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Resume Marc de Vrij Ytsjesan 34 8939DH Leeuwarden tel. 06 13 53 38 77

Education 2007- now

Hogeschool VanHall-La Landscape design. Ma 2011(febr-june) Minor at Wageningen U 2000-2006

Piter Jelles Montessori

About me: I am currently in my fo Bsc-degree in Landsc get a Msc-degree in L

arenstein, Velp, Garden-and ajor: Landscapearchitecture University

i College, Leeuwarden, VWO


software skills -Adobe Photoshop CS5 -Adobe Illustrator CS5 -Adobe Indesign CS5 -Autodesk AutoCad 2012 -Google Sketchup 8 Pro (with plugins) -Word Office 2010 Spoken languages: Dutch, English, French and Portuguese

ourth year of garden-and landscape design, pursueing a cape design. After my graduation I will continue studying to Landschape Architecture.

Table of contents Estate Terheijl








Estate Terheijl The village of Leek (near Groningen, The Netherlands) wants to expand in size. Up to 250 new dwellings have to be built in it`s south area.

The project area is located close to the old estate land of Terheijl, wich has enormous potential to become a highclass residential area. The concept is simple: the (new) estate building is the centre of the area, and other layers are added to it in an onion like structure, while respecting the original landscape structures.

• 8

The centre of the area is the estate building, surrounded by a public green space. 40 apartments will be realised inside the estate building. To hide the cars from the view, the decision was made to design a `parking gracht` where instead of water, cars are used to fill the gracht.

• 9

After completing the masterplan, further detailing of the southern zone was necessary. As a design tool I stated 3 key phrases: Use the landscape structure, create an `estate` atmosphere, create a interesting living space for all inhabitants. The strategicly placed green spaces act as glue to keep the urban spaces linked together and to the estate building. It also creates interesting sightlines towards the inner (estate) landscape and outer (agricultural) landscape.

• 10

• 11

Oerle Eindhoven is pushing its boundaries and is encouraging Oerle to expand too. The neighboring village of zand-Oerle is one of the potential victims to become part of the Eindhoven aglomeration. Can this trend be stopped or slowed down, while still building more urban housing?

The city of Eindhoven expanded enormously over the past decades and already took in other villages like Veldhoven and Woensel. Veldhoven on it`s turn is now already touching the boundary of Oerle. The next step is for Oerle to expand to zand-Oerle making it become part of the Eindhoven aglomeration risking the loss of village character and identity. To stop this trend we use big open agricultural spaces in urban design to create a neutral zone in between villages. We used the metaphore of Oerle casting its last breath over the landscape; this breath protects zand-Oerle from having the same faith of Oerle. The last breath can be considered as the neutral green space.

In the design the emphasis was layed on the agricultural character of the area. The housing next to the agricultural fields would have broad views over the landscape, cows can approach till they reach the border of the parcel. • 14

Inhabitants have a great view over the grazing cows. They will be able to buy their milk/meat from the local farmer, this creates a deeper relationship between the inhabitants and the landscape.

• 15

Brinkpark In the citycentre of Apeldoorn there is a park called `Brinkpark`. This park has big potential due to its location, unfortunately its not used in a proper way.

In its current state, the park is mostly used as a big parkinglot. It is situated next to Apeldoorns main roads in the centre and next to the big whte `Kadaster building. The old `Brink` stream now runs under the ground though the Brinkpark.

The new park will be divided into two coherent parts. The `Brink` water stream will be brought back to the surface, linking the two parts together and, with two footpaths on either side, forming the main boulevard of the park.

• 18

A detailed view between the park and square parts. Both the park and the square area are designed for people to recreate.

• 19

The other parts of the park will have the character of a square, where events such as markets or concerts can be planned. This part also has a lunchroom with a panoramic view over the park area. Custom designed furniture gives the place more character and at the same time allows plants and trees to grow on the square.

• 20

Because of the urban siatuation, lots of cars will have to be parked in this area. The square part will have an underground parking garage with easy acces from the square (helix stairs) , and from the park area. • 21

Tiel The municipality of Tiel has been struggling for a while with the urban planning of the city. They asked us to make a plan for building housing in the floodplains, but instead we gave Tiel a green and sustainable makeover.

Tiel has an image problem, they want to be seen as a `green/sustainable` city, but their image is everything but that. My project group decided to give Tiel a green/sustainable makeover, to realise this new image. My part in the design process involved `reviving the Dode Linge`. The Dode Linge is a former river that ran through the city centre, but is now mostly underground or degraded as a small ditch. (as seen in the image on the bottom right of this page)

The analysis map (above) shows where the problem area`s are for the realisation of the revival of the Dode Linge river. Several buildings will have to be demolished and obstacles like railways and highways have to be overcome. • 24

On either sides of the revived Dode Linge river there will be green park space with a foot-and bicycle paths to ensure the recreational use of this new park space. The bicycle paths will also connect to the existing bicycle paths near and around Tiel, making the revived Dode Linge a new route in and out the centre of Tiel.

• 25

Marc de Vrij Ytsjesan 34 8939DH Leeuwarden tel. 06 13 53 38 77


undergraduate Landscape architecture portfolio 2011