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Since its inception in 1987, Consumer Strategies Group (CSG) has been a specialized marketing communications agency for Alberta’s most progressive real estate enterprises. • Comprehensive expertise helps foster superior creative and more relevant, effective, strategic and tactical marketing programs. • As Alberta’s largest, oldest, and “only” multi-city real estate consultancy, CSG has four recessions, three booms, and multiple market corrections of working knowledge about Western Canada’s unique real estate dynamics. • CSG hosts full operating offices in Calgary and Edmonton and branch services in Vancouver. It has also executed work across Western Canada, including resort marketing in the Columbia, Kootenay and Okanagan regions, and the mid-west and Southwestern United States. • What defines CSG’s unique business model is that its professional disciplines and expertise mirror the needs of real estate organizations. Add to this, extensive experience with many types of real estate operations, and CSG offers a profound understanding of industry influences including land acquisitions, financial structures, planning and approvals processes, and the general “flow” of a real estate enterprise. • Market tested, pragmatic agency insights, grounded in formal research, are constantly evolving to better address changing consumer preferences and purchase behavior; macro economic variables; and emerging marketing techniques.

Consumer Strategies Group Inc.

• CSG is an innovator and leader. It has developed proprietary expertise and products to support its clients in the specialized fields of digital renderings and animation; viral e-marketing; proprietary leads management systems; online marketing and advertising; interactive sales centers and kiosks; real time dynamic sales processes; event marketing and one to one marketing programs. • Senior staff is comprised of seasoned professionals drawing on decades of product knowledge across most built forms. From low, mid or high rise condos, targeting first owners and active adults, to entry level townhomes, duplexes and detached garage homes, or move up family or estate homes, and active adult villas, CSG personnel have professional expertise with each product; its marketing dynamics; segment opportunities and threats; and buyer sensitivity to primary motivators, obstacles to purchase and conversion supports. • CSG has experience in corporate rules, governance, protocols, practices, processes and reporting requirements for real estate entities. This delivers efficiencies in the planning and execution of large or complex programs or developments. • For 25 years, CSG has been recognized as Alberta’s preeminent authority on residential real estate marketing with a current roster of 35+ clients across Western Canada. • CSG has participated in winning over 292 local, regional and national awards for sales and marketing presentations including creative, design, production and e-marketing disciplines.

Canadian Home Builders Association – Edmonton and Calgary chapters, UDI Alberta and the Canadian Advertising Association. They are also frequent guest speakers, lecturers and educators for these Associations in professional development programs. • CSG’s professional team is trained using a “three tiered” research based, marketing methodology. This system incorporates proprietary field intelligence into a client’s market planning and makes CSG programs more thorough and relevant than our competitors offerings. • CSG account personnel have university degrees. This high educational standard combined with extensive field training and research experience ensures client support is theoretically accurate and real estate specific. • CSG administration also understand the sector in regard to billing preparation, level of detail, specialized billings for joint ventures or investor based projects, and the “at times” peculiar financing issues that may beset a project or client. • A sampling of notable CSG clients include Canada Lands Company, (Garrison Woods, Garrison Green, The Village at Griesbach, Currie Barracks), Brookfield Residential Developers (formerly Carma Developers), Dundee Developments, Hopewell Residential Communities, Qualico Land, Walton Developments, Landmark Group Of Builders, Sterling Homes, Jayman Master Built, and a host of smaller builders, developers and resort operators.

• CSG principals and staff have, or have held, senior positions with Alberta’s professional real estate associations including the


• CSG made a corporate commitment 25 years ago to align agency services to the specific needs of real estate clients. Therefore we offer more value added services, account expertise and industry related work practices than any other communications agency. This improves cost efficiency, program results, and integrated service delivery. UBG is a large, diverse real estate entity that would value greatly from the integrated service package CSG offers and the one stop delivery system we offer. • CSG customizes its service packages to satisfy client needs. We can be a support network for internal marketing resources, or execute the role of external marketing department. Fee structures are negotiated based on only ”service package deliverables” requested by the client, resulting in better value for service.

• CSG works very hard to keep our overhead low and service prices reasonable.This is a critical success factor for our agency and a main reason we are Alberta’s most successful agency. UBG expects “good value” for its marketing dollars and CSG delivers the best through its market sensitive fee structure and service delivery programs. • CSG programming works on a research based marketing model. Our research resources constantly feed valuable market intelligence to your account team.This public and proprietary information is shared with clients to ensure executions that achieve optimal results. • CSG works in all facets of the sector. We have extensive experience in the diverse built forms retailed by UBG, including today’s challenged resort segment.

UBG benefits from a customized service package that addresses its specific needs in four geographic markets today, and the ability to expand its scope of service without interrupting operations as future needs arise. That can be achieved with CSG. • CSG has worked with Western Canada’s largest and most progressive real estate organizations. We search out opportunities that let us create great work and results. Working with Unity Builder Group, at this time, with this scope of services, represents just such an opportunity. UBG benefits from innovative and progressive marketing programs built on a clear understanding of market and competitive conditions as they apply to its unique situation, not general “marketing theories for branding”. • CSG is Western Canada’s hardest working agency. We understand and live the unique timing of real estate. Account teams and production personnel work “as required”. Weekends. Overtime in spring. Showhome openings and private openings. Satisfying site sales teams in off hours. We’re structured to be there when needed. UBG will appreciate the efficiencies created by an agency that works “real estate” hours during the busy spring and fall seasons, and at special times when off hour events, activities and promotions are required.

Consumer Strategies Group Inc.


Consumer Strategies Group Inc.


Landmark Group Master Branding & Retail

Primary consultant to execute the rebranding of the Group’s five divisions under one master brand and seven sub brand products. Created and executed strategy, graphics, integration program, consolidated budgeting, brand advertising, integrated website development, POS and cross marketing synergies, implementation of consistent CRM system and reporting, public and industry relations, sales training and evaluations. Landmark successfully rebranded itself over a two year period while maintaining its status as one of Alberta’s largest builders in three geographic locations. In 2011 its sales increased year over year by 22% in declining market conditions.

Consumer Strategies Group Inc.


Consumer Strategies Group Inc.


Jayman QR Code Campaign

CSG has worked with various divisions at Jayman MasterBUILT since 1990. Today, we provide integrated e-marketing programs for direct sales of spec home inventory using advanced QR code and micro-site technology, complemented by traditional advertising and online one to one communications and CRM techniques. In support of this we execute sales program and POS evaluations and support on-site merchandising. E-marketing pilot initiative increased SPEC home sales by 130% in 2011 helping the company increase market share significantly both locally and provincially.

Consumer Strategies Group Inc.


Consumer Strategies Group Inc.


Canada Lands Company

Since 1996, CSG has supported Canada Lands Company (CLC) in its residential real estate marketing. From creating nationally recognized neighbourhoods of enduring quality to creating a compelling “legacy� story and supporting the detailed process for LEED-ND certification, we have helped the company exceed corporate objectives, consistently brand its communities to an award winning standard, introduced state of the art retail initiatives at the point of sale, coordinated and staged dramatic public and private events, and establish a positive business profile in a skeptical market place. CLC has created a strong brand position for delivering exceptional award winning communities that have allowed it to retail its product at premium prices.

Consumer Strategies Group Inc.


Consumer Strategies Group Inc.


Meridian Plaza

CSG has extensive experience in all aspects of condominium marketing from value priced entry level communities to the finest luxury suites for premium income professionals and active adults. By fusing enhanced POS initiatives such as events with viral e-marketing technologies and the latest in site sales evaluation and tacking tools, we are a valued support in ensuring projects achieve their sales and financial targets in the most efficient manner. Meridian was the region’s best selling “luxury condos� in 2011. Sales volume allowed it to begin planning for its second phase release.

Consumer Strategies Group Inc.


Consumer Strategies Group Inc.


Chappelle Gardens / Brookfield Residential

Since 1993, CSG has been a valued agency support for Brookfield Properties. CSG has provided all levels of services in land planning research, product development and builder selection to the more standard processes of community launch, media planning and buying, consumer promotions, site merchandising and fulfillment, web site design, development and programming, e-marketing, social media and public relations. For Chappelle Gardens this resulted in the community being the best selling NEW community in the region for 2011, outselling even much older more mature competitors. It outperformed the company’s expectations for 2011 by 32%.

Consumer Strategies Group Inc.


Consumer Strategies Group Inc.


The Venetian by Abbey Lane Homes

CSG has extensive experience in all aspects of condominium marketing from value priced entry level communities to the finest luxury suites for premium income professionals and active adults. By fusing enhanced POS initiatives such as events with viral e-marketing technologies and the latest in site sales staffing, training, evaluation and tracking, CSG was a valued support in ensuring the Venetian achieved the highest price per square foot price in its market with a modest budget yielding spectacular financial performance. Venetian achieved the region’s highest return on investment and price thresholds. Excellent e-marketing and site presentation also translated into one of the lowest project marketing budgets being required in CSG’s history.

Consumer Strategies Group Inc.


Consumer Strategies Group Inc.


The Strand Resort

CSG has worked on various resort developments including townhome, fractionals, cabins and apartment condominium product. Lakeside, mountain side, hill side, we have researched, marketed and sold successfully this discretionary product type using a combination of e-marketing, event, promotion, advertising, point of sale, retailing and public relations techniques. Panorama Village, The Strand, Alpine Village, Kokanee Golf Resort, Sommerset at Sylvan Lake are just some of the developments CSG has worked on. Each of these resorts regardless of market conditions have outperformed the norm in terms of sales and presentation quality.

Consumer Strategies Group Inc.


Consumer Strategies Group Inc.


Event Planning (In-house) • CSG has successfully planned and executed hundreds of real estate events for community openings, showhome openings, condominium launches, legacy events, one to one customer appreciation events, trade shows, industry education seminars, and branding events. • We plan, coordinate and execute the finest events in our industry in a manner that’s enjoyable and secure for customers and a source of client pride. CSG has in-house expertise in all traditional aspects of real estate marketing and many industry specific divisions required by today’s most progressive marketing organizations. These include real estate research; digital rendering, animation and video; e-marketing, CRM systems development; interior design; interactive site merchandising, green marketing, sales support and training, and event execution.

General Marketing Consulting (In-House) • Using CSG’s research group, a four person account team comprised of Jim Malner, Steve Blair, Cory Leyte and Alex Ruffini will provide UBG with comprehensive, real time, industry information and professional marketing support to leverage prevailing conditions. It can also deliver valuable industry, developer and builder field intelligence to support or enhance current operations.

Marketing & Product Research (In-house) • CSG offers primary macro and micro real estate marketing and product research. Having delivered the service over 15 years, CSG has access to trending data for current drivers, economic parameters and proposed future states against a legacy of market cycles to mitigate anomalies or one off deviations. • UBG gains access to CSG’s general market research and can obtain more cost effectively proprietary research in a timely and comprehensive manner.

Creative (In-house) • Creative talent is employed by CSG.This ensures greater consistency between strategic planning, executions, customer relevancy, product presentation and cost effectivness. While the general creative tone of UBG is established, CSG’s creative resources are experienced in rebranding initiatives and the creative review process both for master and sub branding situations.

Consumer Strategies Group Inc.

Your team includes a creative director, copywriter, art director and web designer.

Media Planning and Buying (In-house Regional Coverage, Outsource National Coverage) • CSG performs local (Calgary and Edmonton) and regional (Alberta) media buying in-house. • CSG has highly valued, exclusive contracts and media buying relationships with many “A Class” media companies. This includes print dailies, broadcasters, online media and outdoor providers. • As a volume purchaser for the real estate category, CSG can help optimize budget efficiency and negotiate excellent cost per point / impression rates. • UBG’s account team offers over 20 years experience in traditional and new media. Recently, the agency has moved into the complex and rapidly changing world of social media and real time content production which provides strong branding and publishing opportunities. • Integrating today’s innovative low cost online opportunities with traditional media programs reduces overall program costs. • Media selections and budget allocations are conveniently outlined for approval in easy to monitor Budget Control Reports and Weekly Blocking Charts which are reviewed periodically against program results.

engine optimized website design and programming, digital animation and graphics, database development and integration, video interfaces, social media linkage, and full web based functionality mean easier customer maintenance and support services.

• We utilize technology to extend event reach and branding value through Youtube videos and webisodes.

• Web traffic is a gateway to client interest and relationships that must be nurtured through traditional and online applications. Those valuable relationships must be harnessed and managed through database engineering, reporting and administration. This emerging technology based sales model, in which CSG is a recognized leader, has been used by the agency in its project sales division and can be mentored through an in-house trainer.

• On July 1, 2008, CSG launched WORKFLOW, a propriety account management software to support clients with the finest budget and billing standards in our industry.

Signage and Pageantry Design, Production and Management (In-house, out source fabrication)

• Complement this with 25 years experience in the nuances of builder administrative requirements and CSG has a thorough and competent understanding of the budgeting and reporting standards expected at UBG and the most effective way to deliver them.

• With over 292 local, regional and national awards, many for creative, merchandising and collateral materials, no local agency has more experience in this discipline. • CSG’s production team bring long relationships with superior fabricators and the ability to 3D model all presentations at the approval stage. This ensures your site presentation is a source of pride for the community, its builders, and residents.

Account Administration (In-house)

• The software enables UBG to view real time budget control reports, yearly budgets by service type or built form, all issued invoices and related agency costs.

• CSG’s broad experience with larger, multi-product development and building companies gives it unique insights into the immediate transition strategies for UBG. We have stepped into such situations before and successfully provided interim staffing to satisfy the transition period by working as a cooperative partner with our client.

• To ensure a premium aesthetic standard for site merchandising your account team performs periodic audits of community / builder parade signage and sales centre to ensure consistency, quality, cleanliness and damage as a way of mitigating issues before they become problematic.

E-Marketing Services (In-house) • With 25 years experience driving retail traffic to site, and 14 years expertise utilizing and creating advanced real estate web sites with integrated features and real time usability, CSG is the finest e-marketing partner for UBG. It offers integrated e-marketing programs, search


Consumer Strategies Group Inc.


• A corporate philosophy of being a valued client partner means we go beyond what other agencies would deem “scope of work”. Our success is linked to client success and we have a reputation for industry sensitivity to “scope of work”. This means quick turn over when needed, week-end availability, and travel flexibility. • CSG’s eight divisions include: consulting, design, e-marketing, digital animation and video, site services and production, research, project sales and training. Each division has grown over 25 years into “operational units” that today can be affordably bundled into one cost effective package to satisfy one stop shopping that major clients like UBG benefit from.

• Straight production work will be quoted in advance using preset hourly fees for agency discipline and the fabrication costs include a standard 15% mark-up. • Amounts would be pre-approved through the creation and execution of an annual marketing budget with all anticipated program, consulting and campaign costs, and a small miscellaneous amount to cover unanticipated opportunities that may arise.

• Each discipline features competitive hourly fees that will be disclosed once a final scope of work is discussed and is based on the seniority of staff and discipline required. • To satisfy a larger account like UBG, CSG would offer a blended hourly rate regardless of service. • CSG is a secure and profitable company, professionally managed and financially stable. It is a private company with 23 consecutive years of profitable operations, no bank debt and owns its corporate offices in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver, as a means of stabilizing long term costs and reducing overhead. • CSG structures its remuneration in a manner most flexible for UBG. To ensure ease of budgeting, payment of a reasonable “monthly” retainer based on a preset number of active hours is recommended. The seasonal nature of the building industry indicates heavy spring and fall requirements are offset by slower winter season.

Consumer Strategies Group Inc.


Consumer Strategies Group Inc.


• CSG is the smartest choice for a progressive Western Canadian real estate entity’s marketing program as it offers unparalleled expertise in the category and a service structure streamlined to optimize the value and results of client programs. • CSG can dedicate full account teams to UBG in its two primary geographic markets – Calgary and Edmonton. It can also leverage its previous experiences in resort and US markets to make secondary geographic markets function more efficiently.

• CSG personnel are committed to 84 hours annually, outside the agency, of professional development within their respected specialty or adding to their general real estate knowledge. Your account members have a strong, current understanding of real estate markets, products and influences. This improves communication lines and translates into more cost efficient creative, media, promotion and merchandising programming.

• Specialization makes CSG the most cost effective, comprehensive partner in western Canada. Its service commitment to be there “when you need us” is unique and pays substantial dividends during busy periods of showhome openings and increased sales.

• CSG offers the most dynamic and comprehensive e-marketing, interactive POS technology and advanced social media capabilities for a real estate enterprise. Having created programs for dozens of companies, we’ve experienced what works, what doesn’t, efficient implementation factors and where potential weaknesses may occur.

• CSG offers an experienced, professional account team, headed by Agency principal, Jim Malner, to establish, in cooperation with UBG, a strategic brand direction and marketing plan that is unique and targets the strategic assets of UBG, its product lines, and customer equity. This is a task CSG is intimately familiar with having just undergone the process with another major Alberta builder / developer.

• Account planning consists of 18 month strategic and tactical programs, with detailed blocking charts and budgets, that outline projected timelines, key benchmarks, metrics, market milestones, new product innovations, community activities or expansion, relevant competitive conditions (both macro and micro); existing and emerging media and public relations opportunities, and sales profile.

• Mr. Malner will be supported by an experienced team of seasoned marketing professionals to execute approved plans, both strategic and tactical, on a daily basis. This includes eleven year veteran, Steve Blair as Calgary Account Manager, five year veteran, Alex Ruffini as Edmonton Account Manager, seven year veteran. Derek Buckingham, as Art Director.

• CSG has a strong business acumen that ensures we keep our overheads low so we can pass on the most aggressive service and product fees in our category. • CSG offers a flexible working relationship designed to satisfy the corporate needs of UBG. This will streamline administration and overhead costs on the account.

• Secondary resources include Michal Scazur as research manager, Moheb Habib as web site and online coordinator, Ying Chin Lui as Accountant and reporting Administrator, and Joel Brooks as production and site merchandising manager.

Consumer Strategies Group Inc.


Consumer Strategies Group Inc.


UBG Proposal  

Unity Builder Group Marketing Proposal

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