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INDIE GAMES Indie games or independent video games are getting more and more popular in the gaming industry, indie developers have started to grow in quantity, some of you may already know what indie games are, some of you not, so here is a quick overview. Indie games have no exact definition that’s because there are so many different games and every games has its own properties, but there are some commonalities, indie game developers are made of small groups or companies, and they are typically smaller than ordinary titles, indie game developers are not financially backed up by publishers (although companies have started to see that there is something special with indie game and some have started to give financial help just so the creativity does not vanish.) That means that almost all the indie developers have to rely on a small budget or no budget at all, but there are some benefits if you are an indie game developer, your creativity is not questioned or altered by any company and you don’t have to have the approval of any publisher as you are the publisher of your own game.

The game Portal created by Valve was inspired by the game Narbacular Drop

Design decisions are also limitless, although graphics are usually undeveloped and they have to rely on gameplay innovations. Nonetheless, being "indie" does not actually mean that the game you created has to focus on some kind of gameplay innovation or any other kind of innovation. The indie gaming started on pc in the early 90’s that’s because at the time pc where not as powerful and technology advanced as they are today, games was developed more faster and without so much money, these days people often demand games with impressive graphics and multiplayer functions that’s something that’s impossible for a single developer to create. So the indie game industry stood still, and the public more or less forgot the beautiful characteristics indie games had to offer, only geeks and developers knew about indie games and commercialization of a game wasn’t an option. Big name game developers took over the market, and still today they control the market of games although indie games have started to come out and somewhat started to take over the spotlight.

The indie industry saw a rise in 2000, that’s because internet became more and more popular and used by more people around, so the media could be distributed more easily than before. Platforms that helped the indie industry rise were Xbox Live Arcade, Steam, and OnLive. These platforms allowed players to download software and developers to share their work. Great examples of indie games that commercially succeeded are World of Goo and Minecraft amongst many other games. Great games from big name game companies have more or less been inspired by indie games, for example the game: Portal created by Valve was inspired by the game Narbacular Drop. Hopefully we’ll see more indie games and the market will open up more widely to indie game developers, and new ways of gameplay will emerge to the world of gaming.

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