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November 2011

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EDITORIAL: OCTOBER DIALOGUE ISSUE I love occasions that bring people together. Judging by the resounding success of the Treasury Heritage Day, I’d say I’m not the only one. Sports and cultural activities have a long standing legacy of bringing people together. As colleagues, we truly confirmed this during the Interdepartmental Sports and Heritage days - our camera captured these moments.

Thembeka Dlungwane Dialogue Coordinator

The colourful cover gives you a glimpse of what to expect on the inside. Enjoy the pictures depicting the enthusiasm and euphoria which filled the air on these occasions. Also look at the picture of our MEC Ina Cronjé taken at the Heritage Day celebrations in Stanger. I saw jaws dropping when she stepped out in a beautiful Zulu traditional outfit, looking absolutely stunning. Even Dr. Mangosuthu Buthelezi and the Premier, Dr. Zweli Mkhize, couldn’t contain themselves at how amazing the MEC looked in her outfit - see picture inside! Still on events, other successful events organised were the Imbokodo Retreat – Save for a better future to commemorate Women’s month, and the Imbizo Yamadoda to raise awareness about men’s health. Speakers at both these functions spoke about the silent killer - Cancer. Awareness was raised about breast, cervical and prostate cancer. See pages 12 & 13. In this issue, we talk to the Budget Office team about their role at Treasury as well as in the Province. They give us tips on how to keep that smile while crunching numbers under serious pressure – handling the Provincial Budget is no child’s play but team effort seems to be their secret to success. In the MEC’s message, you will read about how public servants are struggling with debt. She shares with you some of the interventions that her Office has established to tackle the problem. One of the initiatives is the KNOW YOUR MONEY newspaper which targets government employees; the first issue will be released in November. This informative financial newspaper is FREE of charge and it contains useful tips on different financial matters. Enjoy a light hearted message from the HOD Mr Simiso Magagula, where he thanks different units and staff members for their achievements. He also shares some of the initiatives that were established this year, such as the launch of Operation Pay on Time – Sikhokha Ngesikhathi to ensure prompt payment to service providers in the province, as well as the formation of the Provincial Infrastructure Crack Team to ensure on-budget spending for infrastructure allocations. As team Communications, we value your support. However, with your assistance, we can still forge better relations that will add more value to each unit at Treasury. We are only a phone call away should you need assistance in eventscoordination, media and publicity as well as external branding. Enjoy!

Thembeka Dlungwane Dialogue Co-ordinator


Spending Your Money Wisely

Your Link to Internal News MEC FOREWORD

which covered National and Provincial departments. The investigation focused on information in respect of microlending transactions that took place and garnishee order issued during the 2006 /07 financial year. Garnishee orders are a significant barometer of indebtedness as they indicate that the public servants are unable to service their debts. In essence it is at this stage that an indebted public servant requires external management of his/her debt. Such garnishee orders place an obligation on the State as employer to ensure that the required payments are made at the stipulated period of the month.

Ms Ina Cronjé MEC for Finance

Educating people about money and saving is something that is close to my heart. As I reflect on the milestones achieved since the Financial Literacy campaign started, I must say, we are making significant progress. The Financial Literacy campaign was started to help improve the level of understanding of our communities on how to manage their personal finances. However, charity starts at home and we cannot neglect our own employees.Personal financial debt among civil servants remains a great challenge. A recent study has shown that a substantial number of civil servants are drowning in debt. This is of great concern to me. About 11 million South Africans, nearly a quarter of our country’s population, are reported to struggle with debt. Government has dropped interest rates by over 6% since 2008, yet the average debt-to-income ratio of consumers in South Africa is still very high at 78,2 %. Unfortunately a substantial number of our civil servants are also part of the statistics. They have become bill collectors and this inability to manage their own resources may create uncertainty on the level of trust, honesty and integrity with which they would manage departmental budgets and assets. In 2007 the Public Service Commission called for an investigation into the extent of indebtedness of public servants

It transpired that a staggering 20% of the total number of public servants employed within the public service made garnishee related payments through PERSAL. Concern deepens when one learns that a number of senior managers are forced to pay off garnishee orders. These managers have express financial management responsibilities in terms of the PFMA. If their personal finances are not in order it raises concerns about their ability to manage public finances. More recent figures as at the end of April 2011, revealed that 25 580 public servants of KZN provincial departments, made garnishee related payments through PERSAL. A total of 5539 employees received administration orders, i.e. were declared bankrupt. It is fitting then for us as the KZN government, and more specifically as the MEC for Finance to assist our employees with financial education, enabling them to be in control, rather than victims, of their own destiny. The KwaZulu-Natal Financial Literacy Association - an initiative of my Office – has already started with some interventions that will enable public servants to get out of debt traps and start building their wealth. In addition to financial literacy workshops for newly appointed government employees and those in Adult Literacy training, retirement workshops have been planned. Also in the pipeline is a financial literacy advice seat at a call centre. A great initiative is the KNOW YOUR MONEY newspaper for government employees that will be released this year. I am grateful for the resources, time, effort and expertise of our partners in financial literacy. Working together we can have a financially literate province. Make use of the services and if you are in a position to help, join the Government Employee Financial Literacy Focus Group. I was deeply moved at the Treasury Heritage day celebrations when I witnessed the unity that you have with each other as colleagues. My wish for all of you is that you continue working in that spirit of collegiality, and celebrate your diversity because it is our diversity that makes us unique. It is a pleasure to have a hard working and dedicated team… Let us continue in that same spirit in the new year. I am very proud of you and your collective achievements.

Spending Your Money Wisely


treasury Department: Treasury PROVINCE OF KWAZULU-NATAL


Mr Simiso Magagula HOD for the Provincial Treasury

As 2011 draws to an end, we should take stock of what we have achieved so far as a department. But before I get to some of the milestones we have reached, I would like to first say THANK YOU team Treasury, from the bottom of my heart. Without your contributions individually and collectively, our achievements would have been minimal. And I sincerely mean that.

It is always dangerous to try and tally all our achievements during the year as I run the risk of leaving out important issues, and then get accused of selective memory. I therefore would like to apologise upfront for any omissions. Let me start by congratulating units that have received awards to date. The Budget Team – well done for the silver medal from the Premier’s Service Excellence Awards. You have shown that you have what it takes to properly manage the provincial fiscus. Your contribution in managing expenditure province-wide has ensured that KwaZulu-Natal remains an envy of other provinces. Our Human Resources Management & Development (HR&D) team remains the best in the province. Once again, they won gold at the Sixth KZN Public Sector Human Resources Convention held recently. Given the regularity of winning gold, I will be proposing to the Office of the Premier that Treasury’s HR&D team be declared perpetual gold winners because I know that next year and the year thereafter the gold trophy will be theirs. The department is very proud of receiving a clean audit report for two years in a row! All credit goes to the Office of the CFO and the Acting Accounting Officer - we are clearly leading from the front. I have no doubt in my mind that we will maintain this status in the years ahead. Our Financial Management unit continues to assist provincial departments in financial management, and their contribution is evident from the overall improvements in the latest audit outcomes. Our efforts at reducing and eliminating fraud and corruption in government are also evident. Our internal audit unit is probably the most sought after unit at Treasury to assist with investigations on financial misconduct. At times, I am at pains trying to explain to my fellow accounting officers that there are also capacity constraints in Treasury to cope with the demand, but my message falls on deaf ears – the requests keep coming in. The presence of our Municipal Finance unit through the Municipal Support Programme is strongly felt by our client


Dialogue municipalities. Similar to Internal Audit, they are also heavily sought after. Even the Finance Portfolio Committee is on record commending the good work done by this unit. We continue to produce high quality economic research, project viability analysis and assisting in infrastructure delivery in the province, thanks to the Economic and Infrastructure unit. If you didn’t know, there is even an infrastructure crack team established to sort out delays in completing capital projects. Our Supply Chain Management (SCM) team has leapfrogged from being on the sidelines of Treasury into being a formidable force in ensuring compliance with SCM prescripts. They have gone as far as establishing appeals tribunals in municipalities to provide a platform for the aggrieved service providers to lodge their tender appeals - much to the discomfort of some in the municipal space. Who would have thought that SCM would be such a force. I am amazed. In ensuring that Treasury staff are properly accommodated in a decent work environment, Treasury House is under renovation – thanks to Corporate Services. They are our unsung heroes who operate in the background and only get attention when there is no water or electricity in the building or when the lifts and the air-conditioning systems do not function. By the way, did you know that this team also hosts our travel booking system called MyMarket which has already saved Treasury tens of thousands of rands in the space of a few months. Another exciting project that we implemented jointly with the Office of the MEC and the Premier was the launch of Operation Sikhokha Ngesikhathi. This initiative is aimed at ensuring prompt payment to service providers in the province. When I ponder over these achievements, I think to myself, what a blessing it is to be presiding over such a competent and dedicated team. A team that works hard but when they have to - also plays hard. Our recent Cultural and Sports Day is testimony to how hard we can also play. I tried my luck at volleyball on the day, but in hindsight, I think my team would have done better if I didn’t feature. It will be a career limiting incident if I do not acknowledge the good work coming out of the Office of the MEC. But seriously, I am amazed at how the financial literacy programme for example, has taken off from humble beginnings to a famous programme province-wide. This can only be attributed to the decisive leadership from the MEC and her team - for which we are very thankful. Since this is our last issue of the Dialogue before the end of 2011, let me take this opportunity to wish you all a happy holiday season. I cannot dictate what you should or should not do over the festive season, but whatever it is, I know that you will do it responsibly. As for me, well, I will be traversing the coastline from south to north with that fishing rod, a line, a hook, a sinker, bait and a hope that a fish will rise.

Enjoy the rest of the Dialogue. Okuhle kodwa.

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Your Link to Internal News TREASURY HERITAGE CELEBRATION Thembeka Dlungwane Treasury staff members immersed themselves in cultural and sporting activities at an event organized to mark the heritage month celebrations. This day, spent having fun in the sun, is one of the most eagerly anticipated by staff members where they get to dress up in traditional outfits, share foods from different cultures as well as engage in competitive sports and fun games. The event is also aimed at promoting cultural integration and serves as an opportunity for staff to get together in a social setting.

Colleagues looking beautiful at the celebrations

DAY’S HIGHLIGHTS Mr Magagula was a true sport, he fully participated in different activities planned for the day. He showed a few youngsters how to let go and really have fun. His volleyball skills were quite impeccable, the volleyball team didn’t miss an opportunity and recruited him on the spot to join the Treasury volleyball team, which is in serious need of players. He also beat Zama Ngcobo in the game of umlabalaba. Many were left wondering if he would have been able to ‘pull’ Advocate Siza Mthethwa in the Tug of War if he was present, we’ll leave this one for next year… inselela. To everyone’s amazement, the only man the HOD couldn’t defeat was Mr Hermann Conradie when they competed in the traditional Zulu dance. It was only after a minute of Mrs Idah Zwane’s free lesson on how to ‘shaya indlamu’ that Mr Conradie challenged the HOD to the floor. The man is a pro - he proved to the amused audience that he is untouchable on the dance floor. Although Mr Conradie reinvented some of the Zulu dance moves, he certainly was a winner.

Mrs Idah Zwane teaching Mr Conradie the Zulu Dance

If you thought Shakira can move, then you definitely did not see Ms. Kogie Chetty doing the bangra dance, she proved to many that her hips don’t lie! She also looked ravishing in a full Xhosa traditional attire – a tip to most of us to break the norm and make an effort to experience other cultures. The champions of the day were colleagues from Internal Audit. If there was an award, it will go to them for the best stands which exhibited both Indian and Nguni cultures; best dressed, everyone was dressed in traditional outfits; even in the sporting activities they came first in Volleyball and Netball. The Internal Audit team said: “We practiced after work so we deserved to win, we played very well”.

HOD shares Zulu traditional beer ‘umqombothi’ with Mxolisi Chonco

Financial Management saved all of us who didn’t win anything and scooped a trophy in soccer. The team’s coach, Mr Sphiwo Mngomezulu said: “We are very excited and we had great fun. We won because we were united as a team.” Although the DJ gave us an overdose of the song Loliwe by Zahara - must have taken the cliché ‘imnandi ngokuphindwa’ literary, hundred times is way too much… overall the Treasury Heritage day was grand, thanks to Employee Wellness & Special Projects.

Financial Management scooped a trophy in soccer

Spending Your Money Wisely


treasury Department: Treasury PROVINCE OF KWAZULU-NATAL


CRACK TEAM LAUNCHED TO SUPPORT INFRASTRUCTURE EFFICIENCY Thembeka Dlungwane Despite spending over R12 billion on infrastructure in the province, government is still not getting value for money on infrastructure investments. In a bid to address this, KZN Premier - Dr Zweli Mkhize and MEC Cronjé established the Provincial Infrastructure Crack Team to ensure on-budget spending for infrastructure allocations.The appointed eighteen member panel of experts will work hand in glove with Treasury to strengthen capacity and identify bottlenecks within different departments, thus enabling them to play a meaningful role in the planning, co-ordinating and implementation of their infrastructure projects. Addressing the audience at the launch held at the Hilton Hotel in Durban, MEC Cronjé acknowledged that at times there are shortfalls from government departments, she also criticized unethical business people. “What we need is value for money... We spend billions on infrastructure in this province,” she said. KZN Provincial Treasury plays a monitoring and evaluation role for all infrastructure related projects within the province in respect of spending, output performance, effectiveness and efficiency of methods utilised and Infrastructure Projects Registers / reports on delivery and expenditure. Speaking about the selection process, MEC said: “We were meticulous in our advertising to make sure we get the best. After carefully following all the Supply Chain Management prescripts and adjudication processes, Provincial Treasury identified 18 companies with expertise and extensive experience in areas which include, inter alia, engineering, architecture, law and project management. This is a pool of infrastructure experts who will assist the departments and the municipalities when the need arises.” She also told the audience: “We want the province to become a model for spending wisely and correctly on infrastructure. We are losing a lot of money because of shoddy workmanship and poor materials. Some business people ‘milk’ government and that’s not ethical behaviour. We must work in partnerships that have sound economic principles. Let’s do our business with our integrity intact because if we don’t do that, we are depriving the poorest people better living conditions.” In his address, Dr Mkhize said that in the past few years, the Province had a problem of expenditure, whereby operational budget is over spent and capital is under spent. “In this process, we want to see more efficiency being introduced and timeous expenditure of the budget. As government we are committed to bringing new contractors into the fold and we want to make sure they succeed, mentoring will also form part of our mission.”

OPERATION PAY ON TIME Thembeka Dlungwane “You’ll have to be paid within 30 days and that’s it!” Three months ago, business people breathed a sigh of relief when they heard this confirmation from MEC Cronjé at the Launch of Operation Sikhokha Ngesikhathi – We pay on Time.

MEC and HOD Launching Operation Sikhokha Ngesikhathi

To date, the Payments Query Helpline has received queries on 44 invoices and 25 of these were resolved within the prescribed timelines. An amount of R342 000 on overdue accounts has been paid to suppliers. The Project Team is currently facilitating the resolution of disputes on 16 invoices. A presentation on the Helpline was made at the KZN Infrastructure and Economic Summit held on 14 September.


Spending Your Money Wisely

Your Link to Internal News When she launched this campaign at a gathering of business people and government officials in Durban ICC, MEC Cronjé had said: “This is an instruction, don’t let the invoices gather dust from your desk, let them move. If you say you are behind capturing it means you started late, do it now!” The outcomes achieved since this announcement was made together with the Premier, are an indication that the call to speed up payment of service providers was heeded and issues pertaining to giving an efficient service are being addressed through the established Help Desk. The Project based at Treasury House has been running since 1 September and falls under the control of the Provincial Accountant General, Mr Hermann Conradie. Overseeing the Project is team leader, Mr Themba Mposula. He works with Field Investigator, Mr Nhlanhla Radebe and call centre assistants Ms Nomfundo Madlala and Ms Mbali Mzila. During the event, MEC Cronjé’s presentation had highlighted where the blockages occur and how they were going to be solved. She also encouraged all officials in the procurement and payment cycle to undertake their functions to ensure compliance. Dr Mkhize said: “Issues of timeous payments have come to the fore because of sloppiness of government officials. We need to clean out the system and effectively discourage bad conduct. Those who are working and providing services need to be treated with business courtesy and be paid on time”. Discussing some of the problems and solutions that have attributed to bottlenecks the MEC said: “We are committed and want to iron out all these problems... All the issues are different and need to be treated differently because they are not a ‘one-sizefits-all’. I encourage you to be proactive!’’

HOW YOU CAN ASSIST • • • • • •

The first action to ensure prompt payment is the diligence of every official in the procurement and payment cycle to undertake their functions to ensure compliance. It is of utmost importance that SCM procedures and prescripts are followed by departments to avoid delays in payments... don’t cut corners. Service providers must be advised that they need to register as an entity on BAS. Programme and Responsibility Managers must deal with invoices requiring approval immediately. Capture payments immediately – DO NOT WAIT FOR THE RELEASE CUT – OFF DATE AND THEN START CAPTURING. Deal promptly with payments of a R1 million and over upon the notification on the system to enable Treasury to facilitate the payment.

For more information contact the Help Desk on 0800 201 049 or send an email to

FACE TO FACE WITH THE BUDGET OFFICE We spoke to Tanya Stielau, Budget Office Manager and her team about their role at Treasury as well as in the Province. This is what they had to say:

1. What is the Budget Office, what is it responsible for? The Budget Office is responsible for the preparation of the annual provincial budget, which is tabled in March each year by the MEC for Finance. Also part of this responsibility is the preparation of the annual Adjustments Estimate, which is an in-year “mini budget” tabled in November each year by the MEC. These two processes form a significant part of the unit’s annual workload. In addition, the following are also the responsibility of the unit: • • • • • •

Preparation of the annual cash flow and monthly in-year monitoring of expenditure against budget, and submission to National Treasury, Finalising and assessing the quarterly non-financial performance measures of departments and submission to National Treasury, Preparing monthly Cabinet memos regarding the spending trends in all departments, Preparing quarterly financial and non-financial reports on spending against budget for presentation to the Medium Term Expenditure Committee, Cabinet and the Finance Portfolio committee, The evaluation of departmental requests (e.g. roll-overs, virements, commitments, suspensions, structure changes), The drafting of various Bills (e.g. Appropriation, Unauthorised expenditure, etc).

Spending Your Money Wisely


treasury Department: Treasury PROVINCE OF KWAZULU-NATAL


2. How long have you been in this position? I started in the Provincial Budget Management unit in February 2007 as the Manager: Provincial Budget Management i.e. nearly 5 years ago.

3. How do you keep staff motivated? We have a very close relationship in our team. Our aim is to have fantastic fun, while at the same time delivering quality work on time, all the time. We meet to discuss and plan deadlines continuously. The guys are encouraged to speak their mind – there is no penalty for voicing your opinion. Open doors! No one sits behind closed doors. No one is allowed to sulk. If you have a problem – talk about it (be it personal or work related). Through this approach, we are like family to each other. Smile. Have fun. Work hard. Laugh.

The Budget Office receiving the silver award at the Premier’s Excellence Awards 4. Does this unit serve other government departments? The unit regards the 16 provincial departments as its clients. The analysts assist and advise the departmental CFOs and their Budget Office staff on all processes and preparation of reports. The unit also provides training to departments (planned annual and on request) for the budget process. The unit also interacts with the Heads of Departments from time to time, providing guidance and support. The unit also provides support to the Finance Portfolio Committee.

5.Tell us about the unit’s achievements - won any awards - and how does this make you feel? The unit has won three awards in the past few years. In 2009, the unit won a silver award in the MEC for Finance’s Excellence award process. In 2011, the unit won gold in the MEC’s Excellence awards, and silver in the Premier’s Excellence Awards. Aside from this, members of the unit have won either the runner-up or the 1st prize in the Woman of the Year awards for 3 consecutive years.

6. What are some of the challenges faced by this unit? The main challenge faced by the unit is meeting tight deadlines. These are usually tied to PFMA requirements or processes at a national level (which are often subject to change). The unit has to set deadlines for departmental inputs that give the departments enough time to prepare credible information, and leave the unit staff enough time to analyse and write reports on this information. Another challenge is the turnover of staff in some departments. This results in having to assist the new staff in understanding the various processes almost on an annual basis. The unit has also been understaffed for the past 4 years, but this has been addressed and the unit will be at full strength in November.


Spending Your Money Wisely

Your Link to Internal News 7. How does the team source the budget information of different departments? The analysts are required to foster good relationships with their client department. This includes the HODs and CFOs of the departments, as well as their budget and strategic planning staff. Once a relationship is established and trust in the analyst is developed, the communication of information is usually an easy task. The analysts communicate formally (in writing) at the start of a process, but then more informally (ad hoc meetings, e-mails, telephone) once the process is underway. Departments are given deadlines for the submission of information and these submissions are usually formal (in writing with sign-off from either HOD or CFO or both, depending on the nature of the inputs). The unit focuses on developing good relations with the provincial departments. This allows the departments to view Treasury as a partner in achieving sound fiscal management. Departments are urged to phone us, speak to us where they need guidance on fiscal matters. We tackle the issues together to find a workable solution that falls within the prescripts of the PFMA and Treasury Regulations.

8. Is dealing with a budget an exciting job?

Tanya Stielau (Senior Manager: Budget Office) and her team Lethokuhle Sibiya and Nathi Buthelezi

OF COURSE!!! Would we look as happy and excited if it weren’t? Jokes aside, it is an exciting job. There isn’t a single day that is exactly the same as another day. There are always new problems that arise where departments are looking to us to solve the problem. Sometimes this requires us to brainstorm as a team, sometimes we have to seek guidance from National Treasury, sometimes we have to interpret different pieces of legislation to find an answer. The team is also exposed to forums at National Treasury, with this kind of exposure allowing them to grow and mature in their duties.

9. Any other information you would like to add? Our main aim is to deliver excellent quality documents and analysis, while at the same time having loads and loads of fun. The crazier our deadlines, the crazier our sense of humour becomes. To be part of such a magnificent team is an absolute honour and joy. My aim is to make the work place a place my team wants to be, not somewhere they have to be. Work hard, have fun, stand by me and I’ll stand by you.

PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT TAKES IN FOOD SECURITY STUDENTS IN A BID TO INVEST ON THE SCARCE QUALIFICATION Ntokozo Maphisa The crisis surrounding food shortages has led to KZN Treasury and UKZN’s African Centre for Food Security (ACFS) to forge closer ties to address food security in the province. This mutually-beneficial partnership which focuses on household food security, as well as looking at the value of poultry production amongst small-scale emerging farmers will see six students, currently studying towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Food Security, being supported by and working with Treasury to conduct extensive research in the province.

MEC and Clive Coetzee with some of the University bursary recipients at the launch of the UKZN/Treasury Partnership

Spending Your Money Wisely


treasury Department: Treasury PROVINCE OF KWAZULU-NATAL


Commenting about the initiative, MEC Cronjé said: “This partnership will certainly bridge the gap between policymakers and researchers because as government we should base our decisions on sound scientific research and knowledge.” MEC Cronjé also said that Primary research is essential to improve policy and service outcomes, both for government and the private sector. “We need honest brokers for knowledge, research production and practice, the direct contact and interaction with the people who live and work in the specific fields that the researcher is studying,” said MEC. Mr Clive Coetzee who played a vital role in the establishment of these relations said: “KZN Provincial Treasury is committed to providing assistance to the Youth with particular reference to their development and would therefore within specified parameters provide opportunities and support for their upliftment.” He further said that in as much it is a requirement for some tertiary students to acquire practical workplace experience in order to obtain their qualification, it is also a requirement for certain Honours and Masters students to conduct compulsory research as part of their studies in order to obtain their qualification. “This framework is therefore directed at these students with an intention of providing them with an opportunity to conduct research with the assistance of government and for government in turn to utilise the research outcomes of improving the operations of government,” he said. The Dean of Science and Agriculture, Professor Deo Jaganyi, assured the Provincial Government that this was a good investment since SADC Centre of Excellence in Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis. “UKZN’s ACFS is the only institution of higher learning in the world that offers trans-disciplinary training and accredited postgraduate qualifications in food security”.

DOCUMENT AND RECORD MANAGEMENT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A BURDEN Thansen Singh & Thobile Simelane Do you know where your business documents are stored? Are you able to produce these documents on demand? Have you had difficulty in locating a particular document? Can you retrieve documents instantly from storage? If you are experiencing these problems, there is a solution. The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system is here. The project was initiated to ensure that you, as a member of Provincial Treasury staff have easier access to documents in the shortest possible time and that we are compliant with regulatory requirements. Phase one of the system roll out has started within IT, HR & Public Finance Directorates. The system will eventually be rolled out to the rest of the department. What will this system do for me? • • • • • • •

Provide easier and faster access to documentation across the department via a search function; Ensure information security by enforcing restrictions on access and release of electronic documents and records; Compliance with legislative guidelines and procedures; More effective document retention; Secure audit trails to track document history; Easier document circulation and review; and Support end-to-end tracking of all records during the process of transfer, maintenance, destruction or legal transfer, processing, preservation and continuing use.

In short the ECM system will ensure that we improve the quality of services by providing instant access to documents with ease. If you have any specific questions don’t hesitate to contact our IT helpdesk on ext 4616. Work Smart use the Treasury ECM system.


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Your Link to Internal News IT DIRECTORATE UPLIFTS COMMUNITY COMPUTER SKILLS One hundred and forty unemployed community members of Edendale have benefited from the Treasury IT Directorate’s community outreach initiative that gives computer training in Microsoft Office applications. The programme which has been in existence since 2006 is run in partnership with Edendale Lay Ecumenical Centre under the leadership of Mr Mboniswa Langa Sikhakhane. It supports the national skills development initiative through a structured computer training programme for the community. Mr Thansen Singh, IT Manager and project co-ordinator said: “The programme provides skills training in the use of Microsoft Learners improving their computer skills Office applications. It was initiated with the objective of providing free training to the unemployed in the greater Edendale area. KZN treasury funds the project and this includes providing the tutor to conduct the classes. Although we have experienced some challenges, these have since been addressed and the classes are running successfully.” Since its conception the programme is in great demand, as it stands, approximately hundred and sixty eager students are wait listed. Classes are conducted for a duration of 6 hours every Saturday at the Ecumenical centre with a class size that ranges between 10 and 15 people over a 7 week period. “Treasury is looking at creative ways of ensuring that these students get the opportunity to join the programme and become skilled in the use of Microsoft Office, said Miss Thobile Simelane. As a measure to sustain the programme, Mr Singh said that discussions are taking place with Microsoft, who have partnered with Sango Tech, to facilitate affordable access to software for qualifying NGOs. The IT Directorate is also exploring the use of the free Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum as a self-paced, eLearning IT Literacy courseware for use in the Edendale Lay Ecumenical Centre training programme. The centre will be advised to consider joining the Microsoft IT Academy programme which supports training, international certification and job creation. According to the tutor, Mandisa Ndwalane, there is tremendous enthusiasm and interest among the students and there is an unparalleled thirst for training.

TREASURY LEADS WITH FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, WE MUST FOLLOW Opinion Piece: Sibonelo Mazibuko The Provincial Treasury, in its quest to achieve equitable resource allocation and a growing provincial fiscus, always encourages departments and the public at large to budget, invest and save. These values are deemed to be the key catalysts to KZN’s financial and economic prosperity. The department is therefore of the opinion that it is crucial that the level of these values, especially among public servants, is raised as the ability to manage their own resources enhances public trust and confidence in the public sector. Prosperity creates an environment that improves productivity on a broader scale. To this end, Treasury has managed to recruit quality, qualified staff who are experts in various fields. These are at a relatively young age, therefore ensuring long term sustainability of financial management reforms. In addition to the above, the department continues to strive for excellence in delivering on its mandates and is also leading the reforms aimed at providing service delivery indicators. These indicators are published in the budget statements, annual financial statements and in the annual reports. The main objective behind this development is to improve service delivery, and ultimately the quality of life of our people, especially at grass roots level. This is based on the simple principle that “what gets measured, gets done”.

Spending Your Money Wisely

Sbonelo Mazibuko Provincial Budget Analyst


treasury Department: Treasury PROVINCE OF KWAZULU-NATAL


Everybody should have a complete budget that accurately reflects their goals, savings plan and spending limits. This is your roadmap to your financial future. No one regardless of their income, can be successful in their finances without a budget. Without a formal budget that you can check daily and stick to monthly, you will never get the maximum benefit from your money. Too many expenses just slip through the cracks. That is why it is so important for every person, every household and the private and public sectors to have a personal, group, company or departmental budget respectively, with achievable goals. Your first step when you are paid or allocated resources each month, or beginning of each financial year, is therefore to review your budget and how far along you are to meeting your goals. The other pillar of these values is investment. Investing means saving income or resources allocated to you. It can go into a savings account or some other type of safe and secure form that earns you interest. Saving before spending is the most important step. Without a budget that allows for saving first, you will not have any money left over. A human and even a government trait often leads to spending what we have available and when we make more money, spending even more. That is why the concept of investing and saving first using a budget is so important. By saving first, before any other expenses are paid, you are assuring yourself that unexpected bills and problems will not derail you from your budget and personal goal track. Why is it important for everbody to save? An entrenched savings culture among South Africans would achieve important goals at both an individual level and for the country as a whole. A high savings rate would allow us to meet our investment needs domestically, supporting the government’s commitments to a developmental state without borrowing from other countries and their investors. This would make us less reliant on volatile short-term capital inflows for funding, which can easily reverse our progress and pose a risk of instability for an emerging economy like ours. Provincial Treasury therefore, is on a serious mission to provide an accountable government and a safer financial sector to serve KwaZulu-Natal better. A great tribute to our MEC Ms Ina Cronjé for championing financial literacy, to ensure that the citizens of KZN are financially educated. The employees of the department are indeed leading by example and are continuing to implement cost-cutting measures, which ensures that the department, in executing its mandate, goes a long way to ensuring prosperity in our beautiful province.

WOMEN’S DAY RETREAT LEAVES WOMEN FEELING INSPIRED Nompumelelo Nxumalo & Nomonde Ngcobo Women must always have a plan – but it should not be a wealthy man! This was a warning from MEC Cronjé at the Treasury women’s celebration when she encouraged women to be financially fit and economically literate. The event which gathered eloquent speakers was celebrated with a theme, ‘Women’s Day Retreat-Save for a Better Future’. Thought provoking discussions delivered on the day left the audience feeling inspired, motivated and with a great sense pride. Speaking at the event, MEC Cronjé said: “In 1956 our sisters paved the way for a better future when they stood up against the pass laws of the previous regime. Their courage should serve as an inspiration to all women”.

Celebrating Women’s Month

The MEC told the audience that financial and social challenges faced by modern women are immense but adopting the right financial attitude can help ease these struggles. Highlighting some of these, she said: “Average women live longer than men therefore they need to put more aside for retirement, start investing and saving. Even a small amount of money you are going to save, will add up.”


Spending Your Money Wisely

Your Link to Internal News Continuing she said: “Women are also faced with raising children, or taking care of parents often result in women taking more time off, thus saving less for retirement than men do... Start teaching your children where the money comes from, include them in the family budget so that they understand and cooperate.” The MEC also encouraged women to know the household budget, saying: “There’s a mistake that women make, we think knowing about money is a man’s work. Money is not a taboo subject, families should be able to discuss household budget. This is important because when you are on your own and penniless, no one will feel sorry for you.” Speaking about the effects of HIV/Aids MEC said that women still carry the burden of the disease by having to care for those dying of the disease, taking care of children orphaned by HIV/Aids and being the most vulnerable to contracting it.

MEC and Dr Titus speaking at the event

Invited guest, Dr Mokete Titus, gynaecologist at Grey’s Hospital touched on the issues of menopause, ligation procedures and gave tips on cancer prevention. Deliberating on the issues surrounding cancer, he encouraged women to do routine checks for cervical and breast cancer. “Breast cancer deaths can be prevented. You all have a responsibility to check your breasts, make it your routine. I also encourage you to go for cervical screenings, if the signs are detected early, then we can assist you before it’s too late.” Dr Titus also called on women to play a key role in fighting the escalating problem of teenage pregnancy. He said: “Teenage pregnancy is becoming a national crisis, women should unite to educate and mentor young girls about avoiding pregnancies. We all need to work together to deal with this spiraling crisis.” Mrs Ntombizethu Mqadi, from the CFO’s office said: “For me, the event was insightful and relevant, we had quite interesting speakers this year. All of them spoke about things that we tend to take for granted. Some of the reasons that cause this are that as working women, we get so caught up in our busy schedules, juggling work, family and social life. The discussions touched on issues that made me reflect on my role as a woman.” The other speakers were Ms. Makhosazane Nxumalo who spoke about women empowerment and gender equality principles; motivational speaker - Mrs Lulu Ndlovu covered the topic - The role of a women. Budgeting and savings tips came from Mrs Mpumi Langa. We extend a special thank you to Standard Bank who sponsored a scrumptious lunch on the day.

MEN’S IMBIZO INFORMATIVE WORKSHOP Minenhle Hlatshwayo KZN treasury celebrated the father’s month in a different way when it hosted the Imbizo Yamadoda informative workshop. The event was aimed at equipping men with information and also for men to share their experiences on different issues that affect their health. Presentations from private organizations such as Brothers for life, Cancer Association of South Africa and Men’s Health Clinic were eye opening to the audience.

Treasury men encouraged to be health wise

Spending Your Money Wisely


treasury Department: Treasury PROVINCE OF KWAZULU-NATAL


Amongst other diseases that the men were alerted about is prostate cancer which occurs on the prostate gland. This disease decreases chances for men to be able to have children. “It is important for you to go for regular checkups in order to be on a safe side because this is a very dangerous disease and if it’s not attended early, it may lead to the removal of the testis,” said Nondumiso Ngcobo a representative from Cancer Association of South Africa. The attendees were also taught the easy way to do a self test for prostate cancer. Symptoms may include: difficult passing urine, urgent need to urinate, feeling the bladder is not empty. Nhlanhla Vezi from Brothers for life encouraged men to go for HIV test as it is important to know their status. “The reason we are focusing on men is simply because women have their organizations that deal specifically with women issues, so we realised that men are always left out,’’ he said. He urged men to be ambassadors of stopping women abuse. Men were also encouraged to use condoms properly. Men’s Health Clinic which deals especially with men’s sexual related problems was represented by Mr Siyanda Mchunu. Mr Mchunu shared the negativity of using sex boosters saying that they lead to hormones being dysfunctional. He said: “Once the hormones get used to one booster it does not work and that compels a person to use different boosters now and then”. He also encouraged men to go for circumcision and also make sure that people go to professional doctors as this is dangerous. The attendants included the Head of Ministry Mr Muzi Kubheka, who spoke on behalf of the HOD. He acknowledged the importance of this workshop saying it must not be a last one instead be a beginning of many workshops to come. “It is very unusual that men come together and talk about these issues these must no end here,” said Mr Kubheka. Mxolisi Chonco from Supply Chain Management unit said: “This workshop will assist to create awareness about social issues, especial the Brothers for Life presentation was very helpful. I think Brothers for Life must encourage abstinence rather than encouraging young people to use condoms.”

Amadoda listening to the discussions The Employee Health and Wellness Unit organises a series of health awareness campaigns throughout the year. These include a clinic which runs on Mondays and Tuesdays. A nurse is available to do the following tests: Health Screening, Blood Pressure, HIV, Cholesterol, Stress, etc... The next visit will be on the 14th and 15th November 2011 and colleagues are encouraged to make use of these services. - Nomonde Ngcobo


Spending Your Money Wisely

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Spending Your Money Wisely


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I was deeply moved at the Treasury Heritage day celebrations when I witnessed the unity that you have with each other as colleagues. My wish for all of you is that you continue working in that spirit of collegiality, and celebrate your diversity because it is our diversity that makes us unique.

- MEC Ina Cronjé

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