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Existing Floor Plan

Location Plan Site Commercial Hotel Education Arts & Culture Place of Worship Open Space Residential

The site given for a studio project was Waterloo Center at Queens St. The design brief was to turn an underutilized space into a pocket park within an urban environment.

The lines that form the spaces are pulled vertically to form walls

Spaces are being pull from waterloo centre to form sitting and green spaces Early sketches showing the exploration of creating terraces among the steps

Floor Plan

Sitting Plan

Overall model showing how the soft and hardscape coming together Model showing how a space is form by staggering columns

Planter Plan

Intimate spaces are form by using concrete columns repeatedly in a staggering manner

A section shows how the design acts as a buffer between waterloo centre and the road

Overall the pocket park still feels open, and pedestrains are able to take a break from their work or school

Elevation showing a nice break within a hard suffocated space


In Out

For a 2nd year studio the task was to design a follies by focusing on just one design element. By exploring the use of just plane allow enclosed and open space to happen.

Initial sketches showing the exploration of how planes can interlinked with each other.

The idea of a space being define by four walls is broken to create spaces that is ambiguous. The planes act as walls that define a space but yet still feels open due to the absence of a horizontal plane.

The repeated use of planes on a vertical axis allows light to cast it shadows winthin the walls. Depending on the time of day, the shadow changes and creates an interesting space that tells time by using light.



Section - A1


Section - A2


Section - A3




Elevation - A

Spaces can be use as a thouroughfare which incites different emotions.


Tri-Fi Stones

This was a group effort done by me along side 3 other team mates. This was design for a bench competition hosted by URA. The design brief was to design a public bench using only wooden planks and galvanised steel for structural purpose.

Exploded View

Each module is made up of a simple triangular frame

Team Members: Marcus Chua Yusnah Yusof Mohammad Taufiq Poh Yee Ming



As a team, the concept came together by exploring the idea of ‘five stones’. My part consisted of producing various technical drawings of the bench


Each individual bench is design for one person to seat comfortably.

Different heights allow various age group to enjoy the bench together

Elevation - A

Section - A


Technical Drawing

Hand drawn floor plan using technical pen

Both drawing is hand drawn on tracing paper using technical pen

Marcus NAFA Portfolio  
Marcus NAFA Portfolio  

The works published in this portfolio are done during my second year in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.