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How to Get Your Marge Carson Designer Furniture Today When you shop a luxury furniture store, chances are you have been told you will have to wait – maybe for months – before you can bring your new furniture home. Finding the perfect piece of furniture to complete your home or office has always meant shopping, and then waiting -- until now. Marc Pridmore Designs offers immediate satisfaction for your furniture needs. See It Before You Buy It With many quality furniture designers, seeing and feeling firsthand what you are buying is almost impossible. Most stores will have one or maybe two sample pieces and a book of fabric samples, requiring you to envision what your finished bedroom set or sofa will look like. Marc Pridmore understands that not everyone is able to envision what all their important pieces look like together. They know that you can better envision a completed room if you can sit on or feel the furniture before you make your choice. Marc Pridmore Designs takes the guesswork out of your furniture selection. With more than 28,000 square feet full of Marge Carson sofas, dining room tables, office suites, and occasional pieces, you can select your next office or living room set for function, design and comfort. You can see the detailed stitching, feel the applique, and slide your fingers over the warm wood. With the wide selection available, you can choose exactly the right piece for your personality and space. Even though you already know that Marge Carson furniture is of the highest quality, it is always nice to be able to touch and feel it before you buy it. While this is not possible at other furniture stores, it is at Marc Pridmore Designs. Get Marge Carson Furniture When You Want It Sometimes, the concept of waiting for months to complete your new office is part of the plan. If you are remodeling or redecorating, ordering from a luxury furniture store and letting your new desk be made to order while the workmen knock out walls, add new carpet, and paint works out fine. Sometimes, however, you need your new office suite right away. Whether it’s to celebrate a promotion to the corner office or to develop just the right look for your out-on-your-own venture, you can pick out the Marge Carson design you want and have it delivered immediately. The Best on the Market Many furniture stores, even those who carry quality names like Marge Carson, shy away from the most expensive designs and materials. With a showroom full of Marge Carson designs, Marc Pridmore Designs doesn’t shy away from the top of the line. You can always customize the design on your furniture with a special order, but on their

showroom floor you can also see the latest trends in materials and coverings, with no expense spared. If you can get it from Marge Carson, they likely have it on display. With the largest stocked inventory of Marge Carson furniture on the West Coast, Marc Pridmore Designs is intimately familiar with the fabrics, finishes, textures, and design features offered by this incredible brand. In turn, they are ready to offer those options to you. Company Bio Marc Pridmore Designs has the largest showroom for Marge Carson Furniture in the United States and serves high-end furniture customers around the nation. Some of the beautiful pieces that have been or are part of his showcase in Costa Mesa can be viewed at Summary When you look for a luxury furniture store, you need a store that can offer you the largest selection around and that isn’t afraid to showcase the most expensive products in the line. At Marc Pridmore Designs, whether you want furniture to be delivered tomorrow or want to customize the perfect piece for your lifestyle, they can help.

Marge carson designer furniture | When you look for a luxury furniture store, you need a store that can offer you the largest selection aroun...

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