.



Support & Services Setting standards in real estate for more than 40 years

The major goal of RE/MAX towards you is to create professional business environments that enable you as a Broker/Owner or Agent to achieve your potential. The ongoing development of all independently owned businesses throughout the RE/MAX network is essential to successful and sustainable overall performance. One of the core competencies of RE/MAX as a whole is its consistent approach in leading its Broker/Owners and Agents and in turn developing their leadership skills.

Support & Services – benefits for you n Leadership & Development – with RE/MAX, you do business for yourself but not by yourself. RE/MAX Europe provides specific business and leadership coaching and consulting to Regional Directors, Broker/Owners and Agents, while Broker/Owners provide coaching and con-

sulting to their Agents. The RE/MAX Advantage leadership tool supports Broker/Owners in developing their Agents’ leadership skills. RE/MAX Europe’s goal is to help you improve your results and achieve sustainable business development.



Sales System Sales Power for your real estate business

Real estate business is sales business. Your success as a RE/MAX Broker/Owner or Agent is based on providing your clients with a great service by following predefined standards.

The Sales System benefits: n Sales System – RE/MAX Europe provides professional tools tailored to the real estate sales process. This integrated sales and marketing system helps your business to grow and allows you to concentrate on what you do best – make the dreams of RE/MAX buyers and sellers come true.


In order to support your business, all our tools, standards and services are designed with the RE/MAX goal in mind: to always deliver the best possible customer experience.

“I’m always there for my agents. I listen to them a lot and give them all the tools they need.” This environment of a professional culture is the best premise for realizing the RE/MAX concept of “being in business for yourself, but not by yourself” in which everyone has their own part to focus on and be successful in: Regional Directors guide Evie Romaidis Broker/Owner Portugal

Broker/Owners in recruiting, retaining and supporting Sales Associates. Broker/Owners motivate their Sales Associates and provide them with support for any real estate endeavors.



Profile and Role of a Broker / Owner The RE/MAX Role Model

As a RE/MAX Broker/Owner, you will play a key role in the success story of the organization. Managing your business and leading a team of

Agents require a range of skills, competencies and experience.

Your Profile as a Broker/Owner

Your Role of a Broker/Owner

n Entrepreneur

n The RE/MAX role model – RE/MAX Broker/ Owners are the first point of contact for agents, clients and their local community

n Strong attitude – winner mentality n Leadership and coaching skills n High level of discipline

n Leader and Motivator – Leading, coaching and developing a team of individual sales agents is essential for a sustainable development of the operation

n High level of commitment n Communicator and networker n Quick Implementer n Enjoys working with a sales team

n Regional Networker and Cooperator – connecting to your society and key players in the markets is one of the main business generators in real estate n Lister and Seller n Rainmaker – the RE/MAX Broker/Owner is generating business opportunities for the sales team and the operation as a whole n Manager and Implementer – The implementation of the RE/MAX concept and the ongoing Management of the operation n Agent recruiter – Recruiting Agents is a major priority for Broker/Owners as it is the key for business growth


Make the difference and start your very own success story, join RE/MAX today! Contact us at

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Each office independently owned and operated. Copyright 2013

The RE/MAX Europe Franchise System Brochure  

The RE/MAX Europe Franchise System Brochure