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ACTIVITAT A English Group 3 A: Lord Byron's Treasure Hunt The title of the website is Lord Byron: Table of Contents. The website is edited by a person who has the nickname of Marilee. You will find the name of the website's editor in the section meant to be the introduction of the webpage. The website is distributed into eight sections. In one of them you may find a poem with a Spanish title. What's the name of that poem? Camilla Bella When was it first published? _______________ In the Selected Poetry section, you find that the poems are in alphabetical order. Apart from poems, you can find other types of writings that have been published. What are these writings? There are letters. Can you find Lord Byron's wife name? Anne Isabella Milbanke Have you noticed there is the name of another woman before his wife. What's her name? Who was she? Lady Caroline Lamb , she was his lover. Go to the Chronology section, find the year 1813, read it and write down in your own words what some biographers think. Some biographers believe that he had an affair with his half sister. You will see that the name of another famous poet, John Keats, appears in these website. In one of the sections you can find a quotation by this poet. Copy it and try to explain what their relationship was. Byron discussed Keats's death and poetry in a letter to Percy Shelley, dated April 26, 1821. They haven’t got a really good relationship.

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